Sarah Riches

Lifestyle journalist

I have eight years' experience subbing, writing, commissioning and editing for websites and weekly magazines.

Career highlights include relaunching Abu Dhabi Week, writing covers for Time Out Abu Dhabi, publishing a travel guide and being interviewed by BBC London and Radio 1.

I have experience organising cover shoots, fashion shoots and reader events and I can use InDesign, iMovie and WordPress.

Online clippings:


Al fresco picnics
I was commissioned to write this piece on French, Italian and British produce for Borough Market's magazine Market Life
Editor's letter
When I relaunched Abu Dhabi Week, I hosted focus groups, introduced new pages and redesigned existing ones. Radio 1 interviewed me on the day of the launch.
Do you wanna dance?
Comical musings on some of the bad dancing I have witnessed over the years - and how it inspired me to take lessons.
London Almanac 2010
I was commissioned to write this London guide. I divided the 90,000 words into chapters and sprinkled in 'insider info' - little known facts to raise my readers' eyebrows.
48 hours in Manama
I organised a press trip to Manama in Bahrain. I focused on the side of the city most visitors don't see - a thriving art scene and independent venues. I sourced the photos myself.
Abu Dhabi art fair comes to town
As deputy editor of Time Out Abu Dhabi, I wrote the cover feature each week. For this one, I interviewed the fair organiser - the tourist board - and sourced images.
Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2014
Our inhouse photographer was ill and we had no budget for a second. At short notice I persuaded another to work for free, found a venue and briefed a chef to create this cover.
Cooking up a storm
For this foodie feature, I interviewed celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who is a Master Chef judge and author of 150 cookbooks.
Face to face
At Abu Dhabi Week, I planned covers weeks in advance. For this one, I sourced free images of Robbie Williams from his management then brainstormed ideas with my designers.
Feel the burn
I wrote this cover feature after listening to readers telling us they preferred features divided into bite-size sections.
Eco conscious Costa Rica
I regularly freelanced for Zest, a monthly health and nutrition magazine for women. For this piece, I organised a press trip to Costa Rica and sourced images myself.
Hot springs in Japan
At Zest I was known for my original ideas and new angles on existing ones. I wrote about cycle ziplines, face yoga and laughter yoga and for this piece, electric hot springs.
Oh man, check out Oman
I organised a press trip to Oman, wrote about the trip and sourced images.
Park life
As editor of Abu Dhabi Week, I used my contacts to ensure my magazine was the first through the gates of a park that hadn't yet opened.
Nerves of steel
As health editor, I sourced case studies from newspapers, charities and PRs. I managed the health budget, persuaded people to sell their story and wrote them in the first person.
Experience rolling countryside, big city life and deep pan pizza in Illinois
Always keen to pitch original ideas, I wrote about flyboarding as part of a longer piece on Illinois for this women's lifestyle website.

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