Sarah Lawson

I am a writer, photographer, and designer in Central Virginia.


The Daily Progress

Jesse Ball's prose comes in fits and starts

PREMISE: If an author were to write a book, followed by another and others still, each of which plays with readers, challenging assumptions of narrative and continuity in...

Paste Magazine

Kamasi Washington: Harmony of Difference EP Review

Note by note and phrase by phrase, Harmony of Difference, the new EP by saxophonist Kamasi Washington, builds a towering euphoria within the short span of six songs...

Paste Magazine

The Blow: Brand New Abyss Review

It's been four years since The Blow put out a new album-the last being their self-titled release in 2013. A lot has happened in the outside world since then, socially,...

The Daily Progress

Mezzacappa investigates noir through her jazz combo

The best crime novels evoke a time and place, whether it's the smoky back rooms of the 1920s jazz era or gritty alleys of 1980s New York. Settings and moods they create are...

The Daily Progress

Tsukamoto seeks something natural, honest on guitar

Though his style has been described as "cinematic guitar poetry," musician Hiroya Tsukamoto more often defies description when he takes the stage. "I don't really categorize...

Virginia Humanities

A Culture of Literacy

In "Where Are You Going?" Briana Chrispin describes how, for her, attending school as a kid had little to do with learning. "[S]chool was just a place where teachers talked a...

The Daily Progress

Nap Eyes balances nonchalance, precision songcraft

With the first kick of a drum and stroke of a guitar string, each song by the band Nap Eyes begins conjuring the ruminative, northern coastal climes of Nova Scotia...

C-VILLE Weekly

Local author Emma Rathbone stays focused with Losing It

Writing a novel isn't easy by most measures, but it's said that your second novel is where the anxiety really kicks in. Pressure builds to craft a book that's readable and...

C-VILLE Weekly

Matthew Gatto's Parlor of Horrors seeks new home

When was the last time you fell asleep thinking about monsters in the other room? For most of us, that thought fades after childhood. But Matthew Gatto knows there are monsters...

C-VILLE Weekly

Illustrator Christophe Vorlet puts the elephant in perspective

Christophe Vorlet painted his mailbox pink, but purely for functional reasons: It makes it easier to give directions to people. That the mailbox also serves as roadside art...

C-VILLE Weekly

Invitation to play: Art as an interactive experimentation in 'LOOPLAB'

Playing with the art in a gallery is not always the viewer's first instinct. "I always worry that video [art] is intimidating, but then you put on a lab coat and it changes...

C-VILLE Weekly

The mouths of monsters: Lincoln Michel's Upright Beasts finds cohesion in the surreal

Charlottesville native Lincoln Michel knows a thing or two about literature. A familiar face in the New York literary community, he received his MFA in fiction from Columbia...

C-VILLE Weekly

The big picture: Filmmaker Geoff Luck on what we can learn from elephants

In the parable of the blind men and the elephant, each man takes his hands and feels a part of the elephant-a tusk, a haunch, the trunk, perhaps even the tail. Each then reports...

C-VILLE Weekly

Marquee moments: Light House Studio moves in to Vinegar Hill Theatre

The popcorn machine remains silent and the box office window is still tightly closed, but signs of life are returning to Vinegar Hill Theatre this summer. After the arthouse...

Whurk Magazine #27

Profile: Barefoot Bucha

For these Nelson County kombucha brewers, it isn't just about selling a good product...

Whurk Magazine #26

Interview with Becca McCharen

From dedicated amateur to celebrated professional, this Virginia-bred fashionista is taking the world (and the stars) by storm with her highly-structured garments.