Sarah DeWeese

Writer + Visual Storyteller

United States

As a writer with a marketing background, I write to build influence. Currently, I'm writing on global and international topics, elevating the stories of students, scholars, and their interesting, interdisciplinary work.

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Global & International Topics

Indiana University News
Foreign policy conference offered students a deep dive on global topics

The Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies at Indiana University recently held its 9th annual America's Role in the World (ARW) foreign policy conference on April 4-5, 2024. The annual student-centered event convened scholars, diplomats, journalists, and activists to discuss global affairs topics across disciplines.

Indiana University News
Students say: to understand the world, learn a second language

Jessica Wilson has been interested in world languages and cultures ever since she lived in Germany as an exchange student in high school. "After going there, it became a big interest for me," she said. "Growing up, I always wanted to learn different languages.

Indiana University News
African Languages Festival demonstrates language teaching excellence

Each semester, Indiana University students in the Hamilton Lugar School African Studies Program showcase their learning in the African Languages Festival. Attendees not only enjoy African songs, folktales, and cultural presentations, they sing along, learn words in various languages, and experience what it's like to take an African language class at IU.

Indiana University News
Authoritative new research by Professor Asma Afsaruddin uncovers deep insights into Islam and...

The Oxford Handbook of Islam and Women , edited by Indiana University Professor Asma Afsaruddin, offers authoritative new research on Islam and women's lived experiences in Muslim-majority societies. In The Handbook, Afsaruddin and other leading scholars take a multidisciplinary approach to offer deep and nuanced analyses of topics on Islam and women's agency and contributions to premodern and modern Muslim societies.

Video Scripts

Community College Promotions

Terre Haute Tribune-Star
Community Update: Ivy Tech prepares next generation of manufacturing engineers

The next generation of manufacturing's workforce will be skilled in a blend of new technologies that will transform the industry's future. Ivy Tech Community College students will be among the first in the nation to earn an associate degree in Smart Manufacturing Digital Integration, a new interdisciplinary program that will prepare students for emerging, high-paying careers in manufacturing.

Terre Haute Tribune-Star
Future healthcare heroes prepare at Ivy Tech Terre Haute

Ivy Tech healthcare students, future healthcare professionals, returned to the Terre Haute campus this fall to continue their studies. These students include future nurses, sonographers, healthcare specialists, medical assistants, radiographers, medical laboratory technologists, paramedics, respiratory therapists, surgical technologists, and mental health counselors.

Copywriting for Publications

Multiple materials for Ivy Tech Community College
Building Anniversary Promotional Campaign

I conceptualized and wrote copy for marketing materials to promote Ivy Tech Community College Bloomington's 10 year building anniversary. I used four key phrases to structure the campaign that represented the college's four strategic goals, while alluding to the building anniversary: 1.) BUILDING student success 2.) DEDICATED to community and workforce 3.) FOUNDATION of student transfer 4.) CORNERSTONE of civic engagement

Printed for Ivy Tech Community College
Building a Comprehensive Community College

I wrote and designed this 56-page publication for Ivy Tech Bloomington's 10 year building anniversary. For “Opening the Doors,” I conducted interviews and wrote original content. For other sections, I sourced and credited content from College historical documents or media outlets. I conducted original interviews throughout the book and also included previously published interviews. The book was edited by the College’s Executive Director of Communications.