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Sarah Miller is the founder of which launched in 2016. Twice shortlisted for the IWSC’s Emerging Talent in Spirits Communication Award in 2022 and 2023, Sarah is an experienced drinks judge and writer and has recently been appointed as the spirits columnist for Drinksbiz magazine.



Drinksbiz Magazine
A Scotch evolution

Far from standing still, the world of Scotch is undergoing something of a transformation, as Sarah Miller explains...

Drinksbiz Magazine
English whisky makes its mark

Sarah Miller looks at the rapidly developing English whisky industry and the innovations behind it...

Drinksbiz Magazine
Time to rethink vodka

Vodka is on the up in the UK market, says Sarah Miller, as producers champion eco-credentials and flavourful character in some unique new releases...

IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition
Forsyths: how the fourth-generation coppersmiths are going global

Gleaming pot stills are a timeless and iconic image of the whisky industry. There's always been a certain romanticism surrounding them but none more so than when crafted by a family-run firm with a long tradition of coppersmithing such as Forsyths.

Drinksbiz Magazine
The comeback kid

Tequila (and its lesser-known sibling mezcal) are on the rise, as Sarah Miller explains...

IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition
Pulling out all the stops: how Guala Closures is leading the luxury market

In today's ultra competitive market, drinks companies are pulling out all the stops to promote their brands using packaging that will stand out on supermarket shelves and online. But while beautiful bottles and gorgeous gift boxes steal the limelight and the headlines, closures - which are undoubtedly every bit as important - can be all too easily overlooked.

Drinksbiz Magazine
Riding the gin wave

In her first column for Drinksbiz, Sarah Miller reflects on how gin has changed her life and what's next for the juggernaut spirit...

IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition
More than a manufacturer: Encirc's 360 approach to sustainability

Have you ever wondered what six million bottles look like? Or what it takes to make them? A trip to Encirc's Cheshire plant will give you a pretty good idea, as that's *approximately* the number of glass bottles they produce every single day.

Gin Annual
Leaps of faith

As sustainability becomes increasingly embedded in the way all brands do business, how are innovative producers tackling the challenges they face in reducing their impact on our planet?

IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition
IWSC Market Insight: sustainable spirits packaging

IWSC Judge Sarah Miller shares some insight into the current trends, developments and initiatives around sustainable packaging - an increasingly hot topic within the spirits industry.

Gin Magazine
How to drink more sustainably at home

Nobody wants to talk about the pandemic anymore, but there's no avoiding the way in which it changed our drinking habits. The closure of bars and restaurants not only shifted where we drink, but it also inspired drinkers to be more ambitious on the home front, from purchasing premium products and ready-to-serve drinks to getting creative with the cocktail shaker.

Club Oenologique
The gin makers now harnessing native juniper

When searching for Macedonian juniper in the spice markets of Delhi, to his surprise, Anand Virmani discovered that the botanical also grew in India. Commonly used in incense sticks and traditional Ayurvedic medicine, it turns out that the dried Himalayan juniper also works very well in gin.

Gin Magazine
Hospitality venues setting the bar for sustainability

The hospitality sector's supply chain is estimated to be responsible for 15 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK and yet, despite being part of such a notoriously wasteful industry, bars have been relatively slow to confront their environmental impact.

Gin Magazine
Thinking Inside the Box: Is your favourite gin brand using sustainable packaging?

The quest to make spirits packaging more sustainable is full of potential pitfalls - but gin makers are also devising some ingenious solutions. When it comes to spirits packaging, the gin industry is one of the most creative. But with sustainability a growing concern for consumers and producers alike, a beautiful bespoke bottle is no longer enough to cut it.

Gin Magazine
Thirsty Work: How do you make gin with less water?

Making gin is thirsty work, so reducing water consumption is one area that distillers can focus on to reduce their environmental impact. Water is fundamental for all life on earth, but it is also a finite resource.

Spirits Beacon
Shifting sands and rising costs

It seems that each year we enter another period in which commentators are right to call "unprecedented times". And for Gin in the UK, it really is once more but not for the glorious reasons of years gone by. Huge challenges lie ahead for British producers and they are coming in thick and fast from multiple angles.

Spirits Beacon
Australian Agave

Tequila is one of the fastest growing spirit categories in the world, but such unprecedented demand is putting the already precarious Mexican agave industry under huge strain. A type of Mezcal made from agave - a large and spiky succulent native to arid regions of the Americas - the huge popularity of the spirit, and demand for the plant, can result in shortages tempting farmers and producers into cutting corners.

Spirits Beacon
Credit where it's due: The distilleries getting on with carbon offsetting

From extreme weather patterns to melting glacier caps and rising sea levels, climate change is wreaking havoc on our world. Caused primarily by burning fossil fuels, which increase heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere, the only way to limit global warming is to dramatically reduce emissions worldwide.

Spirits Beacon
Glass sustainability

Spirits packaging has always been crucial in making a brand stand out, but never more so than now. The pandemic accelerated online sales meaning more consumers than ever are purchasing products without first picking them up. In an increasingly competitive market, it's little wonder so many brands are trying to claim an advantage with new, attractive and eco-friendly packaging.

Club Oenologique
Is French gin finally having a moment?

'There has definitely been an explosion on the gin front' confirms François Granier, Wine & Spirits Trade Advisor at Business France, a government agency responsible for promoting French exports and facilitating international investment in France. While the global gin craze has played its part, there's interest from the inside, too.

In the Spirit of Sustainability

We are in the midst of a climate crisis, and sustainability is on everyone's agenda. Consumers are increasingly keen to invest in products that tread lightly on the planet, and producers are under increasing pressure to prove their eco-credentials.

Spirits Beacon
What does it mean to be a B Corp brand?

Based on the belief that business can be a force for good, the B Corporation movement, which originated in the United States in 2006, reached UK shores in 2015. But it was in March 2020 that the number of businesses applying for certification soared, making the UK one of the fastest growing - and now the second largest - B Corp community in the world.

Gin Magazine
How gin distilleries are harnessing renewable energy

The spirits industry has a tendency to romanticise, if not outright fetishise, traditional distillation in copper pot stills. An inherently energy-heavy process, with high temperature required at its heart, the use of gas-fired alembic stills is both inefficient and incredibly carbon intensive...

Gin Magazine
Why using sustainable ingredients matters in gin making

We are in the midst of a climate emergency, and well-informed consumers are increasingly aware of this fact. They are actively seeking out sustainable brands, and are also willing to pay more for sustainable products.

Gin Magazine
Bushtucker trials: making gin with native juniper

Despite being fundamental to the nature and flavour of gin, we tend to talk about juniper in a very generic way. And perhaps that's understandable; EU regulations stipulate that the spirit must be "produced by flavouring ... [specifically] with Juniperus communis", or common juniper.


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Emerging Talent in Spirits Communication 2023 shortlist

The IWSC's 2023 Emerging Talent in Spirits Communication Trophy is sponsored by In 2022 the IWSC launched its Emerging Talent in Spirits Communication award. This year marks only the second year the title will be awarded and following 2022's strong shortlist of contenders, our 2023 shortlist once again highlights the exciting future of the category.

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IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition
Emerging Talent in Spirits Communication 2022 shortlist

We are delighted to be announcing the shortlist for another new award to the IWSC, our Emerging Talent in Spirits Communication award. Seeing the positive impact our Spirits Communicator award has had on our winners the IWSC created this new award to recognise individuals who have recently set out on their journey to become the next big name in spirits communication, demonstrating their knowledge and passion to their audience in innovative and creative ways.