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The News Lens International Edition

Taipei Poetry Collective and the Importance of Poetry - The News Lens International Edition

Our experience, set in our time in the world, may be shared through any art. We are ready for the pictures of our true life, we are ready for the poems of our true life. All the...

The News Lens International Edition

Behind Taipei's Safe Spaces for Women - The News Lens International Edition

Writer for TNL: Living in Taipei, I've been very fortunate. Having the mix of opportunities and experiences I've had - oscillating between instances of assault, being drugged,...

Taipei Poetry Collective's 'Versify'

'woman,' 'Of all the skinscapes, yours is the most unavoidable:,' 'positioned as first thing i...

Collective and zine co-founder; zine editor, designer, and contributing poet for TPC's first event and publication.

Metropolitan Magazine

The Language of Luxury

Associate Editor and contributing writer for New York City's premiere luxury real estate magazine... the stunning Metropolitan Magazine.

Word Vietnam

Moto Saigon

Reviewer and Writer for Word: I'm not much of a karaoke gal, and I certainly value a glass of cold ruou vang over a brewski any day, but luckily there's something for everyone...

Word Vietnam

Tinder Do's and Don'ts

The times they are a-changin’, and Ed Weinberg has figured out some tricks to look for love on Vietnam’s favourite dating app. Female perspective by Sandee Woodside

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Book of Odes with Charlie Storrar

Sandee Woodside: devis(h)er


Beechwood Review: Issue 2

The second issue of Beechwood Review, featuring minimalist writing and art - including haiku, flash fiction, visual art - from: Bob Carlton, Christopher Woods, Al Ortolani, Jack...

Remarkable Doorways

Issue #29: Still in the Library - 6/23/15

In this Issue: ... fake it by Sandee Woodside We're stoked to bring you this multi-part poem, as its author provided one of the very first submissions to Remarkable...

Promethean, Volume 36, No. 1, Spring 2009

Collection Spring 2009