Sam Miri

CRO at Mimik Technology Inc

United States

Sam Miri is a Mountain View based executive leader and entrepreneur currently standing as CRO of Mimik Technology Inc.

Sam Miri
Poynter Executive Leadership Summit

This year, the Poynter Executive Leadership Summit will take place from September 19 through September 21, 2024. Hosted online, this three-day executive leadership workshop will shine the spotlight on self-awareness, cultural shifts and management strategies in newsroom media. Executive Leader Sam Miri discusses the upcoming Executive Leadership Summit online group seminar: The 2024 Executive Leadership...

Sam Miri
Leadership for Senior Executives at Harvard

Sam Miri CRO at mimik features a three-day event at Harvard Business School (HBS): Leadership for Senior Executives. Senior level executives, this one's for you! For three days, Harvard Business School will host an in-person, engaging seminar-style leadership program and presentation. But, this event is incredibly exclusive with a price tag of $13,000.

Sam Miri

Executive Leader Sam Miri stands as CRO at mimik, an innovative technology company harnessing the power of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Sam Miri is a seasoned executive leader. In 2024, he joined the innovative tech platform and cloud server venture, mimik. As CRO of the venture, Miri is proud to have a frontrow seat...

Sam Miri
Northeast Regional PA Leadership Conference

ConnAPA (Connecticut Academy of Physician Associates) is slated to host their annual Northeast Regional PA Leadership Conference June 14th & June 15th 2024. Executive Leader and current CRO at Mimik. The Connecticut Academy of Physician Association (ConnAPA) is a constituent organization of Physician Associates recognized by the American Academy of PAs.

Meet Sam Miri: Executive Leader and BBQ Enthusiast

Rain or shine, you'll find Sam Miri in the BBQ pit cooking up something delicious! Miri is a major BBQ Enthusiast who enjoys all forms of barbecue. Here on Medium, the Amateur Chef and Grill Master...

Sam Miri
Stanford LEAD Communicating with Impact Course

Executive Leader Sam Miri features the Stanford LEAD Communicating with Impact Course, an online business program offered by Stanford Graduate School of Business: Stanford LEAD is a yearlong online business program offered by Stanford Graduate School of Business. The program is available to executive leaders and business professionals.

Grilled Scrambled Eggs Recipe by Sam Miri

It's no secret that you can cook just about anything on the grill. When you have a smoker and a griddle in your barbecue pit: the possibilities are endless! But by far, Sam Miri's favorite breakfast...

Sam Miri
2024 American Hospital Association (AHA) Leadership Summit

Calling all executive leaders in health and medical: the American Hospital Association (AHA) Leadership Summit is almost here! Sam Miri, SVP of Omnichannel Strategy at Bally's Interactive, features the upcoming event, July 21-23, 2024: The 2024 American Hospital Association (AHA) Leadership Summit is just around the corner!

Sam Miri's Favorite BBQ Restaurants

'BBQ' and 'Times Square' might not sound like they belong in the same sentence. But once you've had a mouthful of Virgil's Real BBQ, you'll immediately understand why this New York City, New York...