Ryan McCuskey

Professional in Project Management, HIT, and Business Consulting, Ohio State University Alum https://t.co/GBaW0oyhgA

Ryan McCuskey

Throughout his career, he has also cultivated expertise in HIT, or information technology as it pertains to the medical field. For a total of four years, he stood as a Program Management Officer at VHA. This experience fine-tuned his command on project management methodology and governance structures.

Ryan McCuskey
Ryan McCuskey Information Technology

Ryan McCuskey has developed extensive experience in HIT and Information Technology throughout his professional career. What is HIT? HIT is a specific subset of information technology. In short, it refers to the systems and processes of information technology as used in the medical field. Since the early 2000s, HIT has proven particularly vital in improving...

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Ryan McCuskey has established his career in HIT, Project Management, and Business Consulting developing leadership skills and professional experience through a variety of startup initiatives and educational endeavors.

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Ryan McCuskey

Ryan McCuskey is an entrepreneur currently fueling up for the relaunch of his independent consulting firm. Rich in experience, he is well-versed in both the inner and outer workings of running a business. His work in HIT, project management and information technology has helped him to cultivate a diverse understanding on business operations.

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