Ryan Lowery

Investigative reporter, public records wrangler

United States

Ryan Lowery is an independent journalist whose whose work has been published by the Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Source New Mexico, Albuquerque Journal, Santa Fe New Mexican, and many others

Las Vegas Optic
The Path Forward: Escaping Smack City

The nickname “Smack City” has haunted Las Vegas for the better part of four decades — a name unwillingly bestowed upon the city by Harper’s magazine in 1974. In the 47 years since the Meadow City donned its second nickname, city leaders and members of law enforcement have, at various times, tried to prevent people from using the more dubious nickname, acquiesced that it’s here to stay or tried to forget it altogether.

Las Vegas Optic
In The Dark: Las Vegas Police keep death investigation details from family, public

Fifteen weeks after Shana Storey was reported missing, city code enforcement officers discovered her badly-decomposed body under the floor of a home on Romero Street. The discovery wasn't a complete shock, however, especially not to Storey's family who'd been told by several people that her body was in the house...

AP News
Lead ammo concerns New Mexico bird watcher

LAS VEGAS, N.M. (AP) - Dr. Douglas Thal has always been fascinated by golden eagles. He grew up on his family's ranch in Golondrinas, where for hours he would watch the majestic birds of prey that resided in large nests built on the ledges of sandstone cliffs.

Las Vegas Optic
Smoking gun: Man ID'd in 2018 deadly shooting remains free - Ryan Lowery

On a cold Sunday morning, just 21 days into 2018, the sound of gunfire shattered the peace in a small Las Vegas, New Mexico, neighborhood nestled between Luis E. Armijo Elementary and an Allsup's convenience store.A man reported the incident to police dispatchers at 10:44 a.m.

Albuquerque Journal
Historic clock returned to downtown Las Vegas, NM

LAS VEGAS, N.M. - Since the 1920s, an electric clock has adorned the sidewalk along Douglas Avenue in downtown Las Vegas. That is, until 2018, when strong winds broke the clock free from its base. Thanks to the hard work of many people in the community, the clock has been restored and returned to its home near Douglas Avenue and Sixth Street.

Idaho Business Review
Public art fosters 'creative class' community downtown

From traffic light control boxes wrapped in colorful artwork to multiple murals and sculptures, downtown Boise is home to hundreds of works of public art. These publicly accessible works are both privately and publicly funded, but are available for viewing by anyone without paying admission. Of course, none of these works would be possible without...

Santa Fe New Mexican
Las Vegas, N.M., gas stations offer return to simpler times

LAS VEGAS, N.M. - Drive down almost any street in Las Vegas and it's easy to see remnants of the past. Stop for gas at either of the town's two full-service gas stations and you can experience a small piece of that past.

Downtown Albuquerque News
The bagworm invasion is on

Between the occasionally dramatic lack of foliage and the very real possibility of running headlong into one of the critters as it dangles from a tree, it's hard not to notice the show of force put on this year by bagworms, tiny pests that eat leaves by the dozen and costume themselves in the leftovers.

Chile Street
Former 'Harvey Girls' dormitory once again welcomes residents

Restoration of the Rawlins Building - a National Register of Historic Places structure - is almost done, and it will soon function much like it did in the late 19th century, with commercial space on the main level and apartments for rent upstairs. In fact, owners Tom and Tina Clayton expect to start renting rooms within weeks.