Rosalind Ryan

Freelance journalist, copywriter and content producer

United Kingdom

I write about health, fitness and wellbeing for magazines, newspapers and websites. Please take a look at some of my most-recent work below.

Walk the rainbow

You may have heard of colour therapy, or how different hues can lift your mood, but utilising this concept by finding all those colours in nature can boost their effect, giving you double helpings of happiness.

BBC Good Food
Top 10 sustainable foods

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is no longer just about getting the right mix of vitamins, minerals, protein and fat into your meals. Today, it can also mean balancing your needs with the needs of the planet. So, how do you do that?

How to tell if you're lonely (and what to do about it)

Are you alone or lonely? There’s a big difference, and the latter can really affect your mental wellbeing. But finding the cause of your loneliness could be the start of your journey to overcoming it.

The world's best-kept happiness secrets

The latest World Happiness Report has revealed the top 10 happiest countries across the globe. But what makes them so cheerful – and how can you learn from their lifestyle to boost your mood?

Women's Health
'Life is organised chaos, but I like it'

Cover star interview with Gemma Atkinson for the April 2020 edition of Women's Health. Gemma was an absolute joy to talk to; warm, funny and disarmingly honest.

Fitness class review

A review of a low-impact TRX fitness class for Healthy magazine. I love testing new classes, even if I can't walk the day after!

Manuka Doctor
The hidden health benefits of bee venom

I wrote a series of blog articles for international brand Manuka Doctor - including this one - highlighting the bee-nefits (sorry) of many of their ingredients.

Vitality Online
Air Pollution: Should I Be Worried?

A fascinating feature for Vitality online, all about air pollution. Whenever I learn something new, I'm keen to pass on that info on to readers to help them make healthy changes in their own lives.