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Pure Water Innovations
Pure Water Innovations | Bottleless Water Cooler Provider

Pure Water Innovations (PWI) provides bottleless water coolers and other products with water filtration and purification systems that give you the best-tasting, healthiest water to satisfy you, your employees, clients, and friends - without the costs and hassles of water delivery service.


Windsor Circle
5 Ways to Make your Website more Mobile Friendly and Increase Sales

With the ever-increasing prevalence of online shopping via mobile devices, more and more retailers are adapting optimizing email campaigns for portable devices. But are they doing enough to optimize the mobile eCommerce experience of their websites, once users get there? According to Pew Internet 58% of Americans have smartphones, and 42% have tablets...

Windsor Circle
Email Receipts Open New Doors for Lifecycle Marketing

Electronic, emailed receipts are expanding the possibilities for lifecycle marketing by giving retail and eCommerce merchants a new and innovative way to reach out and market directly to existing customers. Emailed receipts are also becoming increasingly popular among consumers for the paper, time, and clutter they save.

Take Your Productivity to the Skies with Cloud File Sharing

The cloud and its limitless space has made it easier for people and businesses to store, access, and manage information in our increasingly mobile world. Even more valuable is the way that cloud file sharing can be an incredible productivity booster for businesses...

A Thank You from WizIQ on National Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are vital to the fabric of society. The renowned nineteenth-century American historian and writer, Henry Adams, once wrote: " A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." So how does one adequately say "thank you" to all of the teachers that, day after day, dedicate their lives to education and to making our world a better place?

Virtual Data Rooms: The Future of Information Storage is Here

Before the advent of internet and cloud technology, documents and other files had to be stored in physical data rooms that required staff, couriers, abundant paper supplies, and other costs. Besides such financial burdens, business people using physical data rooms also had to travel to the storage location site, and then spend time sorting through and reviewing copious stacks of paperwork...

Hip Hip Hooray! Three Cheers for Cloud File Collaboration

Even before the internet, professional and peer collaboration has long allowed for greater innovation, new ideas, and more creativity. However, in our increasingly globalized world, face-to-face collaboration is not always possible. Today, we need ways to simultaneously work with colleagues located in different places and using varying devices-and cloud file collaboration is the answer...

Wait-- "Backup" a Minute-- Is Your Data Really Safe?

According to Symantec’s 2013 report, 60% of companies that lose their data go out of business within just months. These frightening numbers are a reminder that it is wise to safeguard our important data...
How Virtual Classrooms Can Promote 1-1 Student Conferencing

Communication is the cornerstone of teaching and learning, whether it is the teacher’s presentation of material to the students, the students’ expression of knowledge in assignments, or the ongoing verbal dialogue between teachers and students in classroom discussions...

Do You Really Need a Cloud Aggregator?

Cloud computing and cloud storage services have transformed the world of data storage for companies. Users can now store large amounts of data in the virtual realm of the cloud, without additional hardware or software costs, enabling quick and easy access to one’s information from anywhere...
A Second Look at Questioning in the E-Learning Classroom

As discussed in A Primer in Effective Questioning, Part I, it is important that traditional and e-learning teachers employ a variety of question types that address a range of intellectual skills. Questions should not only be used to assess student comprehension of the material, but also to help students...

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Android Cloud Storage

The revolution of cloud computing technology has arrived—but do you know how to really use it? With your Android device, you can easily access the internet and the unlimited storage space available in the cloud. Still, there are some specific things...

CloudFuze: A Secure Cloud Storage Solution for Desktop and Mobiles

A common concern that many users have about cloud technology is cloud security—and rightly so! People with files stored in the virtual realm of the cloud often worry that hackers, or the cloud service or app providers themselves, can access or see users’ personal information or passwords...
A Primer in Effective Questioning

Since the ancient days of philosopher Socrates, asking questions has been a critical part of the teaching and learning process. The well-known question-and-answer technique that Socrates employed with his pupils demonstrated how well dialogue and discourse work to stimulate students, encourage more complex thinking, and help them learn...

Save Time and Money with Efficient Cloud Storage Management

Using online cloud file storage and sharing services offers individuals and companies many advantages. Cloud storage allows users to save local hard drive space and access their content from almost anywhere, and popular cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and SugarSync even offer a limited amount of free online cloud storage space...
Using Classroom Response Systems to Engage and Assess Students

Classroom Response Systems, also known as Audience Response Systems, Student Response Systems, or Personal Response Systems, are increasingly popular and effective pedagogical tools. On the simplest level, these systems are the technological version of a teacher asking students questions and seeking individual responses or calling for a “show of hands” for specific answer choices...
Dialogic Teaching in Pursuit of 21st-Century Learning

Out with the Old: The teaching paradigm of the traditional lecture is not only outdated, but it is also ineffective in promoting the ideal learning atmosphere in today’s 21st-century world. Before books were readily available to the masses – primarily due to cost of production and the amount of time needed to manually transcribe educational materials...


Windsor Circle
NC Tech Startup Windsor Circle Wins Google Demo Day Competition

DURHAM, NC – April 3, 2014 – Windsor Circle pitched its Retention Automation software for retail and prevailed against 10 startups from the 7 Google for Entrepreneurs tech hubs across North America in yesterday’s first ever Google Demo Day competition, held at Google Ventures’ Startup Lab.

Windsor Circle
Windsor Circle to Pitch to Investors at Google Demo Day

DURHAM, NC – March 25, 2014 – Digital marketing company Windsor Circle has been selected to pitch their Retention Marketing Automation software for e-commerce retailers at Google for Entrepreneurs’ inaugural Demo Day on April 2, one of only 10 startups nationwide. Windsor Circle Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Williamson, will travel to Google’s Silicon Valley offices to meet and present his pitch to a group of over 100 prospective investors from cities around the U.S.
authorSTREAM's New Embed Feature Empowers Bloggers, Site Users

authorSTREAM, an online presentation-sharing platform, has just released Dynamic Embed, a new feature that works smoothly with all flash and non-flash devices, thereby empowering blog and website owners by relieving them of the former hassle of reformatting their presentations for multiple PowerPoint-sharing platforms...



The Triangle Tribune
Underhill's No Child explores human relationships

No Child is the latest film from Raleigh-based producer, director and screenwriter Rob Underhill, a moving story about the power of human relationships in facilitating personal change...

The Triangle Tribune
Album Review: Jazz ode to African culture

by Rosa Fattahi, Correspondent Isis & Osiris / The Mark Lomax Trio will release Isis & Osiris, a unique jazz concept album brimming with African mytho-spiritual themes and mesmerizing polyrhythms. Featuring renowned drummer Lomax, accompanied by Edwin Bayard on tenor saxophone and Dean Hulett on bass, the CD follows the critically acclaimed 2010 release, The State of Black Jazz...

The Triangle Tribune,
Album Review: SkyBlew's "Window Seat"

As hip-hop culture becomes ever more mainstream, artists with true lyrical talent or rap music with any meaningful message is less and less common – especially from emerging artists vying for success in an industry that too often seems to reward pretentiousness and superficiality. That’s what makes SkyBlew, a promising 22-year old artist from Chapel Hill, a welcome breath of fresh air...

The Triangle Tribune,
Ridin wit' Joe Crack

In January, the non-profit organization Campaign 4 Change will host “Ridin wit’ Joe Crack,” a dramatic stage production from former gang leader and ex-drug dealer, Otis Lyons, aka Vegas Don. Since reforming his own life, Lyons, who is both playwright and executive producer, has worked tirelessly as an anti-crime advocate dedicated to helping others make better decisions and avoid the pitfalls of life on the streets...

The Triangle Tribune,
The Best of Enemies

“The Best of Enemies," a play directed by Joseph Megel, portrays the legendary yet unlikely friendship that evolved in the1970s between civil rights activist Ann Atwater and Ku Klux Klan member C.P. Ellis. Atwater and Ellis’ unique, heartwarming story inspired a 2002 film, a 2007 book by Osha Gray Davidson, and a play by Mark St. Germain on which Megel’s remarkable production is based...

The Triangle Tribune,
The residue of inequality in America

Though there has been some progress in the ongoing fight for equality in America, recent government legislation and judicial policies suggest that discrimination and racism still plague our nation. Such vestiges of inequality in our 21st-century, “post-racial” American society are the subjects of Residue: This Ain’t No Song and Dance, a pertinent new independent documentary...

The Triangle Tribune,
Bar and grill boosts Raleigh's entertainment scene

If you are in search of good food, drinks, and entertainment in Raleigh, Smokin’ Grooves Bar and Grill is a choice place to go. Smokin’ Grooves is located in a shopping center on New Hope Church Road. The locale may give some a misleading first impression, but the parking lot and surrounding businesses do not reflect the classy style of the intimate venue...

The Triangle Tribune,
Film examines America's vanishing middle class

The gap between America’s “haves” and “have-nots” continues to widen, significantly diminishing the strong middle class that has long been the foundation of our nation’s success. Such extreme income inequality in the U.S. is the subject of a powerful, informative documentary from director Jacob Kornbluth, narrated by economist and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

The Triangle Tribune,
Drake locks down swag in "Nothing Was the Same"

Released on September 24, Drake’s new album "Nothing Was The Same" is his 3rd studio release. Though the album’s title likely refers to the differences in Toronto-native Aubrey Drake Graham’s life after achieving rap fame, it is also a fitting description of the album’s tone and content compared to his earlier works; Drake’s new album is definitely not the same.

The Triangle Tribune,
John Legend's "Love in the Future"

"Love in the Future," released Aug. 30th, is the 4th studio album from R&B singer-songwriter John Legend, and it is definitely one of his best. With the help of executive producers Kanye West and Dave Tozer, Legend has created a remarkable work of thematic consistency and notable musicality that can be seen as the universal story of love and loss, a moving portrait of romance from its intense beginning to the heartbreaking end and back to the start again with new love...

The Triangle Tribune,
Theo Parrish remixes jazz classics

Black Jazz Signatures is the latest release from Theo Parrish, a DJ and musician based in Detroit who has been producing electronic music and playing live DJ sets at clubs for 20 years. His new album is the 4th in a series of licensed reissues produced by Japan’s Snow Dog Records to showcase music from the Afro-jazz label Black Jazz Recordings...

The Triangle Tribune,
Moral Monday stops in Asheville, N.C.

Now that the NC state legislature is out of session, Moral Monday protests at the capital in Raleigh have been suspended—but the people’s movement continues. In an effort to spread the message and gather support from concerned citizens across North Carolina, Moral Mondays are now on a 13-week, statewide tour being called the Forward Together Movement. The initial stop on the tour was Asheville, where on August 5 an estimated 10,000 people gathered in front of City Hall for the first Mountain...

The Triangle Tribune,
Ace Hood's "Trials & Tribulations"

Ace Hood has several studio albums and a number of mix tapes under his belt, but "Trials and Tribulations," released on July 16th, is the Florida native’s first major project since joining artists like L’il Wayne, Drake, and Nicky Minaj on the Cash Money label. Though Trials and Tribulations does display Ace’s talent for some meaningful and socially conscientious lyricism, the album is made less noteworthy overall by the repetitive beats, unmemorable rhymes, and trite themes of superficiality...

The Triangle Tribune,
A reality check on the War on Drugs

Eugene Jarecki’s "The House I Live In" is a powerful documentary film that all Americans should see. From Executive Producers Danny Glover, John Legend, Brad Pitt, and Russell Simmons, the film is a critical examination of the history of the United States’ controversial War on Drugs, the discriminatory racist and classist judicial policies that have long defined it, and the consequences it has had for minority communities, prison systems, and American society as a whole...

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