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Pure Water Innovations

Pure Water Innovations | Bottleless Water Cooler Provider

Pure Water Innovations (PWI) provides bottleless water coolers and other products with water filtration and purification systems that give you the best-tasting, healthiest water...


WizIQ | Making Online Teaching & Learning Easier and Affordable

WizIQ's easy-to-use online teaching and learning solutions are being used by more than 200,000 teachers/trainers, 5000 organizations, and 3 million learners...


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5 Ways to Make your Website more Mobile Friendly and Increase Sales

With the ever-increasing prevalence of online shopping via mobile devices, more and more retailers are adapting optimizing email campaigns for portable devices. But are they...

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Ecommerce Sales Grow by 11% in 2014, Expected to hit $294 Billion by Year End

Ecommerce sales are on the rise. In fact, U.S. ecommerce sales are expected to reach $294 billion by the end of 2014, an 11.7% increase over the $263 billion seen in 2013,...

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Email Receipts Open New Doors for Lifecycle Marketing

Electronic, emailed receipts are expanding the possibilities for lifecycle marketing by giving retail and eCommerce merchants a new and innovative way to reach out and market...


Increase Your Site's Appeal and SEO with Updated Content - Exinent

Content strategy is the key for SEO rankings. Right content planning will boost your ranking but you can be benefited easily with simple practices.


Take Your Productivity to the Skies with Cloud File Sharing

The cloud and its limitless space has made it easier for people and businesses to store, access, and manage information in our increasingly mobile world. Even more valuable is...


A Thank You from WizIQ on National Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are vital to the fabric of society. The renowned nineteenth-century American historian and writer, Henry Adams, once wrote: " A teacher affects eternity; he can never...


Virtual Data Rooms: The Future of Information Storage is Here

Before the advent of internet and cloud technology, documents and other files had to be stored in physical data rooms that required staff, couriers, abundant paper supplies, and...


Hip Hip Hooray! Three Cheers for Cloud File Collaboration

Even before the internet, professional and peer collaboration has long allowed for greater innovation, new ideas, and more creativity. However, in our increasingly globalized...


Wait-- "Backup" a Minute-- Is Your Data Really Safe?

According to Symantec’s 2013 report, 60% of companies that lose their data go out of business within just months. These frightening numbers are a reminder that it is wise to...

How Virtual Classrooms Can Promote 1-1 Student Conferencing

Communication is the cornerstone of teaching and learning, whether it is the teacher’s presentation of material to the students, the students’ expression of knowledge in...


Do You Really Need a Cloud Aggregator?

Cloud computing and cloud storage services have transformed the world of data storage for companies. Users can now store large amounts of data in the virtual realm of the cloud,...

A Second Look at Questioning in the E-Learning Classroom

As discussed in A Primer in Effective Questioning, Part I, it is important that traditional and e-learning teachers employ a variety of question types that address a range of...


5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Android Cloud Storage

The revolution of cloud computing technology has arrived—but do you know how to really use it? With your Android device, you can easily access the internet and the unlimited...


CloudFuze: A Secure Cloud Storage Solution for Desktop and Mobiles

A common concern that many users have about cloud technology is cloud security—and rightly so! People with files stored in the virtual realm of the cloud often worry that...

A Primer in Effective Questioning

Since the ancient days of philosopher Socrates, asking questions has been a critical part of the teaching and learning process. The well-known question-and-answer technique that...


Save Time and Money with Efficient Cloud Storage Management

Using online cloud file storage and sharing services offers individuals and companies many advantages. Cloud storage allows users to save local hard drive space and access their...