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Robert Kurzban

Social Scientist and Freelance Writer

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Robert Kurzban is a published author. His texts discuss social science concepts. Unafraid to dive deep into a matter, he calls on Darwinian ideas in his investigation of social life.

Robert Kurzban to Host Blog Series on Freelance Writing

Robert Kurzban November 4, 2019 - Freelance writer and founder of RE: Writers, Robert Kurzban will host a blog series offering tips, tricks and advice on how to launch a freelance writing career. The series will cover all aspects of the process, from tips on copywriting and editing to developing pitches for online and print publications.

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Robert Kurzban is a freelance writer. He has contributed to numerous works which discuss issues of stigmatization, race, evolution and more. He is intrigued by the concept of Darwinism, an idea he has touched on many times in his own work. He also works independently as a consultant.

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Robert Kurzban was trained by two pioneers in the field of evolutionary psychology, John Tooby and Leda Cosmides, and his research focuses on evolutionary approaches to understanding human social behavior. He takes an adaptationist view of human psychology, studying the adaptive function, or, survival value, in the adoption of traits by humans.

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Author and Social Scientist Robert Kurzban is a published author known for titles like The Hidden Agenda of the Political Mind: How Self-Interest Shapes Our Opinions and Why We Won't Admit It and Why Everyone (Else) Is a Hypocrite.

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Robert Kurzban has established a career as a Social Scientist and Freelance Writer. He has published numerous articles, journals and books that discuss social science concepts.

Robert Kurzban

In addition to the aforementioned texts, Robert Kurzban has contributed to thousands of other publications. He has written Op-Eds, journal articles and blog posts and co-authored various research-backed discussions with other renowned social scientists. His work is cited over 10,000 times on Google Scholar.

Robert Kurzban

Robert Kurzban is an avid researcher and freelance writer with known published works in the field of social science using Darwinian ideas to understand matters of the human mind.

Assumptions People Make About Freelance Writers: Part II

Welcome back to another installment of Robert Kurzban's Assumptions People Make About Freelance Writers. (Or APMAFW, for short... maybe it will catch on. Maybe it won't.) Before diving into this common misconception about freelance writing, be sure to check out Part I! The assumptions are in abundance when you tell someone that you're a freelance writer.

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