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I enjoy writing on a variety of subjects. I have had an unemployment blog throughout the last ten years with thousands of hits. I have also contributed to Our Family World (a Canadian website), published articles online, and weekly contribute to Medium.com with current articles and poetry. I am retired from the business community with a wide background in various fields such as safety and human resources. Looking forward to working on many future articles with you.

I also have an older website, Tidbits for Healthy Living, in which I have many referenced health articles. My unemployment blog, The Every Day Life of the Unemployed, is linked below in this profile also for you to scan.

If you are looking for your next writer, it's me! You can connect with me at [email protected]

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Berries Today-Healthier Families Tomorrow in Mar 2022 - OurFamilyWorld.com

by: Rita Duponty What nutritious meals are you planning this week for your family? Getting them to eat what's healthy is quite a challenge. I am sure you have found that common sense rules your decision-making. However, some very alarming statistics have just crossed my path that will affect my next food choices.

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Rita Duponty

Rita Duponty is a diversified freelance writer that has written many articles for the worldwide web, along with her own blogs, The Every Day Life of the Unemployed, Caregiver Tools, and her web site, Tidbits for Healthy Living. Rita writes about a variety of subjects which shes has had personal experience in.

Rita Duponty - EzineArticles.com Expert Author

Rita has written numerous articles on various subjects from health tips to miscarriage posted throughout the web. She invites you to her main web site, tidbitsforhealthyliving.com, for more healthy tips for living and to read some of her poetry. From time to time she does copywriting also.

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What I Accidentally Discovered on the Stats Page

Two years plus and almost 500 poems and articles later In the few years I have been writing on Medium.com, I have focused mostly on my writing. From to time, as the need arises, I will check out one of the features connected to Medium. Examples would be tags, topics, formatting, etc.

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Is There Such a Thing As a Dead-End Job?

Is there such a thing as a dead-end job? It all depends on how you define dead-end. If you define dead-end as no opportunity for advancement, then you would have to say "yes." However, in my estimation any job that will support you in taking care of you and your family, that is not illegal or immoral, can be honorable work not "dead-end."

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How Not to Carry the Weight of the World

When it gets to be too much You don't like to admit it, but you are on overload. Warning signs are everywhere. You are irritable, losing patience, and feeling exhausted. What about the lack of mental clarity? If you have ever felt this way, or are feeling this way now, there are things you can do to minimize the burdening weight.

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When There Are No Walls to Call Home

Feeling homeless and unsettled To rest your weary soulwhen you're tired and yourfeet feel cold. To hang your coat onthe same hook plainlyin sight each night.

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Don't Be Hoodwinked by the Kids in Mar 2022 - OurFamilyWorld.com

by: Rita Duponty As parents, we all want to think we are a little smarter than our "sweet darlings." However, let's be honest. Most of us from time to time have been duped by our kids. Kids will push our button to see how far they can go-especially when it comes to going to sleep.

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Cleaning Tips From a Professional Cleaner

Cleaning doesn't have to be a nightmare A number of years ago I had my own cleaning business. Through trial and error, I discovered my own cleaning tips that helped me stay in business and get the job done. Work commitments and other demands in life may push your cleaning projects to the bottom of the list.

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Why I Never Use the Automated Checkout Line

There's value in learning to wait Here we are again. Everyone running from point A to point B. Patience doesn't seem to be high on the list of anyone. Ironically, this becomes even more clear during holiday seasons when people are suppose to be cheerful, loving, and giving.