Riley Wilson

food + travel + lifestyle writer

print sub-editor, the sydney morning herald - australia
assistant editor, melting butter - nyc
writer + editor, acorn mag - paris
communications (australia), the global editors network - paris

digital producer (iPad, mobile, web), the sydney morning herald - australia
interim editor + writer, broadsheet media - australia
sydney correspondent, smudge eats - australia

contributor to various local and international publications,
including australian gourmet traveller, the walkley foundation, british council, popover




Melting Butter

Restaurant Hotspot Find - Fleet Brunswick Heads

Bookings fill up in advance, so it's best to pre-plan a visit. Forgo the Byron Bay hoopla and take a drive to Fleet Brunswick Heads, keeping your eyes peeled for the glass...

Editors Lab Impact, Medium

How to better interact with and report on local communities: an Editors Lab in Sydney to the rescue

As newsrooms continue to cut the fat, remove local newsbeats and close community newspapers, communities bear the brunt of the loss: with fewer reporters and resources to cover...

The Sydney Morning Herald

US shooting victims caught in the crossfire of a war that never ends

Having grown up between the United States and Australia, and with American rural family ties who leaned more towards pro-gun than not, I was always immersed in both worlds:...

British Council Australia

Future News Worldwide: 'Then, now, and always'

It started from a young age. It started with curiosity and passion, with questions and answers and a resolution to know the whole truth.


The Art of Food

Why are we so fascinated by tiny polymer pancakes and pins shaped like soy-sauce fish? In September 2016, Google Doodle celebrated the 121 st birthday of Takizo Iwasaki. Known...

Gourmet Traveller

The tea trend of matcha

Matcha, the powdered green tea central to ceremonial Japanese tea gatherings since the 13th century, has featured in all manner of incarnations recently, but in Japan the...

Melting Butter

Restaurant Hotspot Find: Sasaki Sydney

Posted by Riley Wilson on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 · Leave a Comment If you weren't looking for it (or if you didn't know about it), you might be hard-pressed to find Sasaki,...

Broadsheet Sydney

Tasmanian Oyster Industry Faces Debilitating Losses

The price of Pacific oysters will rise as a path of destruction continues in Tasmania. Tasmania's oyster industry faces a tough road ahead. Tests confirmed the presence of...

The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald

Tea time for Sydney

Explore the world by taking a cup of tea at the Sydney Tea Festival, now in its fifth year.

The Sydney Morning Herald

It's not me, it's you: an open letter to a heartbreaker

We've tried for three years to develop a stable and reliable relationship but that takes two and I feel like you haven't held up your end of the deal.

Melting Butter NYC

Melting Butter

Restaurant Hotspot: East London Sydney

Posted by Riley Wilson on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 · Leave a Comment Modern Chinese above a pub: not necessarily the first thing Sydneysiders might think of for dinner. At...

Melting Butter

Cafe Find: Devon at Barangaroo Sydney - Melting Butter

Posted by Riley Wilson on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 · Leave a Comment With the closure of Devon's Danks location in late 2016 came the call to reincarnate the venue elsewhere....

Melting Butter

Restaurant Hotspot: Bistrot Gavroche Sydney

Let's skip straight to dessert. It's worth considering the art of the Paris-Brest: a crunchy, sweet ring of pastry, filled with a hazelnut cream and its centre occupied with...

Melting Butter

Restaurant Hotspot: The Boathouse Sydney - Melting Butter

When the sun sets over Sydney's Blackwattle Bay, it's a sight to behold ­- and there is no better vantage point to take it in than a window-side table at The Boathouse on...

Melting Butter

Restaurant Find: Bills Bondi Sydney

Sydney's brunching status could have something to do with the mostly-great weather or the volume of outdoor locations. It could be because of the national demand for avocado...

Melting Butter

Cafe Find: Barista & Cook Sydney - Melting Butter

In one of Sydney's most industrial suburbs sits a greenhouse of epic proportions, ushering in warm light and earthy goodness through floor-to-ceiling windows. It's Barista &...

Melting Butter

Restaurant Find: Lucky Suzie Sydney

Zacharay Tan has a talent for synthesis. At Lucky Suzie Sydney, he combines the best of his other venues (Devon Cafe's cosiness, the style and creativity of recently-closed...