Riley Rasmussen

Expert in Logistics & Supply Chain

Location icon United States

After establishing a career in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain, Riley Rasmussen is interested in seeking work in Communications. Rasmussen holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications Studies from Iowa State University.

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Riley Rasmussen

Originally from a background in Communications, he is interested in returning to his field to pursue a career in line with his academic qualifications. Rasmussen is particularly interested in representing individuals and brands in the areas of communications and advertising. Riley Rasmussen is an Iowa State University alumnus.

Riley Rasmussen

Early in his career, Riley Rasmussen set his focus on his Communications basis. While enrolled at Iowa State University in 2017, he pursued an internship with Masterson & Bottenberg, LLP, a local attorney's office specializing in Family Law. The experience offered Rasmussen insight on the power of Communications and the many industries that rely on the strength of advertising.

Riley Rasmussen on Behance

Riley Rasmussen is a Logistics and Supply Chain professional and fitness fanatic with a drive to cross 5K finish lines! Always up for a challenge, he trains year round in anticipation for the next local 5K. His favorite race is the Iowa Irish Fest 5K, which he participates in annually.

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