Riley Chervinski

Freelance content writer & journalist


Hello! I’m a communicator and writer who focuses on storytelling for social good.

I value time spent outdoors, innovative and inclusive conservation efforts, and community-driven and nature-based solutions.

I work with organizations to share their ideas through articles, blog posts, travel guides, newsletters, advertorials, and website copy. I am well-versed in writing for SEO.

My work has been featured in: The Globe and Mail, Narcity, Tourism Winnipeg, Flare magazine, Eat North, and Crush magazine.

I live and work on ancestral lands, on Treaty One Territory. These lands are the homeland of the Red River Métis.



Where to play pickleball in Winnipeg

Packed your paddle? If you're hoping to play pickleball in Winnipeg, you won't have to look too far. There are plenty of places to practice your groundstrokes, dinks, and lobs throughout the city.

This Map Will Take You On The Most Epic Brewery Hop Across Winnipeg

With two new taprooms having opened in the last week alone, Winnipeg has suddenly become a craft beer lover's paradise. If you can't keep up, Manitoba now has 7 breweries, including 5 taprooms, and then 3 more are set to open in the new year. Hey you!

Crush magazine
Two brothers and a barn

Look for the big red barn in the fields of Niagara-on-the-Lake, and there you’ll find Greg and Yannick Wertsch. The two brothers make wine at Between the Lines, a family estate winery on 40 acres of land they’ve lived on since young boys.

Peg City Grub
The East Exchange is a real grind | Tourism Winnipeg

It's a pretty sweet deal when your neighbourhood has not one but four coffee shops within an easily walkable radius, each locally-owned and offering everything from flavoured lattes, teas and juices to bagels, healthy donuts and even a full vegan food menu.

Peg City Grub
New & Notable: August in Winnipeg | Tourism Winnipeg

As T-Swift so eloquently croons on her new album folklore, "August slipped away into a moment in time/ August sipped away like a bottle of wine." August in Winnipeg is here and with it comes plenty of new places to slip away into, and surely a few bottles of wine to be had.

Peg City Grub
Experience far-out takeout from Kosmo’s Space Cowboy Food Cantina

I first heard of Kosmo's Space Cowboy Food Cantina the way one seems to learn of anything worthwhile these days-total hearsay gleaned from friends' hastily snapped Instagram stories of greasy takeout bags and half eaten burgers. It was as if they couldn't wait a single second to bother properly capturing their meals before biting in.

Crush magazine
Wine in aisle three

It's been a year since B.C. VQA wines hit grocery store shelves. Winemakers, distributors and industry professionals say it's been a success.

A Family Affair: mother-daughter duos do it better

Beyoncé asked - then promptly answered for us - the pressing question of "Who run the world?", which we now know to be "girls". Here are 7 female duos running businesses in Winnipeg:

Crush magazine
Bird's-Eye View

A B.C. winery has paired up with a local college to research the use of UAVs in vineyards. What will the data mean for wineries across the country?


CPAWS Manitoba
Inspiring the Next Generation of Environmental Stewards

Our nights ended in quiet chatter around the bonfire and each morning greeted us with a blazing orange sunrise over the lake, slipping through the screens of our tents like a gentle alarm clock. In between, we baked bannock, paddled canoes, beat drums, birdwatched, discovered plants on a medicine walk and took part in a full moon ceremony.

Community News Commons
Cougars claw their way back into Manitoba

With more and more sightings being reported, experts predict cougars will soon re-establish a breeding population in Manitoba-but the return of the protected predator could mean big changes for hunting and trapping laws in the province.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
Beluga Gala Brings Canada’s Whale Protection into the Spotlight

Canada must do a better job of protecting beluga whales and the best way to do that is to establish a marine protected area in Hudson Bay, Oceans North and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Manitoba chapter said Wednesday.


The Globe and Mail
I navigated Grade 8 in a back brace, but drew the line at the school dance | The Globe and Mail

My mother used to bend me over and tell me to touch my toes. This was our monthly ritual, done before bed since I turned 8. At first I thought it was a game, and would stretch my fingers eagerly toward the ground, laughing. A few years later I realized she was checking my spine, making sure it wasn’t growing on a crooked path that mimicked the curl of a snake.

Alumni Engagement
Vic of All Trades | RRC Polytechnic

At just 32 years old, Vic Savino is the Director of Communications for the Treaty One Nations. It's a dynamic role, one that allows him to serve community members from the seven First Nations in Treaty No.1 territory and dive into projects like the development of the Naawi-Oodena urban reserve.

Tourism Winnipeg
​Online Winnipeg bookstore celebrates diverse titles, authors

Valerie Chelangat's love of reading started at a young age. Growing up in Nairobi, Kenya (she moved to Winnipeg in 2010, at age 21), her mother would bring home books from the public library each week and encouraged Valerie and her brothers to read them.

Alumni Engagement
Creative Communications grad coaches Manitoba's businesses in diversity and inclusion

Sheila North says tapping into her natural talents has been the key to a successful decades-long career in communications and governance. "I always tell students, 'Keep in focus the natural abilities you have. Those are hints and clues of the things you'll be good at that will utilize those gifts.'" For North, those talents include...

Content Writing | SEO | Copywriting

Herzing College
Is Plumbing Pre-apprenticeship Training Worth It? Advice for Students

If you're interested in becoming a licensed plumber, you've probably begun looking at programs, training, and apprenticeship options. Chances are, you've heard about plumbing pre-apprenticeship training and are wondering whether it's worth the time and money.

Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers
Workplace Safety in the Digital Age

Agri-retail can be a high-risk industry from a safety standpoint - organizations have competing demands, compressed work timelines, a variety of tasks and machinery to operate and often, seasonal employees. Safety training and adherence to safe work practices is important, but it can be easily overlooked, especially during peak season.

Herzing College
What is Computer Networking and is it a Good Career? | Herzing College

Organizations of all kinds rely on computer networks, from schools and hospitals to businesses and government agencies. In this post, we’ll explore typical jobs in this field, pros and cons of a career in computer networking, and the latest job outlook and salary information for networking professionals in Ontario. By the end, you’ll know what computer networking is all about and whether it’s a good career choice for you.