Reem Abdellatif

Co-founder, Writer, and Consultant

United States

Reem Abdellatif is a writer, editor, and former foreign correspondent with over 10 years of experience living and working across MENA and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

She has travelled across places like Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Riyadh, and Doha, where she moderated and hosted panels on AI, E-commerce, and women working in male-dominated industries, such as the oil & gas sectors.

As a GBV Survivor Advocate, Reem believes that intersectional feminism offers a lens through which we can better understand and interact with the world around us — particularly when it comes to business and socioeconomics. That's why her work has brought women and minority issues to public policy agendas. Her work focuses on geopolitics, economics, as well as sexual violence in Egypt and the African continent.

Having lived in Egypt for seven years, Reem has had the opportunity to cover Egypt's pre- and post-uprising era from 2010-2014. Reem has also lived in the UAE & Saudi Arabia for nearly five years from 2015-2019. This has given her the opportunity to become immersed in the GCC as the region underwent unprecedented social and economic transformation.

Reem's bylines and interviews have appeared in Goethe Institut, WSJ, LA Times, i24NEWS, Haaretz, Libération, CNBC, and others.

Reem is also Co-founder and Director of the African Women Rights Advocates (AWRA) movement.

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Egyptian tech startups offer hope for economy in post-COVID world

While Egypt's economy faces pressure from several factors, such as coronavirus preventative measures, a sudden stop in tourism and record-high debt levels, one bright spot in the economy is a tech boom that has continued even throughout the global pandemic.

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R&D potential could be key to spark Saudi economy

The impact of COVID-19 and low oil prices has led to even further expected declines in Saudi Arabia's gross domestic product, but research and development could hold the key to an economic reset.

United Nations Population Fund
Women journalists threatened with sexual violence, hate speech

UNITED NATIONS, New York - "I have gone to the police after receiving threats of violence," Nistula Hebbar told UNFPA, describing the relentless onslaught of abuse she experiences online. As a politics reporter for The Hindu, her words and her reputation are her livelihood.

Reem Abdellatif
Interview Her - A Nobel Women Initiative

Writer, Co-Founder, Head of Communications Current Occupation: Writer, Co-Founder, Head of Communications Organization/Institution: African Women Rights Advocates (AWRA) Language: English, Arabic Reem Abdellatif (@Reem_Abdellatif ) is a writer, activist and communications head for African Women Rights Advocates (@AWRA_org), an NGO dedicated to sustainable change for women and girls.

Meet Ola Labib - the first Black Muslim Sudanese woman to perform at the O2

Happy New Year to all AWRA allies and members out there! We're excited to start the New Year celebrating the accomplishments of African women. In this exclusive interview, AWRA co-founder Reem Abdellatif speaks with Sudanese-British comedian Ola Labib, who is known for her charming personality and edgy humor.

En Égypte, sortie de route pour une pub Citroën banalisant le harcèlement de rue

Un homme au volant d'une voiture étincelante manque de renverser une passante. La jeune femme, surprise, s'arrête et jette un regard inquiet au conducteur. Avec flegme, ce dernier prend alors une photo de la piétonne grâce à une caméra sur le pare-brise. La photo volée s'affiche aussitôt sur son téléphone, qu'il regarde d'un air satisfait.

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Citroën removes Egypt ad accused of normalising sexual harassment

The country's parliament approved harsher penalties for sexual harassment in July, amending the penal code to make it a felony and increasing the penalty to a minimum of two years in prison instead of six months, alongside a fine of between $6,370 (£4,740) and $12,740 (£9,480).