Richard Cosgrove

Freelance writer and sub-editor

For more than 16 years I have worked on consumer magazines, newspapers and websites in sub-editor and production editor roles. Currently, I provide freelance sub-editor and copy editing services to print and online publishers and private clients, as well as copywriting services.

Specialties: Consumer journalism, copy editing, proofreading, screenwriting, layout sub-editing, financial journalism, current affairs, technology.

United Kingdom


International Business Times UK

Every robot in the workplace leads to 6 job losses, says new study

A new American study has found that, on average, a single industrial robot makes six people unemployed. The report, Robots and Jobs: Evidence from US Labor Markets, from the...

International Business Times UK

Notorious pro-US hacker Jester diverts DoS attack towards Israeli spy service Mossad

A high-profile US hacker has turned an attack on his website into an assault against the Israeli intelligence service. 'The Jester' - or th3j35t3r - claims that he diverted an...

International Business Times UK

Life in North Korea - The last home of Communism

Democratic People's Republic of Korea - better known as simply North Korea - hit the headlines again this week, after it was linked to a major cybersecurity breach of Sony...

International Business Times UK

Front National's Marine Le Pen wants a 'Frexit' referendum

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French far-right political party Front National (FN) has set out the party's aims for France in a convention speech on Sunday (5 February)....

International Business Times UK

Rapist Israeli ex-president Moshe Katsav may leave prison early

Moshe Katsav, the disgraced former president of Israel who was convicted of rape, could be released from jail by the end of the month. A parole board is due to meet on 27 March...

International Business Times UK

French police use tear gas and water cannon to end protest at Calais' Jungle camp

French police deployed tear gas and water cannon to quell a protest by around 200 migrants and 50 activists outside a migrant camp near Calais known as 'the Jungle' on Saturday...

International Business Times UK

Navy widow is the first US citizen to sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11 terror attacks

A widow of a naval commander who was killed during the 9/11 terror attacks in the US, has become the first person to sue Saudi Arabia for supporting Al-Qaeda's attacks.

International Business Times UK

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Azerbaijan claims ceasefire despite Armenia reporting artillery attacks

Azerbaijan has said it is ending fighting in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, which began overnight on 1 April. However, Armenian forces stationed in the area say that their...

International Business Times UK

Newspaper discovers someone is listening in on Norwegian politicians' phone calls

A daily newspaper in Norway has discovered mobile phone surveillance equipment hidden around the country's parliament building. But no one knows who put it there. Aftenposten's...

International Business Times UK

Chicago furry convention halted after 'intentional' chlorine gas attack

Thousands of people at the Hyatt hotel in Chicago - the site of a convention of 'furries' - were evacuated on Sunday, after chlorine powder was deliberately spilled in a...

International Business Times UK

Intel denies accusations of supporting sexist harassment campaign #Gamergate

IT giant IBM has pulled advertising from video game industry news site Gamasutra after complaints from 'Gamergate' supporters. On 28 August Gamasutra published an article by...