Ravi Chermala

Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur, Consultant

United States

Professionally, Ravi Chermala is a Yoga Instructor & Entrepreneur. He also enjoys Hip Hop, Rap Music, R&B, as well as Jewelry Design and Astrology.

Yoga Poses for Healthy Aging at Any Age

The tree pose (Vrksasana) is a single-leg yoga pose that relies on balance. Ravi Chermala introduces this pose to students of his yoga classes at Ravi Yoga, regardless of age or ability level...

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Instructor Ravi Chermala Showcases 2024 Yoga Events

February 29, 2024 /PRSearchEngine/ - Yoga Instructor and Meditation Guide Ravi Chermala is featuring a showcase of yoga events in 2024 on the official website for his studio, Chermala Yoga.

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Ravi Chermala - People Also Ask

People also ask: who is Ravi Chermala and where is Ravi Chermala Yoga Studio located? Ravi Chermala is a Yoga Instructor, Astrologer and Meditation Guide.


Ravi Chermala is a Yoga Instructor, Astrology Expert and Meditation Guide. Yoga & Guided Meditation Instructor Ravi Chermala provides yoga and meditation sessions online via his studio, Ravi Chermala...

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Ravi Chermala to Offer Online Yoga Classes in 2024

Chermala Yoga http://chermalayoga.com/ December 29, 2023 /PRSearchEngine/ - Yoga Instructor and Meditation Session Leader Ravi Chermala is pleased to announce the opening of Chermala Yoga & Meditation in 2024! The online yoga studio will offer online yoga classes, mindfulness and guided meditation sessions virtually, available to students around the world.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Ravi Chermala's meditation and mindfulness classes. Master the techniques for lasting inner peace.

Online Yoga Classes

Join Ravi Chermala for online yoga classes tailored for every level, ensuring a personalized and communal virtual yoga experience.