Racha Baraka

Freelance journalist and writer

United Kingdom

With a passion for story-telling, I promote, share and write about a polymorphous culture without borders through multimedia platforms in French and English. While specialising in creative industries, I combine my research experience with a keen eye for popular and "underground" cultures with the aim to amplify the too often underrepresented voices across all fields.

References and more samples are available upon request.

Let's connect: [email protected]



🇩🇿 C'est quoi le cinéma algérien ? | Ausha

C'est l'un des grands rendez-vous des cinéphiles du monde : le Festival de Cannes, qui clôtura ses portes le 28 mai. Cette année, l'Algérie était en partie présente à Cannes... En partie, car elle ne l'était pas officiellement.

🎙️🇱🇧 Épisode 9 : Carl Gerges, l'art comme expression | Ausha

Pour le retour du podcast d'Arabia Vox, qui s'est refait une petite beauté pour l'ocassion, on a la chance d'avoir une des personnalités qui nous inspire le plus ces dernières années, Carl Gerges. Nous l'avons connu derrière sa batterie au sein de l'éclectique groupe Mashrou'Leila, aujourd'hui il revient sur la scène en architecte talentueux.

Dune Magazine
Chez nous., ethical brand with a Tunisian flair - Dune Magazine

Chez Nous. opens the doors towards a way of thinking for our environment and for ourselves. No matter our color, age, gender or size, it will fit! When clothes are worn like a second skin, being aware of what you buy is not a luxury.

Dune Magazine
Découvrez The Mazeej Project, la plateforme qui amplifie les voix des afro-arabes - Dune Magazine

Qu'est-ce qu'être afro-arabe ? Dune Magazine rencontre Sophia Griss-Bembe, créatrice de " The Mazeej Project " , dont la plateforme fraye un chemin vers l'exploration intime et introspective de cette identité vécue par les afro-arabes. Afro-arabe : deux identités politisées, souvent considérées séparément, dont la conjonction fait parfois froncer des sourcils tant elle donne lieu à des questions nébuleuses.

Creative writing

Anchor FM Inc.
Writers Grant Recipient 017: Rasha Baraka by The White Pube

We are excited to begin 2022 by announcing the 17th recipient of The White Pube Writers Grant... 🥁... Rasha Baraka. In this episode, we introduce Rasha's work and she reads out two short pieces of her writing; Letter to my Coloniser & Jealousy.

Bad Form Review
Digital Issue 3: Crime - Bad Form

Rather than limiting our content to the popular psychological thriller genre, Bad Form attacks the theme by interrogating the genre of crime. Isn't colonialism a crime? What impact has that had on British and international literature? Reviewing everything from My Sister, the Serial Killer, to the UK

The Market Gallery
People of colour: In Residence with the Glagow Schoold of Art

"Now we good" This collection of poems and illustrations is a collaborative project between two sisters, Ines and Racha Bouhouche, whose respective turmoil has left a few pages crumpled. Through an intimate introspection of the self, the two sisters mirror each other's perception of their own racialized and gendered bodies. Using creative practises as a catharsis space, imagery and words collide to make sense of the world.

Academic Writing

Goldsmiths, university of London
The Commodification of diversity in the Culture Industry

As part of capitalism's brand logic, the social conflicts surrounding diversity can only be traced back to racial capitalism. One's racial identity can turn into an artefact to be marketed and consumed as a commodity. This essay explores the following paradox: while “diversity” is integrated into the economy, it further excludes already marginalised groups of our society.

Routledge & CRC Press
Curating with Care

This book presents over 20 authors' reflections on 'curating care' - and presents a call to give curatorial attention to the primacy of care for all life and for more 'caring curating' that responds to the social, ecological and political analysis of curatorial caregiving.

Event & Communication