Ramsay Short

Editor, Journalist, Writer

Ramsay Short is an accomplished BSME-nominated editor, writer, journalist and creative content consultant with extensive experience working in print magazines and newspapers, digital journalism and social media, TV and radio, specialising in travel, politics, lifestyle and culture across Europe and the Middle East. Former and founding Editor-in-Chief of Time Out Beirut and Let's Go with Ryanair; Editorial Director of A Magazine and UltraVilla; Contributing Editor at 71% - The Superyacht Magazine; Editor at HikeToTheMoon.com.

MAGAZINES: Condé Nast Traveller US, Tank, Let's Go Magazine, Canvas, Bidoun, The Voice, Bespoke, A Mag, FT Magazine, Time Out, 71% The Superyacht Life Magazine, BA Highlife, Voyager, Impressions, J Magazine, American Way. NEWSPAPERS: The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, The IHT, The National, The Daily Star Beirut, Variety. BOOKS: The Hedonist's Guide Beirut CONSULTING: Gerson Lehman Group DIGITAL: UltraVilla.com, Hiketothemoon.com TELEVISION: No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain - Beirut (2006), No Reservationswith Anthony Bourdain - Back To Beirut (2010), Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain - Beirut (2015).

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Editorial Direction

Now, Issue 88
It's all happening right here, right now.
UnCool, Issue 87
Birth of the (un)cool
Bold, Issue 86
Fantasy, Issue 85
The Fantasy issue
Identity, Issue 84
Issue 84 of A Mag explores notions of identity through the people we meet, the artists, musicians, architects, designers, chefs and photographers; through fashion and travel and...
Youth, Issue 83
Our summer issue of A Mag, relaunched and redesigned, celebrates youth, not just here but around the world. For if fashion is anything, it is (or at least it should be),...
Let's Go Magazine
From 2007 - 2015 I was the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Publisher of travel magazine Let's Go for Europe's biggest low-cost airline Ryanair.
Time Out Beirut
From Jan 2005 - Jan 2007 I launched, conceived and created the celebrated Time Out magazine online and in print back in 2006. The first quality English language journal in the...


Solid as Rock
Musician Faris Badwan is provocative, unconventional and marches to the beat of his own drum. Now, following the release of his band The Horror's fifth album, he’s on his way to...
Humans of Yachting: Michael Nurbatlian
Michael Nurbatlian, marketing director behind December’s Kata Rocks Superyacht Rendezvous – recalls what it was like the first time he stepped on a superyacht and explains why...
The VIP Life
New concierge app Velocity Black promises to power the ultimate lifestyle. From yacht parties to submarine rides, it’s all at your fingertips in this members-only digital club.
Humans of Yachting: Justin Hofman
Naturalist, photographer and expedition leader with EYOS Expeditions, Justin Hofman, reflects on his job, shooting images in the watery wilderness
In Residence with Alia Dawood
"It would be relatively simple to remain in London, start an architecture practice and do private projects," says Iraqi-British architect Alia Dawood, perched on a couch in the...
A Model Chef
Isaac Carew is handsome, easygoing and confident. Perhaps that’s why audiences are devouring everything he’s serving up.


When Julien Le Goff joined the kitchen of top chef Joël Guillet’s restaurant L’Olivier in 2008 as second-in-command, he had no idea he’d soon be in charge of the world’s most...
20 Best Restaurants in London
These are our 20 favorite places to eat in London. From baos in Soho, to cheese naan in Shoreditch, to innovative tasting menus you can't wait to revisit, this roundup has you...
How To Get Lost
When you've been travelling (and writing) as long as we have, often planning every trip well in advance, there comes a time when you realise that the only way to truly get under...
A Foodie Tour Through Vienna
Vienna’s food scene is all the better for not having succumbed to the arrival of (too many) chains or fancy haute-cuisine eateries. Instead there are the many Würstlstände...
12 Best Things to Do in London
In our list of the 12 best things to do in London-what every visitor should do-we've built in tried-and-true itineraries and tips, like where to grab a pint before the Chelsea...
Rio The Right Way
It’s hosted the World Cup, it’s hosted the Olympics, but to experience Brazil’s most famous city properly there’s only one proper way to do it: like a Carioca
The Sea of Cortez
A bronze statue of Jacques Cousteau clutches a diving mask and stares out to sea on the malecón, La Paz’s main promenade. It’s an indicator that even on dry land there’s no...
14 Best Bars in London
These are the best bars in London, from can't-miss hotel lobbies to hidden bars within a bar. They're the classics-or soon-to-be classics-and they all know how to pour a killer...
Choose Silence
I recently discovered the joys of a new mobile telephone and what it doesn't do. The Punkt cellular phone makes calls and can send text messages. That's it. There's no Wi-Fi...
Festival Fever
Primavera? So last year. Burning Man? Stopped being hip in the noughties. It’s the once seriously uncool, smaller and weirder niche affairs that are the fests to check out in 2017


Love and lust in Beirut...
Paradise City
The soldier jabbed his rifle at me as I descended the ramp stairs from the plane to the tarmac. "Your mother can't afford clothes for you?" he said grinning.

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