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St. Norbert College
Working in Harmony

Sabbaticals can be solitary endeavors, as faculty work to write books or conduct experiments in labs. But for Yi-Lan Niu (Music), it was a collaborative journey. Niu's sabbatical project was two parts: Produce a music album and develop a website for promotion - the latter being something her students frequently ask for help with, but, until now, she didn't have experience to share.

St. Norbert College
Alumni Profile/Finding Beauty in Forgotten Homes | St. Norbert College

Steel-toed boots and an old St. Norbert College sweatshirt. That's what Cassie (Herrmann) Wenzel '07 wears to work pretty much every morning, and she wouldn't want it any other way. "It's not a glamorous life by any means, but it's a life I really enjoy," she says.

St. Norbert College
Durkin Crosses the Finish Line | St. Norbert College

Durkin attended St. Norbert from 1968-73, but he left the college just two courses shy of completing his degree. He built a successful career in sportscasting, calling more than 80,000 horse races in America and Europe, including the infamous Triple Crown races - the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes.

St. Norbert College
Free Window on World Affairs | St. Norbert College

For the first time ever, the annual Great Decisions Lecture Series at St. Norbert College will be free to all. Coordinated by the college's Center for Global Engagement (CGE), this eight-part lecture series begins in early February and will give the college and members of the community a chance to learn and discuss global affairs that currently affect the United States and other nations around the world.

@St. Norbert E-Newsletter
Sophomore Accepted to D.C. Advocacy Program

Anderson, pictured on campus, was chosen this past spring as one of 20 advocates - out of more than 500 applicants - for the Advocacy Corps, a Quaker program founded in 1943.

St. Norbert College
Unpacking a Plesiosaur

Unpacking a Plesiosaur Confirming a new species is not something that happens in a lightbulb moment, and no one knows this better than Rebecca (Schmeisser) McKean '04 (Geology).

St. Norbert College
All Are Welcome in This Place

St. Norbert Abbey's new northeast entrance is now officially open to the De Pere community and beyond.

St. Norbert College
Tell Me a Story

A showcase of stories that have been recorded by St. Norbert friends so far with the help of the Cassandra Voss Center (CVC) and the StoryCorps organization.

St. Norbert College
New 'Tech Bar' Works to Boost Students' Digital Know-How

Spring semester will reveal some new changes, which will be implemented when students return. The team plans to relocate the Tech Bar to Cofrin Hall in order for student consultants to be closer to the main ITS department. They're also considering a shift in some operating hours to accommodate students' busy schedules.

WFRV Channel 5
Hidden History - Segment Three Features the "A Stone of Hope" Exhibit

NORTHEAST WISCONSIN (WFRV) - February is Black History Month, and for the third year in a row, Local 5 is taking an in-depth look at the history of African Americans in Wisconsin. We continue to find important stories about critical pieces of our state's past.

Research at the Library? Yep! It's Not Passé.

Whether or not your student elects to use the Research Center, simply chatting with one of the librarians is often helpful, says Nick Schmudlach '19. " They expanded my understanding of the number of [research] options out there," he says.

Mulva Library
Students in Core Curriculum Courses Practice Key Research Skills

Students at St. Norbert College not only build expertise in specific areas of study or while collaborating on projects in class, but they also learn through core courses in ways that prepare them to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Mulva Library
History Students Gain Valuable Know-How of Archival Research

Students in HIST 211 – Research Methods in History – are learning a variety of strategies related to historical research, including ways to explore primary sources and evaluate the relevancy of materials they discover.

@St. Norbert
St. Norbert Plays in the Digital Sandbox: Part 2

As future employers of SNC students start to incorporate cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and expect even more tech-related skills from new graduates, the academic technology team in Information Technology Services (ITS) has a clear mission in mind.

@St. Norbert
St. Norbert Plays in the Digital Sandbox

A light-activated alarm clock. A plant health monitor. A hand-held weather station. These are just a few of the projects that students of Michael Olson (Physics) built in his class this semester.

@St. Norbert
All Hands Served on Deck for a $311,370 Success Story

You did it! Last Wednesday, more than 800 members of our community contributed $210,370 to the St. Norbert Fund, blowing out of the water our previous one-day record of $112,500 (set in November 2013).

@St. Norbert
All Hands on Deck! Day of Giving to Close Out Campaign

Wednesday, April 29, is All Hands on Deck Day: A day we will call on those in our community – students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends – to support the college by contributing to the St. Norbert Fund.

@St. Norbert
Friends Meet World

On Sunday, May 17, the Class of 2015 shifted their graduation cap tassels from right to left and exited Schuldes Sports Center as new alumni of St. Norbert College.

@St. Norbert
Arabist Aids Recruitment in Saudi

Working in tandem this spring to recruit students from Saudi Arabia will be Kit Klepinger ’99 (Center for International Education) and Robert Kramer (History).

@St. Norbert
Figures of Faith Preside Over Birder Hall

A Franciscan sister on her way to sainthood stands among four artists of faith celebrated in a series of statues commissioned for Birder Hall.

@St. Norbert
Young Alums Teach in Some Unusual Classrooms

The Class of 2014 brought 45 new teachers to schools across Wisconsin and the United States. Many new teachers strive for an entry-level position to start their career, but in the past few years, some St. Norbert College alums have been able to find truly unique opportunities in the teaching field.

Copy Writing & Design

Mulva Library
“Fantastic Librarians” Poster

A twist on “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” to promote research help from librarians at St. Norbert College.

Video & Audio

St. Norbert College YouTube
Meet the Mulva Library

The Mulva Library provides a welcoming environment conducive to reflection and learning.

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