Writer | Poet | Personal (Life) Coach | Parent

Creating real connection through the wonder of words.

I connect small businesses to ideal customers and charities to those who care by pouring your passion onto the page.

I use words both on and offline to connect you to your higher/unconscious self, through coaching, poetry and sharing stories about personal growth.

I'm also a perfectly imperfect parent and share my stories to connect with other parents and remind them that we're all making this up as we go along.

I'm a big fan of bubbles.

United Kingdom



The Hobbs Consultancy

2016 services brochure

Copy for 2016 brochure for The Hobbs Consultancy, a team of coaches working with organisations to "transform the workplace via inclusivity".

Charity Blogs


Newham collective visit to Calais refugee camp - Dost Centre

At the start of this year, following our appeal for items to take to Calais, we headed to the 'Jungle', loaded with blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, torches, warm clothes and...


Knowledge sharing with the fostering network - Dost Centre

At Dost, our overarching aim - the reason behind everything we do - is to improve the quality of life for young refugees and migrants, including children seeking asylum, victims...


Please donate to the Dost Emergency Fund

Dost was founded in 2000, to provide support to young refugee and asylum seekers, many of whom are in the UK without their families. In recent years we have also extended our...


Feeling stressed and unsupported?

If you're feeling stressed at work, what can you do about it? Too often, we hear from surveyors that talking about stress at work remains a taboo. Whether the source is work,...


It's Time to Talk about mental health

Every year, around one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem, ranging from isolated instances of anxiety and depression to ongoing conditions such as...


How you've helped us to make an impact

Every year we ask RICS members to consider making a £20 donation to LionHeart along with your RICS subscription fees. Many of you do make this annual gift to us and we are very...

Small Biz/Freelance Blogs

Wholegrain Digital

Podcast Episode 7: Mindful Business - Wholegrain Digital

In our latest podcast episode, we finally get the chance to catch up with Nick Begley, Founder and CEO of PSYT (Psychological Technologies). PSYT has developed the Experience...

Wholegrain Digital

Sharing the love at WordCamp London 2016 - Wholegrain Digital

The end of this month sees the start of spring and we are seeing the early signs already - the days are getting longer, flowers are starting to bloom and we are getting excited...

Wholegrain Digital

Podcast Episode 6: Working Collectively - Wholegrain Digital

In our first podcast episode of 2016, Tom Greenwood and Ed Murfitt get together again to talk to Will Gardner, fellow Impact Hub resident and CEO of popular millennial...

Wholegrain Digital

Why We Love WordPress - Wholegrain Digital

If you're a WordPress fan, then you may already be well aware of the #ilovewp hashtag all over social media at the moment. But you may not be. So, for those who don't know.....

Wholegrain Digital

A Toast to 2015! - Wholegrain Digital

Every year since our birth eight years ago (we're still in primary school, age-wise), Wholegrain Digital has been looking forwards. At first, when the team was just a few of us,...

Freelance Parents

Going freelance? Start BEFORE you feel ready - Freelance Parents

When's the best time to go freelance? Freelance writer and mum, Rachael Blair, says the time is now... So, you're thinking about going freelance. Maybe you're working part-time...

Movabo Ltd

Her Business Toolkit: Rachael Blair, freelance writer & coach

When Marta asked if I'd like to write a guest blog on the tools I use in my business, I jumped at the chance. You see, when I started out I spent a lot of time looking for ways...

Wholegrain Digital

Who wins in the WP Engine vs Rackspace race?

WP Engine has made a big mark on the WordPress hosting world in the past few years. A relative newcomer, they were founded just five years ago in 2010. Since then, they have...

Freelance Parents

How to tell your story so it connects with clients

Finding it painful to write your 'About Me' page? Let Rachael Blair soothe you through the process of creating an engaging story...So you've just started out as a freelancer....