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Luxury Pools

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Flying Pool on Superyacht Will Take Your Breath Away - Pool Magazine

The Apache is a luxury superyacht concept with a flying pool concept that is taking social media by storm. The incredible yacht design was officially unveiled at this year's Monaco Yacht Show. It's larger than it's predecessor Olokun at 250 feet. This vessel is equally as remarkable, owing to the skill of designer Alberto Mancini.

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Play Underwater Chess in This Luxury Pool - Pool Magazine

If you're in the market for an over-the-top mega mansion with a phenomenal luxury inground pool, there is one in California that just hit the market. Pool Logic out of San Dimas, CA is the design build firm responsible for this particular luxury pool. With absolutely stunning views, this incredibly unique backyard has been making [...]

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Pool House Turns Heads At International Awards Show - Pool Magazine

"Pool House" is one of the most inspiring indoor pool designs we've seen lately. This design is the work of U.K. West Yorkshire-based firm Design Emporium. Recently they won "Best Residential Swimming Pool" at the 2021 International Design & Architecture Awards. The modern and contemporary design impressed judges who said, "The scheme brought together high-quality [...]

Pool Service

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Diagnosing a Pool Leak Isn't Always So Cut & Dry - Pool Magazine

Think you may have a pool leak? Finding the source can be a challenge. Diagnosing a pool leak can put some pool owners in over their head - it's a fact. No matter what type of pool you own, every swimming pool naturally loses some water due to evaporation, splash-out and backwashing.

Pool Builders

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Top 10 Pool Builders in America

After rigorously evaluating various pool building companies, Poolmagazine.com is pleased to announce the winner of the prestigious title of best pool contractor. Contrary to the Pool & Spa News report on the top 50 pool builders, we adopted a different approach in identifying the best ten pool contractors in America.

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Pool Designs - 50 Luxury Pools That Will Inspire You - PoolMagazine.com - Get The Latest Pool News

When discussing the world of luxury pools and pool designs, one can't go very far in the conversation without bringing up gunite pools. Unquestionably, concrete inground pools offer the most versatility in terms of customization. Homeowners go all out tricking out their backyards with the latest outdoor living amenities to take their backyards to the [...]

Pool News

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Best Automatic Pool Cleaners of 2021 - Pool Magazine

Automatic pool cleaners make quick work of what was once a dreadful chore. Nobody wants a dirty pool, but they don't clean themselves. When it comes to pool upkeep, you must be proactive. Robotic pool cleaners can cut down on cleaning time, allowing you to enjoy a cool plunge whenever you want during those hot [...]

Pools & Spas

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Shipping Container Pools Are Becoming Popular

Over the years, there has been a broad spectrum of innovations in all industries. But did you know that shipping containers can now be converted into swimming pools? Paul Ratham of Modpools says that shipping containers can now be world-class pool vessels that offer exceptional functionality at a lower price point than traditional inground pools.

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Hydrofloors, The Hidden Pool Feature Homeowners Love - Pool Magazine

One of the coolest inground pool features these days that has taken social media by storm are Hydrofloors. These incredible movable pool floor systems enable you to achieve the ultimate hidden pool. Hydrofloors were first introduced to the pool industry back in 2007. Since then they have slowly been gaining traction with builders and homeowners [...]

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Pool Cabanas & Pool Pavilions Are Ideal Outdoor Living Solutions - PoolMagazine.com - Get The...

Pool cabanas and pool pavilions are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who are looking for a more completed custom backyard. When considering whether to add one or both on to your swimming pool project, it's important to ask yourself a few questions first. The answers to those questions will help you determine whether it truly [...]