Polly March

Freelance Writer

United Kingdom

I am a freelance writer based in London. In 2015 I graduated with an Upper 2:1 BA in English Literature and have since had various pieces published across online platforms, whilst also having interned at London 360 as part of the Media Trust scheme. Most recently, my work was accepted for a mentoring programme with Cosmopolitan UK where I worked under the tutelage of their editorial team.

I write on a wide range of topics from feminism and politics, to pop culture, social issues and relationships. If you’d like to commission me – or get in touch for collaborative work – please find my email on the contact page.

How "couple goals" could be harming our relationships

John and Chrissy. Blake and Ryan. Harry and Meghan. These celeb couples all seem to have one thing in common - aside from the gilded privilege of the rich and famous, of course. Yes, they all belong to the elite club of couples, filed neatly under #couplegoals.

This Fan Girl
This Fan Girl - Female Football Fans

It's only been five days since the US Women's Soccer team were crowned winners of the world cup for the fourth time, and it already feels like weeks!

This Fan Girl
This Fan Girl - Female Football Fans

We are already our first week into the Women's 2019 World Cup and excitement is reaching a fever pitch. England's win over Scotland on Sunday was the UK's most watched women's football match of all time, drawing in an impressive 6.1 million viewers on BBC television!

This Fan Girl
This Fan Girl - Female Football Fans

Liverpool Ladies have been the latest women's football team to undergo a rebranding, starting with the announcement of their new name: Liverpool FC Women. Following in the spiked footsteps of Arsenal, Chelsea, and West Ham, this renaming signifies a "new era for

Court Jesters to Jimmy Carr: A Brief History of Comedians

Comedian's, by very definition, are entertainers whose performance is designed to make an audience laugh. I know what you're thinking... that's me, right? Class clown and office jester, always the first to crack a joke at the smallest opportunity with a dry, quick wit that could make even your miserable boss sniff in approval.

Shakespeare to Spoken Word: A Brief History of East London Poets

The artistic communities of East London have left their fingerprints all over their boroughs; from towering spray-paint murals to tiny, indie art galleries, from preppy art clubs to shabby storefront museums. This is no mere coincidence! For the East was once the stomping ground of our greatest poets, canons of English Literature and rowdy bards.

Gibbering and Chattering: A Brief History of Zoos

Ropes. Cages. Quite a lot of panting. No, I'm not talking about any sort of adult entertainment. This one's for kids. Let's face it, trips to the zoo are a staple of any childhood. The gibbering of the monkeys converges with the chattering of children, who press awed faces up against enclosures.

Japanese Folklore to Anne Frank: A Brief History of Diaries

When the opportunity arose to write this piece I jumped at the chance, immediately consulting the pile of tattered, dusty journals stored under my bed. You see, fellow reader, I too was a diary writer. And what images that conjures up!