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I write about people's lives, businesses, charities, technology, travel, products and just about anything else that takes my interest. In my eyes there's no subject too humble or too grand, too serious or too silly.

My readership to date has stretched well into the millions, thanks entirely to the support of great clients like The Guardian, Evening Standard, Independent, Sunday Times and Daily Mirror. Drop me a line if you'd like to add your readers to the tally.

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the Guardian

How an ancient well is bringing northern Namibia water - until funds dry up

When water first flowed from the new community pump in Eenhana this spring, some locals were slow to celebrate. Groundwater has a tainted reputation in this fast-developing,...

Daily Mirror

Project Hotdog and Hot Doggers café feed, house and train people in need in Hull

At Hot Doggers café, the air's thick with the scent of today's special, steak and chips, and all around us are customers happily tucking in. The café is HQ for Project Hotdog,...

The Sunday Times

Failures that made this family homeless.

Supplementary reporting for Focus feature on floods.


Meet the former 'Wolf of Wall Street' partner who's helping 70 million ex-offenders find work

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the material trappings that I had in a past life," says Richard Bronson , CEO of 70 Million Jobs . "There's nothing wrong with nice...

The Sunday Times

How Jihadi John turned to terror

Reporting on the radicalisation of Mohammed Emwazi.


The Skinny

Sharks and love from Havana's Malecón - The Skinny

The Malecón is an eight-kilometre promenade and seawall, built in stages between 1901 and 1952 with the express purpose of protecting central Havana from the sea. Quite apart...

Gotta Keep Movin'

Red, Rugged & Raw

Travel feature on the island of Madeira, covering levada walking, lizards, laranjada and more.

The Food Assembly

The pig farmers who are doing it right

Did you know that 97% of pigs reared in the UK are not in open air? And that 54% of UK pork is imported from EU pig factories? Our writer Pete Wise visits Porcus Farm, run by a...



On the radar: Manchester

The latest in a series profiling three companies at different stages of business life, looking at the influence the city in which they are based has had on their business...

European CEO

The language of power: communication tips from CEOs

Never underestimate the importance of communication. Whether in business negotiations, in boardroom discussions, or in representing a brand to press and public, a CEO will be...


Success story for Scottish SMEs

We meet three thriving businesses that paint an optimistic picture for SMEs in Scotland.


Evening Standard

Best mattresses in the UK 2018

These are bamboozling times for mattress shoppers. From pocket-sprung to memory foam, heritage handmade to Silicon Valley, there's a dizzying array of quality mattresses to...


9 Best Men's Scarves

Evening Standard

Best pod coffee machines

What's not to love about pod coffee machines? Efficient, easy-to-clean, and above all, offering better-tasting coffee than you're likely to get with most other home brewing...