Peter Abbonizio

Digital Music Consultant

United States

Peter Abbonizio is passionate about the music industry working as a digital music consultant and freelance music instructor.

What Are The 5 Main Types Of Musical Instruments?

If you have been thinking about learning a musical instrument, there are so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide. To make it a little bit easier, there are five main categories of instruments that you can choose from. Peter Abbonizio is a freelance musician.

Peter Abbonizio
Top 3 Fall Music Festivals 2022

Just because summer is nearly over, does not mean that the music festival fun has to stop! There are so many fun reasons to check out a music festival during the fall: The weather is cooler, so it can be more comfortable than in the summer Crowds are not as large as in the summer...

Peter Abbonizio
What Not To Do At A Music Festival

One of the best things about summer is all of the amazing music festivals taking place all over the world. Now that music festivals are finally back in full swing again, this summer is the perfect time to jam out to your favorite artists (and discover some new ones).

Top 5 Unexpected Benefits Of Music Lessons

If you are thinking of signing up for music lessons for either yourself or your child, it is a great investment. Learning how to play an instrument provides so much value to one's life. Not only will you learn about music, but there are a lot of other unexpected benefits that learning an instrument provides.

Peter Abbonizio
Top 5 Tips For Camping At A Music Festival

If you love music and camping, why not combine the two and head to a music festival this summer for one awesome weekend? If you have never gone camping at a sum I festival, there are some things to keep in mind in order to have the best time of your life.

How To Learn An Instrument On Your Own

If you are looking to pick up a new hobby, then learning a new instrument is an amazing creative outlet. If you are just starting out, you may not be ready to commit to lessons yet, or perhaps you were gifted an instrument and just want to get started right away.

Peter Abbonizio
Top 5 Tips For Your First Music Festival

Music festivals are finally in full swing again this summer, and people all over the world will be flocking to hear their favorite artists and have an awesome time. For musician Peter Abbonizio, the perfect summer is one filled with festival fun! Many people will be going to music festivals for the first time this...

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Peter Abbonizio to Showcase Top Summer Music Festivals

Peter Abbonizio May 24, 2022 /PRSearchEngine/ - For musician Peter Abbonizio, the perfect summer is one filled with festival fun! If you're a music fan or even a composer of your own melodic creations, you won't want to miss Abbonizio's upcoming Music Event Summer Showcase!

Instrumental Music Lessons by Peter Abbonizio

How to Play Guitar For this barter, Peter Abbonizio will teach you the very basics of playing guitar. Starting with what he believes every guitar player should begin with each time they pick up a guitar: tuning! Via a Zoom hosted lesson, Peter will teach you how to tune your instrument for playing.