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United Kingdom

Marc has an MA in international journalism and works as a journalist, photographer, journalism teacher and editor. He relishes diving deep into the historical record to shed light on contemporary issues. Emerging themes in his books and blogs include colonialism, nationalism and international interventionism. His immersive investigative stories combine characters from widely different cultures and political persuasions to insightful, dramatic and occasionally, comical effect. You’ll also find musings on travel, music, nature and spirituality.


Books and Long-Form Downloads

Perryeyes Publishing
War in Their own words

War in their own words is a revealing collection of communications between senior global leaders, diplomats and military actors during the Kosovo war. Memoranda of the key protagonists have been chronologically arranged to unfold, as if in play. Materials are sourced from declassified archives, memoires, interviews and films. ‘War in their own words’ will be of interest to historians, diplomats, politicians, academics, journalists, soldiers and anyone else seeking deep insight into the...

Marc Perry -
A Place Beyond Belief (Kosovo: Words and Images 2013-2012)

“A place beyond belief” is a coffee table book photographs and writings gathered in Kosovo between 2013-23. The collection covers Kosovo’s landscape, geography, history, religion, people and politics from the author’s unique perspective.

Freedom at 4 AM

Freedom at 4 AM is a true-life tale of cultural clash in Afghanistan: from the political to the personal, from the spiritual to the sadistic. The author vividly conveys the underbelly of seediness and corruption of life in the NGO world; working in the shadows of violence and death. Set against the daily tension of working in Kabul are historical, geopolitical, and spiritual themes. This immersive adventure chronicles personal calamity and change: from religious scepticism to a call to prayer...


The European Network
Better off in the boat

As light breaks through morning mists and we sail into Irish waters from Scotland, we are sailing from a land that has fully embraced the Europe Union to one that has rejected it.

The 'other' Presidential trial. Rreth gjyqit 'tjetër' presidencial

Opinion piece on the trial of former President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci. Shkruan Marc Perry: Këtë e shkruaj jo si gazetari të ftohtë e të paanshme, por si qenie njerëzore, i cili, pas dhjetë vitesh qëndrimi në Kosovë, ka gërmuar në regjistrin e luftës dhe katarsikisht ka ndërruar mendjen rreth akuzave kund...

The New Humanitarian
What will winter bring for Europe's refugee crisis?

PRESEVO/OXFORD, 14 October 2015 (IRIN) - Rough seas and colder weather usually signal a sharp drop in the numbers of migrants and refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe. But after a summer of unprecedented refugee arrivals, this winter is likely to be different.

A Macedonian Makeover?

Photographic contribution: "Sure it feels good when you see the movie Alexander the Great and he says 'come on Macedonians, ride with me'," says 23-year-old student Bojan Gazhoski, standing in Macedonia Square. "But all this is a little too much."

Twan Media
Stand Up Sisters!

"Stand up Sisters!" Broadcast on National Radio Afghanistan during 2014. The programme used elements of BBC 4's 'Women's Hour' to both entertain and raise awareness of women's rights and issues in Afghanistan. The programme was produced by an all female crew, via a concept proposal that won a substantial grant, written by Marc Perry.

On the road in Panjshir, Afghanistan | Travel Feature

While working for an NGO in Kabul, British expat Marc Perry went to explore the precipitous Panjishir valley in northeastern Afghanistan. It had been my dream to visit Panjshir ever since I'd arrived in Afghanistan.

Interfaith Kosovo
British Authors on Ottoman Tolerance

There is a famous routine in Monty Python’s The life of Brian that might be equally applied to the Ottoman Empire: Q: So, what have the Ottomans ever done for us? A: Coffee drinking. They give us that, and algebra. Degree granting universities, the camera... Preservation and translation of ancient Greek philosophy and other major contributions to the age of enlightenment... Q: Well, all right, all right, apart from coffee drinking, algebra, degree granting universities, the camera,...

A Way Station on the Refugee Road

Driton, a big-hearted volunteer with a ready smile, has been with them almost from day one. He describes some of the people who have passed recently: An old woman masking her anxiety from her niece by telling her that tomorrow they will have their own room where they will play together and gun shots will not disturb them.

Short-lived calm in Macedonia's refugee rush

Thousands of refugees continue to cross into Macedonia from Greece daily. While authorities in both countries are doing a better job of managing the crowds at the border, it is a fragile order that quickly evaporates when trains fail to run and the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Interfaith Kosovo
Q&A Ambassador Ian Cliff

Ian Cameron Cliff, OBE, has been British Ambassador to Kosovo since March 2011. His background suggests a man who has worked alongside people of many different faiths in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sudan, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Kosovo's Resurgent Religious Pulse

Witness prayers spilling onto the streets of Vusturri on a Friday, packed Cathedral congregations in Gjakova on a Sunday, or joyful community gatherings of the Protestant Community at Easter in Prishtina, and one could be forgiven for thinking that Kosovo's religious communities are rooted in some other soil than that of a secular state.

Hague: UN council has failed Syrians

William Hague chaired a debate on the Middle East in the UN, New York today. He gave an extensive speech outlining the progress he feels has been made during the Arab spring but also outlined deficiencies made by the council in protecting life in Syria.

Mount Athos | Rough Guides

In search of the spiritual side of Greece - and perhaps himself - Marc Perry discovers the trials and tranquility of the lives of Mount Athos's monks. The ferry to Mount Athos is a serene, sedate affair. Women are left behind, as black-clad, bearded monks and priests finger rosary beads and contemplate the steep rise of pine-covered foothills to the jagged mountain pinnacle.

Flat pack shelters improve conditions for refugees

Flat pack shelters improve conditions for refugees Global / Economics & Innovation 28 Nov 2013 Innovative flat pack refugee shelters designed to improve living conditions for people living in temporary structures around the world are currently being put into use in Iraq and Ethiopia A flat pack refugee shelter Photo © IKEA Foundation The new shelters, made from poles and panels, are easier to ship, easier to assemble and easier to live in than conventional shelters.

Afghanistan's sporting success inspires future generations

Afghanistan's sporting success inspires future generations 10 Dec 2013 On 11 September the Afghan national football team won their first ever trophy, after becoming South Asian Champions when they defeated India 2-0 in Kathmandu.

Travel Tips Greece | Rough Guides

The good news for travellers to Greece is this: ignore the crisis headlines. Away from the grim scenes in central Athens, life goes on as normal; there's little sign of impending doom, instead it's consistent blue skies, clear water and good cheer.

Interfaith Kosovo
The Friday Phenomenon

My journey 28km north of Pristina to the small town of Vushtrri was accompanied by a sermon from a preacher on the car radio: a Christian preacher. I was travelling to photograph Friday prayers and this religious plurality will come as no surprise to people who know Kosovo.

The New Context
From Grad Student To International Journalist, Marc Perry Shares His Story

A Day In The Life is an ongoing TNC series where professionals in the International Affairs field share their inspirational journeys to GPIA students. Meet Marc Perry, an international journalist, writer, and photographer. My journey began on holiday in Greece, during the height of the financial crisis in 2011.


Investigative Journalism

The Bournemouth Rock
Crowded House

Front page special report exploring conditions in houses of multiple occupation

News, features and reviews (UK, Newcastle & Bournemouth)

Positive News
The Glorious art of Peace

Review: Human History has been built upon peace argues John Gittings in a new book,

Into The Valley
Hadrian's Lightshow

Multimedia coverage of a light installation on Hadrian's wall