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Mrs. Peabody Investigates
International crime fiction, TV and film
Crime Fiction in German - sample chapter
Friedrich Dürrenmatt's Inspector Bärlach, BBC Radio 4, 'Foreign Bodies' series
Mark Lawson uncovers German and Swiss history in the crime novels of Friedrich Dürrenmatt.
Oktoberfest special: German historical crime fiction
It's Oktoberfest season in Germany and images of beer-drinking, sausage-munching, lederhosen-wearing crowds are probably what you have in mind. However, this is also the time...
Quality, diversity and untapped potential: the contemporary German-language Krimi
Project MUSE - The "Nazi Detective" as Provider of Justice in Post-1990 British and German Crime...
Within the wide-ranging field of crime fiction, a substantial subgenre containing over 150 transnational crime novels engages with the National Socialist past and its legacy in...

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