Paul Malool

Armenian Culture & Gourmet Cooking Enthusiast

Paul Malool is an Armenian-American who keeps his culture alive by teaching his family about their heritage through cooking and music.

The Most Delicious Armenian Dishes

A delicacy you can dive into for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, these puff pastries packed with cheese are divine! Flaky with just the right amount of textured bite, boerag is a light and airy pastry square filled with a blend of feta, kashkaval, ricotta and egg. Prepare baked or fried.

How You Can Help Armenia Right Now!

Check your U.S. voter registration status or register to vote here. As Armenia's conflict with Azerbaijan continues to escalate, the country is asking for help from the United States. Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, has officially made a plea to the US. However, so far, his plea for support has presently fallen on deaf ears...

Village to be built in Shirak Province, Armenia

Nearly 14 miles from the city of Gyumri, Armenian, an entirely new village is set to be built. This new area will act as a resettlement for residents of what will soon be the Kaps Reservoir in Shirak Province. The decision was recently approved by the Cabinet, who've noted the update as historic for Armenia and its people.

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Paul Malool

Growing up, Paul Malool was introduced to his Armenian culture at a very young age. Many of his fondest childhood memories are steeped in the mouth watering aromas that permeated his family's kitchen. From Sunday dinners to holiday events, Malool largely learned about his heritage through his taste buds.

Paul Malool

Since childhood, Paul Malool has been fascinated by his Armenian heritage. As an adult, he dives into Armenian culture with a unique enthusiasm. While he does enjoy following current events in Armenian and diving into the nation's history, Malool is more focused in his research on his culture.

Paul Malool

Paul Malool is inspired by his Armenian-American culture. Growing up attending Camp Nubar and his family's church, Malool developed a passion for Armenian culture and traditions from a young age. Now, he's passing that love onto his daughter by teaching her about Armenian traditions, cuisine and music.

Paul Malool

Paul Malool is a proud Armenian-American. Since childhood, his family's roots have acted as an integral part of his cultural identity. Growing up, Malool spent his summers at Camp Nubar, an Armenian summer camp. The cultural elements present at Camp Nubar enriched Malool's childhood.

Paul Malool
Armenian Culture

Family man, Paul Malool, is proud of his Armenian culture. Since childhood, Malool's heritage and roots have been a huge part of his life! Paul Malool's childhood memories are enriched by his family's love of their Armenian culture. Celebrating Divine Liturgy every Sunday has always been more a part of the Malool family lifestyle than...

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Paul Malool is an Armenian-American with a deep appreciation for his family's culture. The cuisine, in particular, has been a major passion for Malool's for much of his life. Growing up in a predominantly Armenian neighborhood, Malool's foundation intertwined with his roots from the very beginning.