Pankaj Saharia

Nature Photographer

United States

Pankaj Saharia is a Freelance Nature Photographer. His love of the craft spawns from a lifelong passion for the environment and National Geographic magazine. To view his work, visit

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The latest Tweets from Pankaj Saharia (@pankajsaharia_). Lover of nature and photography and #naturephotography! Inspired by the wonderful photographers at National Geographic
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Pankaj Saharia

Pankaj Saharia, Nature Photographer (1990 - present). Pankaj Saharia is a environmental enthusiast and amateur Nature Photographer. He uses his craft as a way to set focus on problems within the environment, including: natural disasters, pollution...

Pankaj Saharia

From a young age, Pankaj Saharia always enjoyed exploring and adventuring outside. He has always demonstrated a great appreciation for nature and the world around him, picking up trash, recycling, and encouraging others to keep their surrounding environment clean.

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Pankaj Saharia is a nature photographer and environmental advocate and enthusiast. He works as a freelance photographer with a specific foc...

Pankaj Saharia
Pankaj Saharia

Pankaj Saharia is passionate about capturing the beauty of nature and the environment through photography. In particular, he enjoys venturing out into the wild to take up close and personal photos of animals in their natural habitats. Turning Passion into Photography Since his early childhood, Pankaj Saharia has loved nature.