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Olivia Obineme

visual journalist + product manager

South Side Weekly
At the Mayor's Door

Demonstrators took to the relatively quiet streets of the 4200 block of North Hermitage in Lake View, where Mayor Rahm Emanuel resides, with drums, singing, and chanting in order to protest CPS plans of closing five schools on the South Side.

Elise Swopes is a Child of the Internet

In partnership with Firefox, we recently sat down with Elise in her home city of Chicago to talk about the repercussions of repealing net neutrality, taking breaks as an artist, and what it truly means to be a “child of the Internet.”

Texas Tribune CEO shares media innovation journey with Medill MSJs

Medill alumnus Evan Smith encouraged a classroom of current journalism master's students to see their futures in journalism in a different light. Previously the editor-in-chief of Texas Monthly, Smith left that position in 2009 and partnered with a venture capitalist to start the nonprofit Texas Tribune as a solution for what they observed as a "serious disappearance of journalism."

Medill students' VR startup seeks investors after summer pre-accelerator program

At the end of the night, two recent graduates of Medill's Media Innovation & Entrepreneurship program let out a sigh of relief. After 10 weeks in the Wildfire summer "pre-accelerator" program at The Garage  - Northwestern's hub for student-founded startups - they had completed their final step: the pitch. At Wildfire's Demo Day Aug.

Redbull Amaphiko
Oh Baltimore | Red Bull Amaphiko - Connect, Enable & Engage

Illustration: Donald Ely A city of two sides There are two sides to this city: some areas are economically flourishing and bustling with business, sky-high buildings, tourists and foot traffic galore, while other parts of the metropolis are parched of opportunities and ignored. Just like every other city, Baltimore is flawed.

Strangers with Style
SWS Newcomers: Letta Moore of Knits, Soy and Metal

Letta Moore resides in a home full of stories. From the array of family photos and art hung on her kitchen walls, to the vast selection of vinyl records she started collecting by picking from her dad's classic stash, curiosity ensues with the urge to know more about the decor of the 36-year-old's Belvedere Square abode.

Severna Park, MD Patch
Red Cross Prepares for Possible Disasters

"Do you know what the tornado was like? It was scary," Hannah Dodson said jumping into the conversation as her father, Victor Dodson, described the recent . "I was scared out of my wits," she said. Victor Dodson, his wife Leila and their three daughters, Hannah, 8, Emma, 11, and Julia, 6, attended the shelter demonstration on Saturday.

Investigative Voice
Homeless Help --New Healthcare Center Brings Hope

This was an investigative piece for the now disbanded Investigative Voice, an online publication co-founded by Stephen Janis. Janis, formerly the investigative producer at WBFF Fox 45 (Sinclair), is currently an investigative journalist at The Real News Network in Baltimore, Md.

CBS News
Panelists Discuss Candidates

This story was written by Olivia Obineme, The Towerlight With the election just two weeks away, anticipation and deliberation of party candidates has become increasingly prevalent on campus. Which candidates' policies will do the least harm, Republican presidential nominee John McCain's or Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama's?

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