Odrán Waldron

Freelance Journalist / Fiction and Nonfiction Writer

Odrán Waldron (sometimes de Bhaldraithe), graduate of Dublin City University's Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and the University of East Anglia's MA in Biography and Creative Nonfiction.

Published in the UEA 2016 MA anthology, by VICE, New Socialist, Deadspin, The Journal, The North Star, PopMatters, Cold Coffee Stand, Politics Means Politics, Storgy and newwriting.net and the Bohemyth.

My Twitter is linked above and I can be contacted at [email protected]




Cold Coffee Stand


It was a weird text, but Bluey was always a weird one. He got the nickname when we were all sixteen and he passed out at a house party in mine. Back then my sister used to dye...

Cold Coffee Stand

The Selectors

There was no hope for him this time: the liver was beyond all repair and they didn't give new ones to people like him. I passed by his classroom everyday and studied the...

The Bohemyth

They're on the Roof Again

The stone hit her window and interrupted her shaking. Her teeth cut against each other with fright, the top row jagging off the inside of the bottom row, but she bounded on the...



Oh sweet Jesus I've been here before. This nightclub, this nightclub is the place I had that trial shift a few months ago. This table, I sat at this table that night too, before...



Bastards of Young

The following is an extract from a larger piece of work, which is centred on my upbringing in a rural Irish village, the influence of sport on the village and coming of age in...

Political Features


How Brexit Is Threatening Northern Ireland's Peace Agreement

DUP leader Arlene Foster. Photo: Benjamin Wareing / Alamy Stock Photo One of the central tenets of conservatism is the inability to detect the irony in any sentiment you've ever...


The Northern Irish Massacre Britain's Army Were Never Held Accountable for

Screen shot via 'The Ballymurphy Precedent' trailer. "My mummy was brushing the front steps at the door when the soldiers were driving past, and they were shouting abuse at her...

New Socialist

From the Summerhill Occupation: On the Fight for Public Housing in Dublin

Summerhill Parade was as quiet as any inner-city street could be at 10:30 on a Saturday night. Locals celebrated the Dublin Gaelic football team's fourth successive...


The Mess in Northern Irish Politics Shows Where Far-Right Rhetoric Gets You

Ian Paisley Jr. (Stephen Barnes/Politics / Alamy Stock Photo) It has been an uncomfortable summer in Northern Ireland. Much like the roads of South Antrim, pasty descendants of...


Is Ireland Losing Its Neutrality?

Ireland's Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Leo Varadkar. Photo: RollingNews.ie / Alamy Stock Photo When HMS Biter, Charger and Pursuer docked at Irish Naval Service (INS)...


Westminster Will Rule Northern Ireland: Here's Who to Blame

DUP Party Leader Arlene Foster addresses media during assembly talks. Photo: Mark Winter / Alamy Stock Photo Both the British and Irish press were almost willing the latest...


Northern Ireland Has Spent a Year Without Government

In Moygashel, a village on the edge of Dungannon in County Tyrone, a sign told Martin McGuinness to " rot in hell". So often mischaracterised as a hotbed for religious rather...

New Socialist

It's Time for Labour to Disassociate from the SDLP

It isn't hard to find new alleys in which to attack Jeremy Corbyn for the same thing over and over.

New Socialist.

Che, the Commodity

by Odrán Waldron The black beady eyes looking over your left shoulder as you face into them, the black beret effortlessly lounging on the top of his head, the left cheek...

New Socialist.

Please Solve Life: How Transhumanism Distracts Us from Silicon Valley's Class Warfare

by Odrán Waldron In February 2014, there was a terrifying scene outside of the Mountain View swallowing Googleplex. A "protest" was happening outside of Google's shiny,...


Che stamp hypocrisy: 'A centre-right government selling us the iconography of leftists'

It is a few steps backwards from Bertie Ahern calling himself a socialist, writes Odrán Waldron.

The North Star

As the Centre Collapses, It Distorts Democracy

Politically homeless was how Gary Lineker put it, not realising that he was summing up nicely why it was that people had abandoned the centrism he was tweeting about craving....