Nikki Vivian

Writer and Careers Coach

With 9 years experience working for a top UK university as a careers professional, I now work as an independent Careers Coach and a freelance writing and editing business.

Given my background, I write informed, researched, accurate articles, copy and email marketing on careers, education, self development and recruitment.

With experience writing content for online magazines and print publications, I also specialise in writing copy relating to parenting and children and general lifestyle topics.

United Kingdom



Classy Career Girl

4 Ways Becoming a Parent Makes You More Productive at Work - Classy Career Girl

Becoming a parent boosts our skills, makes us more efficient and allows us to assess what really matters when it comes to getting the job done. Consider these examples of ways...


Salary Negotiation- A winner's mindset

Salary negotiation is often the elephant in the room. Whether you're discussing a job offer, you're a freelancer talking to a prospective client or you're already in a job and...


Five Questions to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Personal Brand

Branding is a concept best understood by looking at companies and products. However, in the digital age, it's not just CEOs that should be concerned with branding, you too have...


How to say 'No' at work

Going above and beyond is a great trait to have. It will make you stand out as reliable and driven, it's admirable within a team if you can help colleagues out and ensures...


Outstanding Grades VS Outstanding Personality

Once upon a time, when only the minority were able to study at university, good grades were enough to make you stand out from your peers. However, in this day and age, when an...


How to use your Skills as a Parent to Land your Next Job

When you become a parent, it's easy to fall into the trap of believing that 'that is all you are now'. This can be especially true if you take a break from your career to raise...

CV Writers

How to address a career break on your CV - CV Writers

How to address a career break on your CV Being out of work for a while comes with the dilemma of how to address this break on your CV. You'll probably receive varying advice...


Soft Skills That Absolutely Must be on Your CV When you Work in Education

Thinking about everything that needs to be on your CV, whilst also making sure you don't overload it with everything you've ever done, can be a tricky balance. It's important to...


Christmas Eve at the office

It's Christmas Eve and things appear to be winding down at the office. The Christmas jumpers are out, Michael Buble is belting out his annual festive medley and everyone seems...


The Rise of the Portfolio Career

The prospect of a 'career' for life is one that is sadly in decline these days. Unless you set out in life with the dream of becoming a doctor, a teacher, a carpenter or...

Give A Grad A Go

How to make your university work experience count after graduation

When you leave university and step into the "real" world, it can very often be a daunting and disheartening place. Being offered a job upon graduation is no longer the norm....


Choose a Skills based CV to Boost Your Chances of Getting Back into the Job Market after Having a...

by Nicola Vivian You've seen some great jobs you'd like to apply for but you have that gap in employment from taking time out to bring up your baby. While this shouldn't go...


Your Degree Subject Doesn't Have to Carve Your Path for Life

If you went to university straight from college, you can be forgiven for not knowing exactly what you wanted to do for your future career. Chances are, you picked a course based...


How Not to Write a Cover Letter

You may think that a cover letter is quite a simple part of a job application. After all, you just need to state why you're writing, tell the reader your CV is enclosed and let...


5 Steps to a Great Speculative Application

When searching for work experience opportunities, you don't have to limit yourself to established programmes and formal application processes. If you have something in mind that...


How to Get Your Personality Across Without Being Too Informal

When you’ve been invited to the interview stage in a job application process, you’re at the final hurdle, the job could be yours.


How to Use Your Parent Experience to Find a Job

Becoming a parent is an amazing life changing experience. There is nothing quite like it and it is something I highly recommend to everyone, that is like another kind of career...


How To Find a Job After Time Out

A gap in your career to do the most important job of raising your young family does not signal the end. Admittedly, it can feel like when you make the decision to return to...


How to Best Express Your Varied Career in a Resume

Having a varied career rather than following a specific career path and working your way up, may have been considered unfavourable in the past. It suggests to some that you are...