Nikki Brar

Freelance Fashion Designer

United States

Nikki Brar is a freelance fashion designer and travel blogger who weaves culture into her creations.

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Fashion Blogger Nikki Brar to Cover Fashion Week 2024

Nikki Brar NEW YORK, NY, February 1, 2024 /PRSearchEngine/ - Freelance Fashion Designer and Style Blogger Nikki Brar is set to provide coverage of all 2024 Fashion Week events. The world traveler will make stops at all of the Big 4 fashion capitals: New York Fashion Week (NYFW), Paris Fashion Week, London and Milan.


Nikki Brar is a New York City (NYC), New York based Aspiring Fashion Designer. Nikki has traveled all over the world to feature fashion trends, designs and events for fashion magazines. Every...

Nikki Brar
Nikki Brar on Strikingly

this fashionista has encountered styles from all around the globe. But by far, her absolute favorite looks are from fellow New Yorkers! The Big Apple is full of ripe, juicy, big personality - and Nikki Brar is so here for it!

Nikki Brar Fashion Consulting

Nikki Brar is offering Fashion Consulting services to help you find an everyday outfit or formal attire for an upcoming event.

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Nikki Brar is an Aspiring Fashion Designer and Freelance Fashion Design Expert. She has written for fashion magazines and traveled the world to attend fashion events.

Nikki Brar

Nikki Brar is an American fashion blogger and up-and-coming designer. In pursuit of her passion for fashion design, Nikki made the major leap to visit Milan more than five years ago. After completing a summer course at the prolific Istituto Marangoni in Florence, the aspiring fashion designer knew one thing was for sure: Milan would be her new home!

Nikki Brar
Milan Fall 2022 Fashion Week Review

Milan's fall 2022 fashion week wrapped up with stunning shows, expected and unexpected surprises, and highlights from noteworthy up-and-coming designers. Celebrity appearances from Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, Jacob Elordi and Euphoria co-star Hunter Shafer, and Prada-clad TikTok star Charli D'Amelio enticed the crowd. Gucci debuted their first-ever collaboration with Adidas, mixing both brands' bold colors...

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Nikki Brar to Cover Fashion Week 2022

Nikki Brar February 25, 2022 /PRSearchEngine/ - Art and lifestyle blogger, Nikki Brar is set to provide coverage of all Fashion Week events. From Paris and New York to London and Milan, Nikki's coverage of the events will be all-inclusive! The fashion blogger is even set to discuss the who's who of FW, beyond...

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Nikki Brar on Certified Consumer Reviews

Since childhood, Nikki Brar has been absolutely obsessed with fashion. Pursuing a career in the industry was a natural step for her after completing her studies. Nikki first found her footing in the world of fashion by launching her own global fashion blog.