Nikki Brar

Freelance Fashion Designer

United States

Nikki Brar is a freelance fashion designer and travel blogger who weaves culture into her creations.

Nikki Brar
Milan Fall 2022 Fashion Week Review

Milan's fall 2022 fashion week wrapped up with stunning shows, expected and unexpected surprises, and highlights from noteworthy up-and-coming designers. Celebrity appearances from Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, Jacob Elordi and Euphoria co-star Hunter Shafer, and Prada-clad TikTok star Charli D'Amelio enticed the crowd. Gucci debuted their first-ever collaboration with Adidas, mixing both brands' bold colors...

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Nikki Brar to Cover Fashion Week 2022

Nikki Brar February 25, 2022 /PRSearchEngine/ - Art and lifestyle blogger, Nikki Brar is set to provide coverage of all Fashion Week events. From Paris and New York to London and Milan, Nikki's coverage of the events will be all-inclusive! The fashion blogger is even set to discuss the who's who of FW, beyond...

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Nikki Brar on Certified Consumer Reviews

Since childhood, Nikki Brar has been absolutely obsessed with fashion. Pursuing a career in the industry was a natural step for her after completing her studies. Nikki first found her footing in the world of fashion by launching her own global fashion blog.

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An artistic individual by nature, Nikki Brar has always expressed herself by creative means. Inspired by red carpet fashion and the latest trends in magazines like InStyle, Vogue and Vanity Fair , Nikki began to create her own fashion forward style. Located in a fashion capital of its own right, Nikki is active in the local fashion show scene.

Nikki Brar
Nikki Brar World Travel

Often guided by her fashion focus, Nikki Brar loves traveling the world to find inspiration for her new designs. Along the way, she enjoys documenting her adventures to share with the rest of the world. Nikki Brar is a seasoned world traveler, having visited all seven continents to date.

Nikki Brar
Nikki Brar Fashion Week

Every year, Nikki Brar eagerly awaits the fashion extravaganza of the year: Fashion Week. In 2022, the aspiring fashion designer plans to have a ball at the Big 4! Washington Post: Madeline Stuart wearing Hendrik Vermeulen at NYFW (Wikimedia Commons) The Big 4 Known around the world as the The Big 4 (sometimes The Big...

Nikki Brar
Nikki Brar Fashion Design

Nikki Brar is available for freelance fashion design and style work. Independently, she develops her own designs for Nikki Brar Fashion Design. Both an admirer of styles of the past and present, Nikki Brar studies vintage and contemporary fashion with an artist's eye. Blending the two in her own freelance fashion designs comes naturally to...

Nikki Brar
Nikki Brar

Nikki Brar: Freelance Fashion Designer and World Traveler Nikki Brar is a freelance fashion designer and an avid world traveler. She finds inspiration for her designs from her real life experiences and her visits to museums and galleries around the world. Freelance Fashion Designer Nikki Brar Fashion Design offers custom design of a wide range...