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I am a print, online and multimedia journalist from Azerbaijan. I write about global and local politics, culture, human rights and public health. I have a Master's degree in journalism from the University of Arizona, where I was an Edmund S. Muskie fellow. During my studies I interned with Arizona Public Media and Foreign Policy Association, and was the president of the student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

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Film Reviews


CinemAN Film Reviews Week 4: Oscar 2014

In my family Academy Awards ceremony was always something of a holiday, minus presents. We anticipated it in excitement making our predictions. Given the time difference between...


CinemAN Film Reviews Week 3: Philip Seymour Hoffman Week

Philip Seymour Hoffman is gone. It will take us a while to grasp on the scale of this tragedy. Not only because the great actor's kryptonite was a destructive poisonous drug;...


CinemAN Film Reviews - Week 2

This week is all about strong male leads. I didn't intent it that way, but went with the flow. I have to say, it was a great journey. Say Anything... - United States, 1989...


CinemAN Film Reviews - Week 1

Silver Linings Playbook - United States, 2012 Director, writer: David O. Russell Based on the novel by Matthew Quick Stars: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro,...


365 Days of CinemAN.

I am going to watch 365 films this year. Care to join? More than two weeks into 2014 I have finally figured out what I wanted to do for my New Year's resolution. First I wanted...

News Coverage and Opinion for Meydan TV


When Puppets Are Ready to Serve

As Russian troops secure their positions in Crimea, Ukraine, information war is reaching its full capacity, and so do state propaganda and the government crackdown on...


The Case Against Khadija Ismayil (LIVE BLOG)

UPD FEB 21] Two influential European MPs - Ana Gomes, the Socialist spokesperson on foreign affairs, and Barbara Lochbiler, the chair of the Human Rights sub-committee wrote an...


Turkey Deports Azerbaijani Journalist Over Criticism

On Friday Turkish authorities deported Mahir Zeynalov, Azerbaijani-national columnist for Today's Zaman. According to Zaman, the deportation was carried out because of...


We Are Isa's World

Isa Shahmarli, 20, was the chairman of Azad LGBT (Free LGBT) group in Azerbaijan. Yesterday he hanged himself for one simple reason - he was gay. In his last message to the...


Human Rights Watch Criticizes Azerbaijan's Poor Record

In its annual World Report 2014 New York-based Human Rights Watch criticized Azerbaijan's human rights record on a number of issues: freedom of speech and assembly, arrests of...


War Veteran Dies After Self-immolation in Baku.

On December 25 in an act of suicide witnessed by his 11-year-old daughter and bystanders, Zaur Hasanov, second group disabled Nagorno-Karabakh war veteran set himself on fire in...


The Life of a Grandmaster

On January 14, 2014 Vugar Gashimov, Azerbaijani chess Grandmaster and one of the world's top players, was buried in the Alley of Honor in Baku, Azerbaijan after a long battle...

Foreign Policy Association Blog


Baku Protests Foreign Policy's Assertion of Airbase Access for Israel

It's just so hard to launch an international bash these days. Everyone's a critic. Just ask Azerbaijan. Preparations for Eurovision, one of Europe's biggest song contests to be...


Peace Activist Threatened in Armenia, Azerbaijani Film Festival Cancelled

When I first met Georgi Vanyan back in 2009, I couldn't hide my excitement. For me that middle-aged man who smoked one cigarette after another and had sadness in his eyes, even...


UPDATE: Peaceful Activists Arrested, Amnesty International Reports Torture Fears

The sanctioned peaceful protest that took place in Azerbaijan's capital Baku on Saturday, March 17 resulted in arrest of three activists. Members of Bulistan band Jamal Ali, 24,...

International Media


Egyptian Blogger: 'Five Years Ago I Was A Minority Opposition. Today, I Am The People'

"Sandmonkey" is one of a number of bloggers and activists in Egypt getting the message out of the country through Twitter (he is sending his tweets via a friend in Jordan)....