Nicky Hoseck

Copwriter & SEO Expert

United Kingdom

Do you want to fit in or stand out? My unique and engaging copy can help you merge seamlessly into the industry of your choice or help you to stand out and draw your own crowd. Whatever your needs, I have the words and creativity to turn your content into something breathtaking.

My MA degree in Postmodernism enables me to think outside the box and use language to turn words inside out and meanings upside down. From quirky to technical, I have a natural flair for writing which means my content will win the hearts of your audience.

In addition to my education, which includes a BA in English and Media Studies from John Moores’ University, I have a five-year journalist career to boost my skills.

From sub-editor to production editor, I worked on a variety of newspapers and magazines, including The Times and The Local Government Chronicle. I have experience in everything from listings to government spiel; public and private finance to healthcare; blogs to business news.

I have been working as a freelance writer for the past five years, producing blogs, articles and chapters for historical books. The feedback from my clients has always been positive, both in terms of the quality of my work, the speed and the consistency. I am confident that I can turn my hand to almost any subject or format and deliver according to the client's needs.

I am passionate about the quality of my work and diligent about the research I perform to solidify . The result is engaging, topical content without the fluff and nonsense. All my articles are run through Grammarly before submission but I’m also happy to rewrite and amend according to the clients’ needs.


Animals and Outdoors

Horse Rookie
The Fascinating Science Behind Horse Sweat

For horses and primates, sweating is a natural thermoregulatory function. Horses that can't sweat suffer from a condition known as anhidrosis and are prone to heat strokes and stress. A healthy horse sweats only in hot weather or when exercising. In other circumstances, sweating may indicate pain, illness, or distress.

Ireland Wide
How To Ride The Wild Atlantic Way Cycle Route?

I'm always up for an adventure, and cycling the Wild Atlantic Way is something of a dream for me, even though I don't own a bicycle! This scenic route is quickly establishing itself as Ireland's answer to LEJOG - the famous course that stretches across the UK from John O'Groats to Lands End - but is even longer and arguably more challenging.

Best Farm Animals
Understanding Horse Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Symptoms | Best Farm Animals

All horse owners want the best for their equine companions. Unfortunately, many modern management regimes are so far removed from a horse's natural behavior that they cause more harm than good. Obesity is increasingly common as stabled horses fail to get enough exercise and consume feeds that contain more starch and sugar than they would naturally digest.

Best Farm Animals
Do Horses Need Shoes? Can My Horse Go Barefoot? | Best Farm Animals

Last year, Sweden's showjumping team shone a spotlight on the controversial barefoot vs. shod debate. Two of three horses in the Swedish squad competed barefoot, securing gold and silver medals for their riders. If horses can compete at top international events without shoes, what does that mean for the future of shoeing?

Fortune Favours The Bold, But This Horse Race Favours Females

How and why women outperform male competitors in the world’s most grueling horseback challenges. Imagine traveling 370 km in four days on horseback, crossing some of the most challenging terrains in the world. It takes grit, determination, and more than a little bravery. After all, what is courage if not “being scared to death, and saddling up anyway.” According to some of those who’ve taken part in Race the Wild Coast, it’s “the most insane thing” you’re ever likely to do in your life.

Women and Lifestyle

How To Cope With Being Different: 10 Tips For Women Who Break The Mold

After completing my Master’s degree, I was supposed to settle down into a well-paid office job somewhere, marry somebody in a similarly well-paid office job, and settle down to a life of debt in London. Instead, I broke the mold and fulfilled my life-long dream of becoming a horse trail guide. It wasn’t the first time – my decision to remain childless had already shocked friends, family, and strangers long before I exchanged my pre-destined career ladder for a mounting block.

Secure Thoughts
Women In Cyber Security - Cyber Security Employment Dynamics In 2020

On 8th March, events all over the world will be held to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Gender equality isn't here yet, though, and a large part of this year's International Women's Day will focus on the need for a gender-balanced world and workplace.