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Nate - Freelance Journalist

Freelance writer specialising in technology and cybersecurity. Also capable copywriter and proofreader.

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Linux Format Magazine

Privacy with TAILS

A review of the privacy focused OS TAILS 2.5

Linux Format

Outguess : Digital Steganography

Hide data inside files using Outguess

Linux Format

Trupax : Easy File Encryption

Use the Java App Trupax to create Veracrypt compatible containers.

Linux Magazine

Bitmessage : The e-mail upgrade

Article on the Bitmessage client and protocol, along with basic setup and best practices.

Real Crime Magazine

Bitcoin and Blood

Article on the mastermind underground website 'The Silk Road' and how he was brought to Justice.

Linux Format

Purple Python Simulator

Python coding tutorial of the WW2 Encryption Machine

Linux Format


A review of the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) Protocol.

Linux Format Magazine

Python : Build an Engima Box

Use the Py-Enigma library to turn your computer into a working Enigma machine.

Linux Weekly News

BlackArch : A Distribution for Pentesting

A review of the latest version of the pen-testing OS BlackArch for Linux Weekly News. Original article is available in LWN's subscriber's area.

Linux User & Developer Magazine

Encrypt your Pi home folder

Protect the Raspberry Pi home folder with military grade encryption.

Linux Magazine (Linux Pro)


Review of the decentralised social network Diaspora

Linux Format

Pi - One Time Pad

Use a Raspberry Pi to generate unbreakable One Time Pad messages.

Linux Format Magazine

Pi - Dead Man's Switch

Set up your Raspberry Pi as a Dead Man's Switch to send out e-mails or change files by FTP.

Linux Format Magazine

Build your own Raspberry Pi Pirate Box

4 Page tutorial on how to create a secure offline vault for your data using a Raspberry Pi Computer