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Raised in Los Angeles, and now based in New York, I’ve been writing features, reviews, blogs, and interviews since 1999, when I started contributing to the music section of, a webzine for teen girls.

Since then, I’ve earned additional credits at outlets that include LA2DAY, Chicks with Guns, Fifty100’s Covers, BlvdCentral, Silicon Prairie News, and Cumulus Media. While music has largely remained my focus, I’ve covered just about everything else, from film, fashion, and art, to politics and social justice, to motorcycles and pet gift guides. The intersection of art and politics has been an especially common theme in my work since writing for in 2005.

In addition, my background includes extensive freelance marketing work, website content, press releases for artists and non-profits, and significant editing and proofreading experience. You can find my most current writing on my blog, Natalie Jill's Inner-View:



KCRG 2015 1st Edition

2015 Spring Edition * DAVID WELLS 101 THE FOX TURNS 30! STURGIS BUFFALO CHIP INSIDE: Your chance to win tickets to the 101 the Fox Birthday Bash with Def Leppard, Tesla & Styx!! KENZI 2015 RIDE GUIDE GIRL

Silicon Prairie News
Athlete Network wants to revolutionize how you hire employees - Silicon Prairie News

Although described as "LinkedIn for athletes," Midwest startup Athlete Network actually serves two purposes: allowing athletes to expand both their athletic and professional connections. "Our network is for athletes pushing themselves to get better. Whether looking for somebody to train with, or [to] find a company that's going to embrace your competitive spirit, that's what...

KC Ride Guide
KC Ride Guide

Motorcycle Magazine from Kansas City Cumulus Media

Political Art Features

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
If You Want Its Collective Fight for Gender Autonomy

GENDER IS OVER! IF YOU WANT IT Thousands of people have connected with that declaration since it was first printed on a handful of jerseys in 2015. The phrase resonates with individuals for a wide range of reasons, but it's the second half of that affirmation that's the most important.

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
Combine These Subjects: Extended Syllables' Author Abdul Fattah Ismail

"According to you, I'm fuckin' up According to you, I forgot thangs According to you, I'm not down According to you, I should fry My hair, my food, and my serotonin And break my English But ain't no reason for that Not only does North America place the welcome mat At my feet My ol'...


Natalie Jill's Inner-View
It Starts with a Simple Idea: An Interview with Illustrator Lindsey Yankey

Recently I got an introduction to another talented Kansas City artist when I had the chance to interview children's book author and illustrator Lindsey Yankey. The Kansas native graduated from the University of Kansas' illustration program in 2009, and already has two original publications under her belt.

Natalie Jil's Inner-View
Turning Famous Icons into Original Illustrations: An Interview with Artist Tammy Smith

Kansas City artist and surface designer Tammy Smith likes to turn common images into "uncommon art for unconventional minds." Drawing inspiration from celebrated figures-from people like Frida Kahlo, to major cities and landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge-Smith usually starts with wire sculpture to repurpose these icons into her free-hand style originals.

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
Q &A with Bullet in the Face's Max Williams

The name Max Williams may not be familiar to you yet, but those of you tuning into IFC this Thursday and Friday at 10:00 p.m. are sure to remember him. Williams stars, along with Eddie Izzard and Eric Roberts in "Bullet in the Face," a ninety-minute mini series being described as "the most violent comedy...


Natalie Jill's Inner-View
Nice As F**k's Brooklyn Dance Party

Nice as Fuck -or NAF for FCC purposes-are just as fun to listen to as their name is to say. Comprised of solo artist and former Rilo Kiley front woman Jenny Lewis , The Like's Tennessee Thomas, and Au Revoir Simone's Erika Forster , the indie rock super trio made their entrance to the musical world...

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
The Lovely Lianne La Havas at Webster Hall

"You are actually, absolutely the best," Lianne La Havas said in a lovely British accent to the sold out New York crowd on the evening of September 6. This would be just one of many compliments she would shower her adoring fans with throughout the night, as admiration radiated from both the stage and the...

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
St. Vincent Rocks the Sprint Center with the Black Keys

St. Vincent has received an enormous amount of accolades since the February 2014 release of her self-titled fourth record, and it is every bit deserved. The author behind NPR Listener's #1 album of 2014 and Grammy nominated "Best Alternative Music Album" has been described as "the darling of art rock," with lyrics that operate at...

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
Natalie in New York: Sunday with Pillow Theory and an Explosive Monday

"By day Kelsey and I are friends; by night I am a fan," Denise Barbarita said of her fellow Morning Papers band mate just following the end Pillow Theory's set, guitarist Kelsey Warren's other band, on July 10th at the Lower East Side's Mercury Lounge. After witnessing Warren's impressive set, it's understandable why Barbarita speaks...

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
Natalie in New York: Deli Magazine Showcase at North Side Music Festival

Someone mentioned to me in my first few weeks in New York that my restaurant job wouldn't be advantageous for an aspiring music journalist, implying that I should be somewhere where I was more likely to make connections. After two months as a hostess, I have to say I highly disagree, as the majority of...

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
Natalie in New York: Patti Smith at Castle Clinton

I have always very much liked and appreciated Patti Smith. As a child who was raised on a steady diet of punk music, my musical education would obviously not have been complete without the genre's acclaimed Godmother in frequent rotation. Her influence is also clearly notable in my top musical heroines.

Black Sugar Transmission's "The Glamour Pantomime"

"Just say no to auto tune," reads the inside cover of "The Glamour Pantomime," the latest release from Brooklyn's Black Sugar Transmission. The band, a rotating cast of notable talent led by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Andee Blacksugar, doesn't shy away from digital effects, though. Programmed drums and synthesizers are central to their alternative dance music sound.

Artist to Watch: Austin's Conor Patrick

Singer-songwriter Conor Patrick has been living in Austin, Texas for just eight months, but he's managed to accomplish quite a bit in that time. Patrick left his longtime home of Santa Barbara for the "live music capital of the world" in August 2012.

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
Not A Disposable Band: Garbage Returns to Los Angeles (and to Music)

To say that I am a big fan of alternative rockers Garbage, who I have been listening to for more than half of my life, would be a massive understatement. I can still vividly remember watching the video for "I Think I'm Paranoid" on MTV for the first time, at the age of ten, in...

Interview with Musician, Arranger, and Composer Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

The arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist has built an impressive resume bringing classical knowledge to modern music. The musician, whose staple instruments are violin and viola, has worked with artists of all genres, including Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Common, and Ray Charles.

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
A Sampling of Summer in New York: New Music Seminar, The Rapture, and More

After seven months of living and writing in New York City, circumstances beyond my control forced me to return to Los Angeles last November. And I have been missing that city madly ever since. Besides the availability of Italian cheesecake and an incredibly convenient public transportation system, one of New York's best features is its...

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
Natalie in New York: The Noire-Pop of CallMeKAT at Rockwood Music Hall

With the amount of eventful things constantly occurring in New York, it's difficult for me to believe I haven't found anything to blog about in almost two months. But perhaps that's due to being ridiculously distracted by the ongoing job search, and hunt for a new residence, as I have to leave my Upper East...


Natalie Jill's Inner-View
Not Going Anywhere: Q&A with Stand Up KC/Fight for $15 Leader Bridget Hughes

The Fight for $15 has been in the headlines less since the election, but the national movement advocating for a $15 minimum wage hasn't lost momentum in 2017. In spite of the challenges of the current presidential administration, the movement already achieved a notable win when Andy Puzder, former CEO of CKE Restaurants and notorious...

Second Chance: How re-entry services change lives and keep Kansas City safe

Post date: May 7, 2015 1:13 AM Since 2010, Second Chance, a Kansas City based re-entry program, has played an important role in transforming the lives of ex-offenders, and contributing to the overall safety of Kansas City. When it comes to crime prevention, assistance for ex-offenders is an unexpected, but powerful and necessary tool to enhance public safety.

How Second Chance is Changing Lives

"We call them clients. We call them returning citizens. We call them former offenders. But they're people. And just like all of us, they have their hopes, aspirations, dreams, and they want to be reconciled with their families. They want to have a successful life. And they want a Second Chance," said Second Chance Executive...

Natalie Jill's Inner-View
Natalie in New York: On the Death of Osama bin Laden

Well, I wasn't planning on updating this blog a second time this week, but I have had a lot running through my head since the news of Osama bin Laden's death broke late last night (as I'm sure you all have too), and since some friends back home have been curious about the reaction in...

Occupy Wall Street Offshoot Aids Hurricane Sandy Recovery

By Natalie Hamingson on November 4, 2012 As the East Coast recoups after Hurricane Sandy, the members of Occupy Wall Street are playing a major role in the relief effort. The Occupy Sandy Relief coalition has partnered with, and, "a people powered disaster relief platform," to coordinate assistance throughout the five boroughs, and New Jersey.

Moms (and Daughters) on the Couch for Obamacare

By Natalie Hamingson on November 2, 2012 I recently did an interview for "Moms on the Couch," a YouTube series featuring stories from moms (and in my case, daughters with their moms) who have been positively impacted by the Affordable Care Act.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative and the Cost of Talking Back to Hate

This month the American Freedom Defense Initiative, whose executive director is self-appointed "anti-Jihad" spokesperson Pamela Geller, launched another installment of anti-Muslim posters in several New York subway stations. The ads feature an explicit image of the flaming twin towers, next to a quote from the Quran, "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers."

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