Naomi Shepherd

Writer, Artist, Filmmaker, Designer, Small Business Owner

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I have a bad habit of seeing something and saying, "I could do that myself." Then I do.

Creator & Owner of 6 Degrees of Hapa, a small business that's all about celebrating diversity and spreading a little Hapa pride.

My cartoons may look a little strange to you. Why? I take a photo of my drawn cartoon and throw a filter on it in Instagram (So hipster, I know).

Current Day Job: Substitute Teacher

Past Day Jobs: Partner Operations Coordinator, Vaco, at Google Play and Youtube, Freelance Production Assistant, Sales Associate (at an undisclosed merino wool clothing store), Floral Assistant

Contact me at: [email protected]
Instagram @6degreesofhapa @allmyfriendsarestillemployed @naomifromthe90s


Blog Posts & Cartoons

Swirl Nation Blog
6ยบ of Hapa: Finding Resilience Post-Election

After the results of the election came in, I couldn't help but feel like giving up. It was difficult to go to work at my day job and I felt a strong impulse to close the doors on my little business.

Swirl Nation Blog
Oh Brook, We Love You Soso

...Okay, maybe not love love, but let's just say I finally relate to Brook Soso after Season 3 of "Orange is the New Black," which came out last June for all of our Netflix junkie viewing pleasure.

Time to grow up (yeah, right).

About a week and a half before my 25th birthday at the end of April I missed a couple of calls while I was working my merino wool retail job. Initially when I saw the unfamiliar Bay Area phone number, I figured it was probably someone calling about a PA job.

Where to now?

It's been a strange year. Not 2015, but since I turned 24 in April last year. My birthday is coming up again and this year there's no escaping it: I'm going to be 25. I'm definitely freaking out a little.

PA Tools of the Trade

1.) Walkie Talkie (aka Radio) - The first thing I put on when I get to set and the last thing I take off when I leave. Unless I decide to pull a Mia Hamm and take my shirt off and run around like a crazy person because I’m so ecstatic to be done for the day.

The End/The Beginning

May 17, 2013. That's the date I graduated. To be honest, I did have the little scritchy-scratchy thought in the back of my mind that this was the end of an era, but it really didn’t hit me till about August.


Short Films

Check out the films I've written and directed: Halfway (2013), Pit Stopping (2012), and The Apartment (2011) on Vimeo.

Halfway Thesis Short

Steph and I had such a great time at the Carmel Art & Film Festival! Steph with our poster we put up near the Filmmaker's Lounge Our two screenings in the shorts program went really well--the seats were filled at both of them--by the end of the film you could have heard a pin drop it was so quiet!

Halfway Fundraising Campaign

"Halfway" is our undergraduate senior thesis project for Chapman University. The main character of the film, Phoebe, is a vintage wedding photographer who is struggling to establish herself in her career and as an individual. Her boyfriend, Patrick, moved away to go to graduate school in creative writing and wants Phoebe to move to be with him. In this film, Phoebe must confront her own fears and perceptions of what it means to be an independent woman and decide whether moving in with Patrick...

Small Business

Square Online Store
Our Shop

The best place to get your Hapa gear is during various Bay Area festivals at one of our pop-up shops, but if you can't wait, stop by online!

Our Story

6 Degrees of Hapa is a family-owned business that's all about celebrating mixed cultures and spreading a little Hapa pride.

6 Degrees of Hapa

I design and screen print t-shirts and create handmade jewelry. Check out 6 Degrees of Hapa's Facebook page for festival dates and photos!