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German-British jorno, @DeutscheWelle's political correspondent based in Berlin, occasional forays into the Middle East and Pakistan. TV/Radio/OL.





Selling sex in Pakistan can mean death | All media content | DW.COM | 25.06.2015

In Pakistan, the penalty for having extramarital sex ranges from 100 lashes to death by stoning. Despite the harsh law, prostitution flourishes. DW met a woman who said she...


Pakistan: Boom time for shamans | All media content | DW.COM | 02.07.2015

In many parts of Pakistan, there is limited access to doctors or psychologists. Without recourse to medical professionals, people often turn to exorcists, whose intentions are,...


Berlin: Refugees treat traumatized refugees | All media content | DW.COM | 25.11.2016

DW News Most Syrian refugees have been traumatized by horrific experiences, and many suffer from panic attacks and depression. A pilot project in Berlin trains refugees with...


Elections in Egypt, but will things change? | All media content | DW.COM | 16.10.2015

Egyptians living abroad will start voting in parliamentary elections tomorrow. But what is likely to change in Egypt? Since President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi took power in 2013,...

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Ayham Ahmad - the Pianist of Yarmouck Camp

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Leaving the Faith



Wie ein Altenburger Fußballspiel zu Honeckers Chefsache wurde | MDR.DE

Radio-Feature MDR/RBB: Altenburg, südlich von Leipzig: Zwei Hobbymannschaften, die ein aus Ost-, die andere aus West-Deutschland, treffen sich zum Spielen, feiern danach...


Deutschlandfunk - Eine Welt

Es ist das wirtschafts- und geopolitische Megaprojekt Chinas: die Neue Seidenstraße. Mit ihr will Peking ein Handelsnetzwerk zwischen Asien und Europa spannen. Die Führung...


WorldLink - return of the prayer waker | All media content | DW.COM | 10.07.2015

During Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam, Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise to sunset. Once upon a time, Mesaharati, or public wakers would roam the streets,...


WorldLink-Brotherhood underground | All media content | DW.COM | 03.07.2015

Two years after Egypt's military deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Mosi -member of the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood- we hear how the Brotherhood has gone underground.


Commemorations at Auschwitz

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PKK in Germany


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In Berlin, inside a Gulen 'light-house'


Locals caught between army and militants in Sinai | Middle East | DW.COM | 31.10.2015

In an air-conditioned café in central Cairo - one of the many uniform international chains that beckon brightly from street corners on the city's traffic-choked roads - Saed...