Nancy Hammond



View my resume (PDF)
One of my strengths is my ability to understand, translate and communicate complex information in a clear and concise manner that is precisely targeted to the intended audience.
Travelodge Parkersburg
This Travelodge page is one of the many (in the 100s) individual Wyndham Hotels locations I wrote content for as part of a re-branding of their site.
Floorplan Web Copy
Wrote copy for floorplans.
Self-mailer (PDF)
This self-mailer was created to reach out to customers and prospects over 50 years old. We wanted to create a sense of urgency, but to do so as gently as possible.
McDonald's Employee Enjoys Success at CTU
Colorado Technical University student, Brenda Davis, of Mesa, Arizona, started working at McDonald's when she was 16 years old. "I took the job at McDonald's only intending to...
Workers Compensation Lawyers - Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton
Wrote content for many, but not all, of the "practice areas." Here is one of them.
AeroDef 2016 prospectus (PDF)
Wrote all content for this aerospace and defense conference prospectus for SME.
Aspire donor magazine (PDF)
Wrote 3 feature articles highlighting donors who have been impacted by the disease.
Overcoming Obstacles: How a CTU Commercial Reinvigorated A Student's Passion to Learn
Kelly Smith's story of rebirth, hope and passion is nothing short of amazing. And the "magical" moment that her "new life" began happened as she sat on the couch in her home in...
Feature article (PDF)
My role at SME was editor/writer for a 16-page tabloid quarterly newsletter for members. I planned the editorial calendar and wrote all content.
Website content (PDF)
I was brought in as an offsite writer to assist the marcom team at Panduit to create new content and meta data for hundreds of web pages for the redesign of their corporate site.
5 Ways to Pump up Your Passion for Your Next Session
At the end of a session, after juggling work, school, family, and other responsibilities, chances are you’re ready to take a break-and you deserve it! But when your break...
The Myth of Nursing - What Every Nurse Wants You To Know
“Getting through a rigorous nursing education program is tough and it includes a science-heavy curriculum,” said Colorado Technical University’s Dean of Nursing, Ruth Tarantine,...
EnhanceFitness Program
This is a flyer that I wrote for YMCA locations throughout the country to advertise their EnhanceFitness program in their communities.
Physician Leadership Programs | Partnering With Humana
Created a series of Web pages to promote the Physician Rotational Program at Humana - geared to working doctors.
If I get the flu shot, what are the pros and cons?
The flu is a serious disease. Getting the flu shot is the "single best way" to protect yourself and those you care about against the flu, according to the Centers for Disease...
Direct mail letter (PDF)
My internal client at Bankers Life needed a direct mail letter that spoke to the need for long-term care insurance without creating fear—a delicate balance.
Website content (PDF)
Sole writer/content manager for an ADA website created for the owner/dentist to assist them in the running of their office. Created more than 100 articles and related attachments.
Will I get bad side effects if I get the flu shot?
You can rest easy because most side effects are mild. You might also be concerned that the flu shot will cause you to come down with the flu, but that’s not true either.
AeroDef 2016 Registration Brochure
Registration brochure for aerospace and defense conference.
Diabetes prevention brochure (PDF)
Wrote all content for this brochure for the Diabetes Prevention Program. It's currently being used to create awareness of the Y's worksite wellness program.
Mother and Caregiver Receives CTU's Wounded Warrior Scholarship
When Deborah Fletcher's daughter was injured in a vehicular accident in the military as a Marine, Fletcher dropped everything to become a full-time caregiver. She quit her job...
6-foot Trailer Locker | Aluminum | Pit Products
Superman's got nothing on you. His phone booth is old-school: It doesn't have a polished diamond plate aluminum exterior or an interior shelf with garment hange

My Work Over the Last Few Years

Direct mail letter (PDF)
This direct mail letter was part of the same campaign as the self-mailer to the left. Half of the target audience got the letter and half got the self-mailer.
Field sales promo (PDF)
I was part of an integrated team that created this sales promo during Life Insurance Awareness Month. It was aimed at field sales agents and was loaded with fun incentives.
E-newsletter (PDF)
This e-newsletter was sent to Bankers Life insurance agents in the field to educate them on the new branding guidelines.
Banner ad (PDF)
This banner ad was created to educate field agents on the Bankers Life rebrand. It was posted on their intranet site.
E-newsletter (PDF)
This e-newsletter was delivered to Bankers Life agents in the field to educate them on the Undercover Millionaire direct mail campaign.
Retail weekly promo email (PDF)
Happy Halloween promo email -- always fun to brainstorm for the holidays!

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