Nalova Akua

Freelance Multimedia Correspondent & Editor


Experienced multimedia journalist with a background in investigative reporting. Expert in interviewing, reporting, fact-checking, and working on a deadline. Excel at cinematic storytelling and sourcing images, sound bites, and video for multimedia publication. I work well with photographers and videographers when not shooting my own stories, and love to collaborate on large, in-depth features.
Storyteller who treats news, features and other events with equal passion and thrives within the deadline-intensive, 24x7 newsroom environment. Great storytelling skills and a nose for the truth as well as an excellent track record as a staff reporter in print and digital media with a vast audience. Experienced with a broad range of newsbeats and with both editorial and production processes. Seeking to leverage skills and experience to contribute to high quality journalism at any serious media news outlet.

Nalova Akua

Nalova Akua is a Cameroonian journalist who has worked as a staff reporter for print, audiovisual and digital editions of local daily newspapers and international news agencies, and has featured in media outlets including Zenger News Service, The Epoch Times, Euronews Green, and BBC Future Planet. Twitter: @AkuaNalova

The invasive weed that travelled the world

A flock of water birds scavenges for insects on the dense, leafy weed that covers much of Lake Ossa, one of Cameroon's largest lakes. The water weed is so closely packed that it looks like wide, flat green pasture, and the sure-footed birds pick their way freely across it as if they were walking on land.

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A dedicated journalist who is keen on exploring unexpected angles and equipped with years of prolific writing experience in different avenues, seeks to join a pool of writers of any serious news outlet in producing factual, ethical and impactful investigative articles.I am a story-driven journalist adept at developing articles and investigating issues with tenacious and unwavering dedication.