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United Kingdom

I've written copy and features for the British Film Institute, Disney, SciFiNow, The Quietus, WOW 247, IGN, FilmJuice, Little White Lies... As co-director of Midnight Movies I programmed film nights across London, with guests including John Landis and Edgar Wright, and produced and presented a podcast. I'm available to cover interviews, set visits, reviews or features: attia.nadia(at)

I also provide script coverage for various production companies.

BFI Recommends: Suspiria

Far superior to the 2018 Suspiria is this original from cult director Dario Argento (see also Deep Red, Tenebrae), who helped bring the Italian thriller-horror genre giallo to wider international audiences. This Suspiria is Argento to the core: a supernatural narrative that sucks you in (he co-wrote the screenplay); bloody horror with his trademark visual flair; music from his go-to prog rock band Goblin.

Off the beaten track: wilderness in video games

Gaming's popularity boomed during lockdown with virtual worlds offering an escape. As open-world games expand and designers toy with our sense of purpose, Nadia Attia argues that gaming's wildernesses - beautiful spaces in which to explore, play or just do nothing - offer true sanctuary.

Taking Flight

An interview with the founders of Studio Ponoc

Inside the Imaginarium

Andy Serkis discusses his pioneering performance capture studios and what it takes to bring a CGI character to life, from apes to hobbits and beyond.

Jean-Luc Godard booklet

I sourced and wrote content for this marketing booklet advertising the BFI's major season

What's On

Copy writing for the What's On bi-monthly leaflet
The VVitch review

Writer-director Robert Eggers' indie film, The Witch - winner of best debut feature at 2015's BFI London Film Festival - is a horror film and no mistake. But after an initial bold reveal you soon forget this and become swept up in the atmosphere and unfolding family drama...
Carol DVD review

When a beautiful middle-aged woman leaves her leather gloves on the counter of a New York department store, it forms a small but pivotal moment in the life of a young sales assistant and sparks an intriguing new friendship. Rooney Mara plays Therese, the quirky, Santa-hat sporting shop girl and Cate Blanchett plays the eponymous ...

10 hidden gems on London's Southbank

Sure there's a giant ferris wheel, an aquarium and the Tate Modern, but what's the real deal with the Southbank? We take a look at some great places and activities that the tourist or casual passer-by might not notice. Shhh - it's our little secret...

5 of the best eateries in Peckham

Peckham: home to John Boyega of Star Wars fame and Del Boy. Home also to some rather good grub from the many restaurants, cafes and pubs that are popping up, or are simply hidden away from the bustle and tumbleweave on Rye Lane.

The Quietus
The Quietus | Film | Film Reviews | Stronger Than Me: Amy Reviewed

Everyone knows what happened to Amy Winehouse. You couldn't escape the news headlines, the radio items or TV documentaries. The media were relentless in their portrayal of her meteoric downfall, and the public do love a good celebrity kicking. Those pictures of Winehouse stumbling out of the Hawley Arms in Camden with drug-hazed eyes were tabloid and paparazzi fodder for weeks.

The Quietus
The Quietus | News | INTERVIEW: Miles Teller On Whiplash

Miles Teller's breakthrough role in 2014's Whiplash made audiences - and Hollywood casting agents - sit up and take notice. As a quick recap: he played a drum student at an exclusive US music academy, passionate about his art and hungry for recognition - especially from infamous ball-breaking tutor Fletcher (JK Simmons).
Models-Turned-Movie Stars

As The Face of an Angel is released this week, we take a look at the crossover between modelling and movie making.

Finding Hinterland: Harry Macqueen on directing his first feature

My plan was always to make an alternative road-trip movie. A very intimate and delicate character study played off against the dramatic background of the English coastline. I began writing Hinterland in October 2012 and we shot it in 13 days the following February.

Grolsch Canvas
Dreadful Wind and Rain

A twisted tale of jealousy and murder forms a new exhibition at Cecil Sharp House...

A Murder Mystery Tribute to George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire (UNOFFICIAL)
Winter is Coming...

A self-penned murder mystery. Excerpt: The Hosts' script

Finding Vivian Maier

It's amazing what you can find in car boot sales, auctions and attics - sometimes, among the gnarly Toby jugs and cracked candlesticks, there's a box full of delights. In 2007 John Maloof found such a box at an auction house in Chicago and bought it for 380 dollars.

Grolsch Canvas
Terror and Wonder: preview

A preview of the British Library exhibition Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination.

The Quietus
The Quietus | Film | Film Features | Dirty Movies: An Interview With Matt Johnson

For a young film school graduate, Matt Johnson has achieved an impressive amount in a short period of time with just a few friends and some basic camera kit. From 2007 to 2009 Johnson and his friend Jay McCarroll had a hit web series, Nirvana The Band The Show, a humorous mockumentary about two guys in a band who try, and continually fail, to get a gig in Toronto.

Angelina Jolie Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes on Maleficent

We visit the set of this live-action re-imagining of Sleeping Beauty. Nestled within the continuing trend of re-imagining fairy stories (Snow White and The Huntsman, Jack the Giant Slayer, and Kenneth Brannagh's forthcoming Cinderella), Maleficent puts a new spin on the Sleeping Beauty tale known by most from Disney's 1959 animated version.

Comment: Girls On Film

"The world is round, people", said the hugely talented Cate Blanchett to her 2014 Oscars audience. Ignoring the fact that Earth is, in fact, slightly oval, Blanchett's point was that men and women were equal, just as day follows night et cetera. However, equality in cinema is still often a rare thing.

We Are The Best!

is one of those feel-good films that has universal appeal - everyone's been a teenager and at some point felt awkward, weird and misunderstood. It's a film that captures that in-between age so perfectly that it puts a smile on your face and holds it there.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent was catapulted to fame at the age of 21 when he was chosen to head up the House of Dior after the death of its namesake. Having then established his own fashion house, he led the charge for empowering women through their wardrobes, and sparked trends that have drip-fed through to modern fashion.

Kill Your Darlings

The excitement and air of possibility surrounding 'freshman' year at university is perfectly captured in first-time director John Krokidas' Kill Your Darlings - from awkward introductions to hedonistic parties. Daniel Radcliffe plays the unsure freshman experiencing the shadowy corners of New York that his poet father had hitherto protected him from, with the wide-eyed wonder of a newborn.

What Fantasy Films Taught Us

Fantasy as a film genre is probably the most open-ended, anything goes genre. However, if you look closely you'll find some recurring tropes, so FilmJuice's Nadia Attia decided to pinpoint the top ten for your future viewing delight. The goodies wear white, the baddies wear black.

Branchage Film Festival Day 3

AV installation At Sea, At Land, At Last was an inspired programming choice on the Jersey based festival's final day.

Mirror Mirror

Tarsem Singh’s latest is a colourful and sophisticated spin on a well-known tale, recommended for children of all ages.