Monica Mizzi

Freelance Travel Writer | Editor | Blogger

Hi, my name is Monica Mizzi and I am a freelance travel writer, editor, and blogger.

There is little more that makes me happy than sharing my words with the world.

I am the editor of, one of the largest writing resources on the web. In addition to editing content, I created copy for key pages of the website website.

I am also a freelance editor and writer for an American legal company.

In my spare time, I have been building up my personal freelance brand by contributing pieces to a number of different magazines, and creating website copy.

My true passion, however, lies in travel writing. I have a travel blog ( and from that exposure have completed a variety of freelance writing assignments.

I am always open to new writing opportunities, and connecting with like-minded writers.

United States of America


Latest articles

The Huffington Post

I'm Young and Healthy: Why Do I Need an Advance Healthcare Directive?

Sound familiar? You need to read this. Many young people are guilty of hiding behind the cloak of youth and health. We use it to excuse everything from our poor diet, to our...

3 Top Martial Arts Schools to Train in Around the World

Who will train me? The Academy's Headmaster is Shifu Shi Yanjun, a 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan. As the school covers many...


Hire Writers

I wrote the copy for the "Hire Writers" page of Freelance Writing's new writing platform. I also designed the page layout. Both the copy and design are search engine optimized.


Become a Writer

I wrote the copy for the "Become a Writer" page of Freelance Writing's new writing platform. I also designed the page layout. Both the copy and design are search engine optimized.

Freshella Catering

Freshella Catering Brochure

Designed and created a printable brochure for Freshella, a popular catering company in Dallas.

Freshella Catering

About Us | Freshella Catering

I wrote the SEO optimized copy for the About Us page of Freshella Catering, a popular catering company based in Dallas.


These 3 Scenarios Will Convince You That a Prenup is Essential for Your Business

If you were asked to make a list of resources essential for running a business, you'd no doubt include such documents as a business plan and an LLC operating agreement. So what...

Resume Genius

Cover Letter Builder | Easy to Use, Done in 15 Minutes | Resume Genius

I wrote the copy for Resume Genius' cover letter builder page, which has been used by millions of job seekers.

In-flight Magazines

Scoot Airlines Magazine

Discover Taipei & Kaohsiung

I wrote two city guides for the "Discover" section of Scoot Airline's in-flight magazine. I wrote insider recommendations about two cities- Taipei and Kaohsiung. Scoot...

Higher View In-Flight Magazine

News Briefs

In China Eastern Airlines' in-flight luxury bilingual magazine, I wrote 3 pages of "News Briefs" which summarized the latest news pertaining to Australia-China business...

Lifestyle Articles

The Huffington Post

Should You Add a "Lifestyle Clause" To Your Prenup? (Or Are They Just For Celebrities?)

For better or worse, celebrity marriages have a sizable influence on the marriage trends of us mere mortals living outside the glamour of Hollywood. But it's not just...


Meet the Freelance Writer: Megan Jerrard from Mapping Megan | FreelanceWriting

The third installment of my popular series for, Meet the Freelance Writer. In this interview, I interview one of the biggest names in travel blogging, Megan...

Elite Daily

5 Ways You Unknowingly Put Yourself In Danger Every Time You're Online

We'd all like to believe we have the Internet prowess to detect when something fishy is going on. After all, we wouldn't be so foolish as to click a link in an email informing...

Elite Daily

4 Awkward Conversations You Need To Have Before Walking Down The Aisle

The time leading up your big day is riddled with excitement and the stress of tackling pressing tasks. So, it's no wonder you have limited time to spare for much else. But what...


12 ESSENTIAL Issues To Discuss With Your Fiancé (To Prevent Divorce)

In order to divorce-proof your marriage, make sure you discuss these 12 things with your partner.


How To Forgive After a Falling Out

The holiday season is a high time not only for joyful festivities, but also "spirited" conversations. Whether brought on from a misunderstanding, a clash of views, or a silly...


15 Shocking Celebrity Confidentiality Agreements You Didn't Know About

A different approach to writing about legal documents- I wrote an article for one of the biggest celebrity gossip websites in the world.