Momtaz Begum-Hossain

Editor, SEO Writer, Content Creator

United Kingdom

Hello! I'm a London based journalist with over a decade of experience writing lifestyle articles covering health & wellbeing, fashion, travel, crafts and arts & entertainment.

I've been published in digital and print outlets including Prima, The Guardian, The Independent, The I Paper, Woman's Weekly, Mollie Makes, Londonist, Huffington Post, Online Money Advisor, gal-dem, Project Calm, Create and Craft, Net Doctor, and Asian Culture Vulture.

Senior positions I've held include Editorial Director, Asiana Wedding Magazine, Editor, Popular Crafts Magazine, Launch Editor Ethnic Restaurant Magazine, Digital Editor Asiana.TV and Digital Content Editor Barclays Bank.

As a digital writer and editor I use SEO to create content that ranks for my clients.

On the content creation side I've worked with global paint company Akzo Nobel (Dulux Paints) and have managed the social media for several independent brands including the London Indian Film Festival.

I've written and contributed to several books and am experienced in television presenting, radio, podcasting and live event hosting. My third book Hello Rainbow: Finding Happiness in Colour was published December 2021.

Mosaic & Glass
The chroma connection

Pictured above: Heraldic Zoom by Rachel Mulligan WRITTEN & NARRATED BY MOMTAZ BEGUM-HOSSAIN The joy of colour goes far beyond visual pleasure. Momtaz Begum-Hossain meets two artists whose relationship with colour inspires their creative vision. Listen to Momtaz narrate her article: You can't escape colour.

Kaffe Fassett Interview

The American quilting and patchwork doyen discusses his 50-year career and new exhibition at the Fashion & Textile Museum – The Power of Pattern

Project Calm Magazine
A History of Collage

A potted look at the evolution and joy of collage.

The Secret Psychology Of The Tube's Colours

Momtaz Begum-Hossain The Secret Psychology Of The Tube's Colours Does anything depict the capital's colourful side more than the tube map? A chromatic labyrinth of lines representing every hue of the rainbow - there's no escaping a serious dose of colour on a commute.

BBC Bitesize
The rise and rise of online vintage fashion

During the coronavirus pandemic, eBay UK reported that June 2020 saw the biggest year-on-year spike in new businesses joining the site, with an increase of 335% compared with June 2019. Fashion re-sale site Vinted, which has 30 million registered users across Europe, also saw a 17% increase in items listed on their platforms in the second quarter of 2020, which ties in with us being in lockdown.

Everything you need to know about lino printing

If you're an art lover as well as a keen crafter, lino printing could be your new favourite hobby! Fans of papercrafting, can add the lino print process to their repertoire of card-making techniques.

The Independent
Opinion: ​​Colour is the only therapy I need to banish the winter blues

Colour is my superpower. I use it to spread joy and positivity, especially in the face of bad news and seasonal misery. Even on Blue Monday, considered the most depressing day of the year, I can always rely on colour to give me a mood-boosting hit of good vibes, banishing the winter blues and replacing them with rays of sunshine.

Who Are The People That Walk Around Spitalfields In Ridiculously Colourful Clothes?

Momtaz Begum-Hossain Who Are The People That Walk Around Spitalfields In Ridiculously Colourful Clothes? I've often wondered if I'm the most colourful person in the city, but who are the other contenders and where could I track them down? Stationing myself on Brick Lane to spy on who purchases rainbow bagels proved unfruitful.

Melan Magazine
48 Hours in Corfu (with a hire car!): What you should see and do

Popping to a Greek island for the weekend may not sound like the typical way to spend a couple of days off, but with its prime airport location, guaranteed sunshine, clean beaches and delectable cuisine, Corfu is an ideal destination for a rejuvenating short break whether you're travelling on your own, with a partner or have the kids in tow.

These Bangla Women Are Shaking Up The Brick Lane Foodie Scene

Momtaz Begum-Hossain These Bangla Women Are Shaking Up The Brick Lane Foodie Scene "It began as a joke. He stuck colourful broccoli on the wall and drunk people would bite into them thinking they were real. It made me wonder what would rainbow broccoli actually taste like? So I made some."

Melan Magazine
Struggling to meditate? Try sound healing, an ancient holistic therapy

While many of us are familiar with the benefits of meditation and the sense of peace, comfort and tranquility it can bring us, sound healing as a form of holistic therapy is less well known. Sound healing is useful practice that can help you to really switch off and relax.

Create & Craft Magazine
DIY Summer Garlands

Craft projects created for the shopping channel's customer magazine

Actual Size Magazine
Don't Worry Be Happy

Interview with four happiness ambassadors about how to live joyfully.

Project Calm Magazine
TRAVEL: In Search of Colour

Travelling in a sensory experience, get inspired by sight and sound on your next trip

BBC Bitesize
Fun ideas to bring more colour into your family's everyday life

Rolling back the curtains and seeing a grey sky can make getting out of a warm snuggly bed difficult, especially if it's cold and wet outside. The dull weather and short days make winter the least colourful of all the seasons, but what if you could change that, and make it just as vibrant as the rest of the year?

Making your own envelope is so easy!

Knowing how to make an envelope is a handy skill to have. It's easy to take an envelope for granted until you can't find one in the right size! Envelopes are so versatile, especially if you're a card maker as it gives you the freedom to create cards in bespoke sizes and an envelope to match.

BBC Bitesize
How to turn a walk in the park into a colourful craft activity

The great outdoors is filled with treasures like falling leaves, twigs in different shapes and sizes, colourful flowers and seeds. In the summer you'll spot things that you might not see in the winter, while the autumn looks different to spring.

Indian food but not as you know it

There's a tantalising aroma in the air as bowls of lemon yellow cashew rice arrive from inside the kitchen, along with wafts of spice. Then come individual pots of slow-cooked lamb before plates of fried fish, fragrant slices of caramelised aubergine and strips of date and mango leather smothered in a fruity gravy.

the Guardian
BIOGRAPHY: Burying my mother

I walked down the high street, swinging a carrier bag containing soap and a bottle of rose water. I passed the 24-hour grocery, the turning for the library and the derelict police station. I stopped when I got to the alley at the corner of the mosque.
Faith & Feminism: how to master both

Faith & Feminism: how to master both Maryyum Mehmood talks to AsianaTV about launching her own platform, smashing stereotypes, and revolutionalising the representation of Muslim women "It's time to dismantle the glass ceiling. Not just shatter it, but equip ourselves DIY style to make doors

Asiana Wedding Magazine
TRAVEL: Hawai'i

A honeymooner's guide to these Polynesian islands

Asian Culture Vulture
Cannes Fashion 2019 trends and triumphs - Asian Culture Vulture

By Momtaz Begum-Hossain SO, HERE'S the thing, I adore fashion. I love star spotting and I'm always on the watch for who's wearing what, but oh how naïve I was. It wasn't until I attended Cannes this year that I realised what an extravagant circus the Red Carpet at the world's most glamorous film festival actually is.
Meet India's most controversial singer

Shut Up Sona is a shocking watch. As we follow Sona on tour, she regularly packs out venues of over 200,000 fans, on one side we see her strong, captivating performances and on the other, we're shown the everyday sexism and inequality she faces.

Asian Culture Vulture
How Anita Dongre is leading the slow fashion revolution... (interview) - Asian Culture Vulture

By Momtaz Begum-Hossain THINK ANITA DONGRE AND Bollywood Designer springs to mind. She's dressed countless celebrities from British royalty Kate Middleton to Bollywood stars such as Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, but it isn't the glamour that drives her. Her focus lies on running a sustainable fashion business that champions and supports heritage crafts.
"Boot Camp Changed My Life!"

"Boot Camp Changed My Life!" Asiana Wedding Magazine's Features Editor Momtaz Begum-Hossain checked into NO1. Boot Camp to inspire her to get back to the gym but that was just the beginning... It's never too late When I rocked up at NO1. Boot Camp it had been

Bloody beautiful: my periods and me | gal-dem

I slouched against the kitchen door frame as my Mother fried another batch of lentil piyazus . She was too deep in concentration waiting for the optimum oil temperature, anticipating that precise moment when the orange batter, browns to crispy perfection, to enquire what I was doing. She probably assumed I was hungry.

HuffPost UK
It's My Birthday So I Made My Dream Outfit: A Bat Girl Sari

Seriously. What is it with people who do nothing on their birthday? It astonishes me when friends claim they 'don't bother anymore', 'they are too old', blah, blah, blah. The day you were born is an essential celebration in my books, after all; we've survived another year.

Asiana Wedding Magazine
BOLLYWOOD: Shilpa Shetty

Interview with the actress 10 years on from winning Celebrity Big Brother

Asiana Wedding Magazine
TRAVEL: Maldives

Travel feature/hotel review Coco Bodu Hithi, Maldives

Asiana Wedding Magazine
CELEBRITY: Amy Jackson

Interview with the British actress Amy Jackson turned Indian movie star

Asiana Wedding Magazine
BOLLYWOOD: Kareena Kapoor Khan

Exclusive with the A'list superstar: Kareena's first UK magazine interview, cover and makeover.

Asiana Wedding Magazine

Essential need-to-know on openings, catwalk shows and events.

Asiana Magazine

Non-surgical procedures with results