Michael Strickland

Strategic Storyteller

I'm a 30-year veteran of professional communications. I've spent half my career in print and TV journalism, and the remainder in strategic communications management and media relations. I currently divide my time helping not-for-profits tell their stories and generating feature articles on lifestyle topics (travel, spirits and adventure) of personal interest.



Profile Writing


Profile of Police Chief & United Way Campaign Chair Bryan Larkin

Campaigning to make our community better

Grand Magazine

At Home with a Daredevil

One of the ways Frederick Schuett exits his Elora home


Enthusiam for the Community

Kithio Mwanzia, President & CEO, Guelph Chamber of Commerce


Driving Toward the 100-pound Car?

Guelph Councillor Bob Bell wants to change how we get around


Meet Guelph's Wonky Man

Cabinetmaker Paul Szewc finds straight lines just a bit too boring

Exchange Magazine for Business

Alan Quarry - Making a Difference

Lifestyle Writing

Grand Magazine

Great Room Reno

Removing walls in side split yields a lifestyle change as much as an esthetic one.

Guelph Life

Luxury Living in Guelph

Living a Cut Above - The view from Guelph's first million-dollar condo


Pairing Wine & Food

Grand Magazine

Learning the Ropes

Steve gets a lesson in belaying

Grand Magazine

Great Wall of Redpath

Every stone has its place

Grand Magazine

Made-in-Canada Single Malt

A little piece of Highland Heaven on Canada's East Coast

Business Writing

London Business

Selling to City Hall

From herring to hardware, the City needs it all

TeleProfessional International

Reversing the Call Centre Paradigm

Auckland finds efficient transfers are key to superior service

Canadian Insurance

Learning at Laurier

Laurier launches chair in property and casually insurance

Exchange Magazine for Business

To Infinity & Beyond

Waterloo Airport Reaches Higher

Exchange Magazine for Business

Building On Science

An early look at the need for an R+T Park in Waterloo