Mervyn Seivwright

Poet, Workshop Facilitator, Lecturer

United States

Mervyn R. Seivwright writes to balance social consciousness & poetry craft for humane growth. He is from a Jamaican family and was born in Dulwich, a south suburb of London, England. His childhood started in Ipswich, Suffolk in England and at age 10 he moved to the United States. He later joined the United States Air Force for 22 years leading to his traveling the globe. During this time Mervyn took part in performance poetry and wrote 7 self-published collections of poetry while in these other countries or on deployed service.

Highlights from performance poetry events included an opening for Def Jam's Comedian Bruce Bruce in Florida and Tommy Davison while deployed. He finished in the top 5 in the German American Institute Germany National Invitation Slam in Heidelberg Germany. He was a featured artist in the Paris Connection, an ethnic art collective that holds dinner functions in Paris France. He took first place at Cafe Kraaij & Balder Poetry Slam in Eindhoven Netherlands allowing him to finish in the top 4 at the Netherlands national level for Eindhoven. In England, he featured in Peterborough, Cambridge, and at Oxford’s Hammer and Tongue events. In London, he featured at the Bloomsbury Theatre, Brixton Arts Gallery, The Jazz Café, and placed 5th in England’s first National Poetry Slam.

Since returning to the United States, Mervyn completed an MFA at Spalding University’s School of Writing, Louisville, Kentucky. He taught over 600 professional development students professional writing techniques for four years at Wright Patterson Air Force Base Education Facilities. He has provided guest lectures to the University of Maryland Global Campus, Webster University, Broward College, Wright Patterson Education Center, and Jefferson Community and Technical College.

In addition, Mervyn has appeared or has forthcoming published works across 9 countries in African American Review, AGNI Literary Magazine, Allium A Journal of Poetry & Prose, Arlington Literary Journal, Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal, Black in White Poetry Competition, Black Sunflower Poetry Press (England), Bread and Roses Poetry 2021 Anthology (Culture Matters Ltd - England), Briefly Write, Burningword Literary Journal, Cape Cod Poetry Review, Common Threads Literary Journal, Constellations Lit, Cosmonauts Avenue Literary Journal (Canada), Blot From the Blue Anthology (Scotland), Cry of the Poor 2021 Anthology (Culture Matters Ltd - England), filling Station Magazine (Canada), Flights Literary Journal, Flora Fiction Literary Journal, Flying Ketchup Press, Good River Review, Griffel Literature Review (Norway), Hellebore Press, I-70 Review Literary Magazine, INNSÆI Journal (India), iō Literary Journal, Ligeia Magazine, Line Breaks Literary Journal, Military Experience & the Arts' (M.E.A.) literary journal "As You Were", Montana Mouthful Literary Magazine, Mount Island Literature Review, Pangyrus Lit Review, Pembroke Magazine, Poetry Online, Prometheus Dreaming Cultural Journal, River Heron Review, Rigorous Magazine, Round Table Literary Journal, Salamander Literary Magazine, Santa Fe Literary Review, Saranac Review, Seaside Gothic Magazine(England), Sixfold Poetry 2022, TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics, The American Journal of Poetry, The Black Experience Anthology, The AuVert Magazine, The Fourth River, The Lumiere Review, The Nonconformist Magazine, The Scribe Literary Journal, The Stirling Spoon, The Trinity Review (Canada), The Write Launch Literary Journal, The Writer's Block Magazine (Netherlands), The Ocotillo Review, Stone Poetry Quarterly, Toho Journal, Transom Journal, Voices Israel Anthology (Israel), Westward Quarterly, Willow Wept Review, Wingless Dreamer, Z Publishing's Kentucky's Best Emerging Poets 2019, and Zimetra International Review (Sri Lanka).

He has received recognition as Third Place, Black in White Poetry Competition 2022 and Honorable Mention, October 2022; listed in John Hopkins National Poetry Month Collection, April 2022; Finalist, CutBank Literary Journal Annual Genre Contest, University of Montana: Apr 2021, Honorable Mention, 31st Reuben Rose Annual Poetry Competition, Summer 2021; 2021 Pushcart Nomination, Santa Fe Literary Review, Oct 2020; Semi-Finalist, Ember Chasm Review Fiction and Poetry Contest, Oct 2020; Second Runner-Up, The Lucy Terry Prince Prize, Judged by Major Jackson, Mount Island, Summer 2020; Longlisted, The Lascaux Review, Lascaux Prize in Poetry: Jul 2020; Semi-Finalist, Midwest Review's Poetry Contest, The Great Midwest Poetry Contest, Apr 2020; and Commissioned, British Museum, Exhibition for the “200 Year Anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade”, Ipswich, England, September 2007. Mervyn currently lives in Schopp, Germany.

Short Bio:
Mervyn Seivwright writes to balance social consciousness & poetry craft for humane growth. He is a nomad from a Jamaican family, born in London, England, & left for America at age 10, now residing in Schopp, Germany. His performance poetry highlights include events in 9 countries, with features at The Jazz Café, & a finalist at the UK’s Word-for-Word National Poetry Slam. Mervyn completed a writing MFA at Spalding University & has appeared in AGNI, American Journal of Poetry, Salamander Magazine, African American Review, & 64 other journals across 10 countries, receiving recognition as 2021 & 2023 Pushcart Nominee & Voices Israel's Rose Ruben Poetry Competition Honorable-Mention.

His new collection, "Stick, Hook, and a Pile of Yarn, is available through Broken Sleep Books (Wales/September 2023).


"Stick, Hook, and a Pile of Yarn" Poetry Collection

Journal Publications

Boston Univeristy - AGNI
AGNI Online - 2 Poems

Mervyn Seivwright's work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Santa Fe Literary Review, AGNI, The Trinity Review, Montana Mouthful Literary Magazine, iō Literary Journal, Toho Journal, and Rigorous Journal, as well as in Z Publishing's anthology 2019 Emerging Poets in Kentucky. His work has also been commissioned by the British Museum in Ipswich, England.

Salamander Magazine Issue 53
"I See Signs of Autumn"

Poem "I See Signs of Autumn" in Salamander Magazine Issue 53

filling Station Issue 76
"Stick, Hook, and a Pile of Yarn" poem page 26

I give thanks to Canisia Lubrin, the guest editor and the staff of filling Station 76 for selecting my Sestina poem, “Stick, Hook, and a Pile of Yarn.”

Allium, A Journal of Poetry & Prose
Mervyn Seivwright - Allium, A Journal of Poetry & Prose

I write words of wisdom for my son worried the ink written will vanishI tell him he's beautiful I tell him he's beautiful to strengthen him arising from fearI share with him my wisdom contemplating my life painted out of fear I surrender my wisdom say yes sir keep your

The American Journal of Poetry
"The Weight He Carried"

Mervyn Seivwright's "The Weight He Carried," in Pushcart Prize 69th ranked journal in 2020, The American Journal of Poetry.

Poetry Online
Mervyn Seivwright - Poetry Online - Poem “Manifest Predestinate Man”

Mervyn Seivwright writes to balance social consciousness and poetry craft for humane growth. Born in London to a Jamaican family, leaving for America at age 10, Seivwright is a nomad residing in Schopp-Germany. Seivwright is a 2021 Pushcart Prize Nominee and a Spalding MFA graduate. His work appears

Stone Poetry Quarterly
Mervyn Seivwright

My poem "Can I Smile If I Die Tomorrow," Published by Stone Poetry Quarterly

The Trinity Review
Page 31."Foreign Objects"

Volume 131 of the The Trinity Review published by University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Seaside Gothic
Seasons Have Reshaped Me | Seaside Gothic - Mervyn Seivwright

Seasons Have Reshaped Me | Seaside Gothic - Mervyn Seivwright Editor's Letter by Seb Reilly 'The Dream Catcher's Island' by Ejiro Elizabeth Edward 'A Home by the Sea' by Alison Ozawa Sanders 'How to Grow Up' by Elizabeth Guilt 'Hythe' by Sarah Wallis 'The Lifeboat' by Dannye Chase 'Oddkin' by Marisca Pichette 'Seaglass' by Quen Took 'Seasons Have Reshaped Me' by Mervyn Seivwright 'The Sea Will Swallow Me' by Catherine Law 'Some Belong to the Ocean' by Rita Ciresi 'The Source' by Cheryl...

ZIMETRA International
Issue #6 Jul 2023 | From Trauma to Triumph, My Poem "Fragility"

ZIMETRA International Magazine, From Trauma to Triumph, Issue 6, July 2023. An exploration of trauma is a deeply personal and often challenging journey, and it is through the powerful words of the contributors that we have been able to shed light on this important and often overlooked a

The MacGuffin Literature Journal Volume 39.2
The MacGuffin Literature Journal Volume 39.2

Prose poem "Something Not Seen in Jardin Du Luxembourg" published in The MacGuffin Literature Journal, Volume 39.2, Fall 2023

Samjoko Journal
Entering the Palatine Forest Sea - Samjoko

Three Poems “The Trees Are Perturbed,” “In Kirckenbach,” “Entering the Palatine Forest Sea,” in Korean's Samjoko Literature Journal.

Akéwì Magazine
A Kismet Path

My poem "A Kismet Path in the Genesis Issue 1 of Akewi Magazine.

ArLiJo ArLiJo Issue 159

Mervyn R. Seivwright 2 poems “Each Time I Was Pulled Over” and ” First Time in Jamaica,” Arlington Literary Journal, America, Print, Issue 159, Winter 2022 (Mar 2022)

Black Sunflower Poetry Press
Coming Home From the Cold

Coming Home From the Cold published in Black Sunflower Poetry Press

First Highway Drive in America by Mervyn Seivwright - Griffel

Driving in America passing palm trees, Florida's grassy green marshlands, counting mile-markers in the rear seat of a gray station wagon with my brother. He and I navigating a map longer than our arms, playing magnetic checkers and chess, reading, counting red cars and navigating again.

The Fourth River
Nine Months in Midwest Wheat Country- - The Fourth River

Mervyn R. Seivwright has appeared in AGNI Literary Magazine, The Trinity Review (Canada), African American Review, Griffel Literature Review (Norway), Cape Cod Poetry Review, Burningword Literary Journal, INNSÆI Journal (India), Mount Island's Lucy Terry Prince poetry contest 2nd Runner-Up, and San

Montana Mouthful Volume Title Schooling
The Mushroom Cloud

Mervyn R. Seivwright was born in London, England, and is currently studying for an MFA in Poetry at Spalding University, Louisville, KY. You can find out more about Mervyn at:; Facebook: Mervyn "DeepCobra" Seivwright; and @DeepCobra.

Military Experience & The Arts
"The Distance Away, Crumble"

"The Distance Away, Crumble" behind the closets shivers creaks the wind carries, neither sleeps. Note: A "CHU" is a Containerized Housing Unit-a form of expedient modular housing made from stacked shipping containers. Mervyn R. Seivwright is from a Jamaican family and was born in Dulwich, London, England.

Westward Quarterly
I Remember When We Danced

Mervyn Seivwright's poem "I Remember When We Danced" by Westward Quarterly

Flying Ketchup Press
Night Forest 2021 Anthology | Flying Ketchup Press

Night Forest: Folk Poems and Stories is the 2021 anthology from Flying Ketchup Press illustrated by Parisian artist, Elka Trittel and featuring poets Katharyn Howd Machan and Gary Baumier, this collection of fractured tales and lyrical verse fights for forgotten wonder and reaches into colorful truths with new bite.

Flora Fiction Literary Magazine
Flora Fiction Volume 1 Issue 4 Winter 2020 Poems on Pages 26 and 88

Flora Fiction is a collective of creative muses and inspiration. From original writing to reviews in music and entertainment, there's always something to be discovered. This forth and final issue of Volume 1, "Stillness & Solitude" has works of over 40+ poets, writers, photographers, and artists. Take a moment to enjoy.

The Stirling Spoon
Morrow's Tranquil Bearing - The Stirling Spoon

My mother always said tomorrow will never come, stressing my unclean room, unraked leaves could not wait on time. My teenage spirit had truckloads of time, putting off today for tomorrow. Her tomorrow was today-paying my loafing with sore arms, sore behind, restricted with more chores in kind-my ears echo her voice, tomorrow will never come.

Ohio Poetry Association's "Common Threads" Literature Journal
"My Peace in Scheveningen"

Mervyn Seivwright's Poem "My Peace in Scheveningen," Page39, in the 2020 Edition of Common Threads by the Ohio Poetry Association.

Prometheus Dreaming
Ignorance Still Inherits Attention | Prometheus Dreaming

Ignorance Still Inherits Attention my 3-stripe shoes-no name, not Filas, Chuck Taylors, Shell Top Adidas, nor matching Adidas sweats, Puma sweats, Nike windbreaker, bubble vest. Humbled in my plain jeans and t-shirt, generated their jokes-Yo moma so slow, fat, ugly, dumb.

Rigorous: Mervyn R. Seivwright

Volume Three, Issue 1 Mervyn R. Seivwright: "I was born in London, England. I have appeared in Park University's The Scribe publication, Dayton's Flights Literary Journal and have been commissioned by the British Museum, Ipswich, United Kingdom. I am currently studying for an MFA in Poetry at Spalding University, Louisville, Kentucky and residing in Tipp City Ohio."

TheBlackExperience | PoetryIsLifePub
Moments for a Legacy

THE BLACK EXPERIENCE AVAILABLE NOW! - $10 Tracey Wiley Nicholas Lane Marcus Anderson Chiamaka Sentwaki Tony Gamblin Jaylynay B Gwen Booker Maurice Lyons Laddie Fair, Jr. Patrice Hann Shakida Noel Kayla R. Shanelle Dominique Williams ​Mervyn Seivwright. ​​

News and Interviews

3rd Place for Poem in the Black In White Poetry Competition 2022

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR POETRY COMPETITION WINNERS! From the almost 80 poems we received this year, the judges awarded four main prizes. After choosing the 1st and 2nd place prizes winners, we ended up selecting two 3rd place prize winners since we felt both poems warranted the position. We awarded highly commended places.

Here Comes Everyone

We invited Mervyn Seivwright to be the guest headliner at our virtual Fire&Dust poetry night for November 2023. Material from his new book 'Stick, Hook, and a Pile of Yarn' was well-received by the crowd, and we caught up with Mervyn after the gig, to ask a few questions...

Good River Review
Life of a Writer: October 2023

EXCITING NEWS & UPDATES FROM SPALDING'S NASLUND-MANN SCHOOL OF WRITING STUDENTS, ALUMNI, FACULTY & STAFF ALUMNI Alicia Clinton's (CNF '23) essay "The Smell of Peaches" is published in the Fall Issue of Peatsmoke Journal. Chere Coen's (F '23) latest book, Ghost Lights, part of her Viola Valentine mystery series, was published in September under her pen name of Cherie Claire.

Good River Review
Life of a Writer: Fall Edition

EXCITING NEWS & UPDATES FROM SPALDING SCHOOL OF WRITING STUDENTS, ALUMNI, FACULTY & STAFF-ENJOY! STUDENTS Theresa Anne Carey's (SW) screenplay, Swine Heart, polished under mentors Charlie Schulman and Larry Brenner, is a semifinalist in Table Read My Screenplay Austin, a quarterfinalist in ISA Horror Screenplay Competition, and a Top-25 finalist in NOLA Horror Film Festival.

Culture Matters presents: the launch of Cry of the Poor

39;Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.' - Matthew 25:29 We need to change the system. We need to overthrow, not the government [...] but this rotten, decadent, putrid industrial capitalist system which breeds such suffering - Doro...

Poets & Writers
Mervyn Seivwright

Mervyn R. Seivwright is from a Jamaican family and was born in Dulwich, London, England.

Mount Island
Announcing the Winners of the 2020 Lucy Terry Prince Prize | Mount Island

During times such as these, poetry is often one of the vehicles that reminds us of the importance of bearing witness. Mount Island's Lucy Terry Prince Prize has come to a close and we are excited to announce our grand prize winner, Brittny Ray Crowell's "Blood Petition: A Prayer of Reckoning."

Voices Israel Group of Poets in English
Mervyn Seivwright is an Honorable Mention for the 2020 Reuben Rose Poetry Competition

Judges: - Kay Kim Richards of California, USA - award-winning poet: our overseas judge - Miriam Webber of Israel, last year's Reuben Rose second prize winner. - David Silverman of Illinois, USA, one of last year's Reuben Rose Honorable Mention winners. Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order of poem title) Acceptance Speech - by Anne McCrady, USA Babushkas - by Johnmichael Simon, Israel Blind - by Haya Onallah, Israel Gates - by Susan B. Olsburgh, Israel Now that...

Good River Review
Life of a Writer: Spring Edition

Theresa Carey's (SW) creative thesis screenplay Mestengo (written under the tutelage of mentor Sam Zalutsky and polished under mentor Larry Brenner) is on a roll these days!

Spalding University School of Creative & Professional Writing
Life of a Writer: Winter Edition

Exciting news & updates from students, alumni, faculty and staff. Enjoy! STUDENTS Theresa Anne Carey's (SW) first-semester screenplay, The Lady Pirates, is a Winner in the 2020 Moondance International Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. She wrote The Lady Pirates under the tutelage of mentor Gabriel Jason Dean.

Spalding University School of Creative & Professional Writing
Life of a Writer: Summer Edition

EXCITING NEWS & UPDATES FROM STUDENTS, ALUMNI, FACULTY & STAFF - ENJOY! STUDENTS Theresa Anne Carey's (SW) first semester screenplay, THE LADY PIRATES, written under the tutelage of Gabriel Jason Dean, and her horror/sci-fi screenplay SWINE HEART, which underwent a rewrite last semester with guidance from her mentor Larry Brenner and remote workshop mates, are...

Mervyn Seivwright

International poet, a nomad constantly traveling to touch and inspire hearts. Mervyn R. Seivwright (Deep Cobra), is an English born Jamaican, that has grown up in the United States. He has lived and traveled between Asia, North America , Europe. This being the foundation of experiences that inspired his poetry while still in school.

Mervyn Seivwright: Rust City Featured Author

Hi Mervyn, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hi Nicola. I am a poet that believes in social change one person at a time. My writing has developed along those lines influenced in travels and living in different countries around the globe such as England, Japan, Germany, and America; travels to more than 40 countries.

Spalding University School of Creative & Professional Writing
Life of a Writer: Autumn Edition

EXCITING NEWS & UPDATES FROM STUDENTS, ALUMNI, FACULTY & STAFF! STUDENTS Jason Cooper (PW) launched his new theatre company, The Chicken Coop, on September 27th here in Louisville, Kentucky. More than just a theatre company, The Chicken Coop strives to provide a variety of entertainment offerings and to create a place for artists and audiences...

Stars and Stripes
In his third book, airman honors love

RAF MILDENHALL - Tech. Sgt. Mervyn Seivwright doesn't consider himself a love poet, but in his new book "As Her Eyez Kiss," that's all he writes about. The 100th Mission Support Squadron airman plans to recite his new work Sunday during a book launch at London's Departure Bar.

Eastern Daily Press
US servicemen remember 9/11

Under a blazing midday sun servicemen on the front line of the US war on terror today found hope in the horror of 9/11. Under a blazing midday sun servicemen on the front line of the US war on terror today found hope in the horror of 9/11.

Wright-Patterson AFB
African American Air Force veteran is Haiku master

Mervyn Seivwright, retired Air Force Master Sergeant, is an accomplished and published poet and Haiku master. He will present a poetry reading at the Black History Month luncheon at the Wright Patterson Club, Feb. 23, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.,

Spoken Word History

Royal Air Force Lakenheath
RAFL, RAFM remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The following poem was recited at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Remembrance Luncheon Jan. 17.4-5-0-5 4,505 days... 4,505 days from leading the bus boycott in the community To the bullet on the Memphis balcony 4,505 days... From sit-ins to marches Jail and,
Vielleicht hilft Alkohol

Lesung als Anforderung an Darstellungskunst: "Dichter Dran" im Oval Office Von Jamal Tuschick Sie ist kapriziös, zärtlich und so großzügig, dass man "umsonst in ihren Büschen pennen kann". Das behauptet Bud Rose von seiner Stadt, der er nahe kommt wie einer Geliebten. Als zur Minne entschlossener Galan tritt der eingefleischte Hamburger mit statuarischem Ernst auf.

Brixton Art Gallery

Brixtongue is an established performance poetry night which takes place at Brixton Art Gallery every other month on the second Saturday. The next Brixtongue takes place on Saturday 8th October. Doors open at 8 pm, performance begins at 8.30 pm, and admission is £6/5. Some of our regular performers: Anjan Saha London based 'tablapoet'.

BBC - Suffolk Don't Miss - Black History Month - Event Information

The Memorial lecture is a time for us to reflect on the heritage, contributions and achievements of Africans and descendants of the African Diaspora. To celebrate the collective journey, 'to speak' as W.E.DuBois stated 'of ourselves to a world that yielded us no true semblance or self- consciousness' / To honour those humanitarians whose vision and optimism enabled our society to embrace cultural diversity.
8. Poetry Slam in Landsberg am Lech am 9. Juni 2007

Zum letzten Mal vor der langen Sommerpause kommen erfahrene Bühnenprofis und ambitionierte Amateure beim 8. Landsberger Poetry Slam zusammen, dem letzten Poetry Slam in dieser Saison. Sie alle stellen sich mit selbstverfassten Texten und ohne Hilfsmittel dem Publikum, das mit seinem Applaus über den Sieger der Veranstaltung entscheidet.Der Landsberger Poetry Slam ist mittlerweile in der deutschsprachigen Poetry-Slam-Landschaft bekannt für sein erlesenes Teilnehmerfeld.

Exhale! - UK GOSPEL.COM - Urban UK Music

We arrived at LEONARDS EC1 for sound check at 5:35. Everything was supposed to be in place for a 5:30 sound check start. I was panicking because Mark the sound guy had not arrived. I got a call 10 minutes later; he's stuck somewhere (I was too annoyed to ask where exactly).

The Goddess ☥ Room
RE-ENLISTED | The Goddess ☥ Room

Verbalized Mindz presents... RE-ENLISTED The night will begin with a special screening of BBC Three's Slam Poets 2004 followed by Open Mic and guest performances from special US guest poet & 2004 Nuyorican Slam Champion-Daniel Beaty ~ International performance poet-Deep Cobra and Dynamic spoken word recording artist-Phenzwaan + other specially invited guests.

Stars and Stripes
Poetry breathed into life from the mouth of a Cobra

A few hours before the semifinals of the United Kingdom's national poetry slam championship in London, the poet known as "Deep Cobra" was pretty serene for a man about to perform in front of a large group of peers and judges.

Self-Published Publications

Trials Of A Stranger

Trials Of A Stranger [Seivwright, Mervyn R.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Trials Of A Stranger

Through their eyez

Through their eyez [Seivwright, Mervyn R.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Through their eyez

As Her Eyez Kiss

As Her Eyez Kiss [Seivwright, Mervyn R.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As Her Eyez Kiss

Kaleidoscope Paintbrush

Kaleidoscope Paintbrush - Kindle edition by Seivwright, Mervyn. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Kaleidoscope Paintbrush.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Blood, Tears and Hope: Poetic Expressions of the Human Condition Paperback

‘Blood, Tears & Hope: Poetic Expressions of the Human Condition’ looks at the day to day issues that make major changes in our lives. Items of painful hurt to family members or ourselves that drive us to change the course for others following the same path. Through poetry this brings awareness and shares thoughts of hope with an outlook to move on. Not waiting for the awareness to be the moment instead of the months we have to live, or the things around us that we pass each day. An awakening...

Prism Butterfly Odes Prism Butterfly Odes (9781492987963): Seivwright, Mervyn R.: Books