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Melissa Gerke is a freelance copywriter and storyteller. Brands hire her to transform their messages into meaningful content and stories centred on customers, culture, and core values. She loves to create content that both stimulates and educates readers. For copywriting, go to my business website

How old is too old to have a baby?

Great news for older parents! The risk factor of having a baby at the age of 50 is now the same as having one at the age of 40. With Australian women delaying childbirth to later in life, could this be the new future, where women are thinking of changing nappies instead of menopause?

'Our babies were kept on ice'

Men who wish to have children later in life, have to travel overseas or work in dangerous situations may want to have their sperm frozen for use in the future. Fertility treatment has come a long way, especially with the ability to freeze eggs, semen and embryos.

Allcastle Homes
Top tips on how to maximise your outdoor living area - Allcastle Homes

Backyards have moved on from a patch of grass with a hills hoist in the centre. These days landscape gardeners are called upon to create a living oasis that Australians can relax in and enjoy with family and friends. With a few tips this oasis is easy to create and will add to the ambiance ...

Text Neck Makes Tech a Strain - INDVSTRVS

With the ubiquitous use of tech, ergonomic chairs and cushioned mouse pads no longer meet the demands of anytime, anywhere, mobile-first devices. We share the findings of a recent study from San Francisco State University which outlines the possible negative effects tech mobility is having on our health.

Is air pollution a problem in your home? How to know for sure

Australians spend on average 90 per cent of their time indoors. In the extremes of summer and winter, windows and doors are shut, and curtains are drawn in a bid to create the ideal living environment. We usually associate air pollution with the outside environment, but the reality is that air pollution can also create havoc for us indoors.

Are you making this common gardening mistake?

You don't need to give up your day job to have a nice lawn but, with a few tips and regular maintenance, a nice lawn can be achieved by anyone. One of the most common gardening mistakes people make is watering the grass in the early morning or late afternoon, which slows evaporation.

A simpler life: Meet the couple who live without electricity or running water

Angela Hunter, 56, and her partner Jake Arnetts, 58, had a dream to live a simpler life. This dream became Dog Leg Farm, nearly 11 hectares of wild scrubby land five kilometres outside of Braidwood. The property doesn't have connection to the town's sewage, a phone line, water or electricity and their mobile phone is their only link to civilisation.

A comprehensive guide on what plants to keep out of the garden

When it comes to choosing plants for our garden, a stroll in a garden nursery reveals a plethora of plants from which to choose but are some plants best avoided? Potted rubber plants and ficus trees are popular as indoor plants across Australia.

How to know when to call the exterminators this summer

Everyone has their own tolerance when it comes to insects and pests in the home. Some people consider one cockroach scurrying across the kitchen floor as nothing to be alarmed about, while others baulk at it. Pest controllers around the country are busiest at this time of year, bees are swarming and fleas are biting.

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