Meghan Callahan

Editor | Writer | Story Engineer

Passionate editor and story engineer with a diverse background connecting unique creators with domestic and international audiences. Practice in development, comic editing and entertainment with a focus on the online space. Excellent communicator with ability to develop creative concepts and workshop ideas until they shine. Background in tv and film entertainment with a start-up mindset, able to jump in to any project and deliver quick and compelling writing that impacts across generations. Hard-working, imaginative thinker and excellent team player who loves building stories in all their incarnations. Ready to bring new ideas to enchant and edit until every project feels like magic.


Creative Media & Story Development

Story Development & Editorial

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Read Sleeping on the Job and more premium Romance Comics now on Tapas!

Tapas Entertainment
Twin or Lose

When Addie's twin sister, Beatrice, falls ill before a presentation that could make or break her career, Addie agrees to impersonate her at work. But what was supposed to be a one-time favor turns into a long-term, high stakes sister swap when the cold, stern CEO likes one of Addie's ideas.

Tapas Entertainment
Peach and Her Papas

Neil and Dustin are college roommates who couldn't be more different. Neil is a serious student and Dustin is a slacker from a rich family. Neil wants a clean dorm, and Dustin keeps bringing home random strays- a lizard, a cat, and now a BABY?!

Tapas Entertainment
Sound of Bread

Kimmie, a synesthete who can hear tastes as music, is an acclaimed young cellist determined to become a renowned conductor. Kale is an unkempt, rude apprentice at a no-name bakery in Paris who says and does whatever he wants.

Tapas Entertainment
The Male Lead is a Murderer

Amber is an author desperate for a best-seller, but while trying to write a new idea, she dies in an accident. The next time she opens her eyes, she is the main character inside her own unfinished novel!

Tapas Entertainment
A Thousand Year Engagement

A thousand-year engagement between a human and a demon may sound like a fairy tale, but it's Alex's living nightmare! Abducted and taken to a strange land, Alex learns she must marry the demon Prince Orias to bring peace to both of their worlds. There's just one problem: she and the prince can't stand one another!

Tapas Entertainment
Thief of Crowns

Emperor Cronos was born into luxury, ruling selfishly, insulated from the needs of his people by his wealth and magic. But upon his mysterious death, he's reincarnated as Crow, a peasant child in a village that's more poverty-stricken than he ever believed was possible.

Tapas Entertainment
Love Algorithm

Ada Kim is a brilliant, eccentric young scientist. How does she use her vast knowledge? To find the perfect boyfriend, of course! Ada invented an algorithm called called Q.P.I.D that measures relationship compatibility. When she meets her perfect crush, Blake Carter, she discovers their compatibility is only 1%.

Tapas Entertainment
The Demon King's Interpreter

Tatiana, a half-demon/half-human, was orphaned as a child by a horrific war between the demon and human kingdoms. A human Duke took her in, but only so that he could take advantage of her special skill: Tatiana can speak Shadowtongue, the native language of demons, unspeakable by anyone devoid of demon blood.

Tapas Entertainment

Five years after his father left, Dean is happy when his mom finally starts dating again. It makes him feel better about applying to far-away colleges; he wants to be a fashion designer, not stuck in his small Midwestern hometown. Unlike his mom, Dean is apathetic toward romance.


SERIAL KILLERS: "The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders" - Gordon Stewart Northcott

This Serial Killers and Hostage crossover covers Gordon Stewart Northcott, who held his nephew captive and forced him to participate in the murder of at least three boys. Northcott would restrain his victims in a chicken coop before eventually murdering them. The small town of Wineville, California changed its name in 1930 to disassociate from the killings.

SERIAL KILLERS: "The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders" - Gordon Stewart Northcott Pt. 2

It seemed as though no one would be able to save Sanford from his uncle. Sanford had lived with him in Wineville, California from 1928-1929, only to now have to stay quiet about his uncle holding two young boys captive in his chicken coop. When Sanford's sister Jessie showed up on the chicken farm looking for answers, Sanford worried that she, too, would never leave the ranch alive.

Short Stories

Amazon Day One Magazine
The Woods

This story was originally published in Day One, a weekly literary journal dedicated to short fiction and poetry from emerging writers. What would you eat for your last meal as a human being? On a Sunday night at a Bob Evans diner, twins Rob and Sara face this question as they wait for their rare condition—lycanthropy, in which they transform into werewolves—to surface once again.

Redivider Journal (defunct)
Fish Girls

YA queer romance

LitMag | Red by Meghan Callahan

Tell it like this: she meets the wolf. She invites the wolf out for coffee on a whim. Perhaps he is tall and broad and barrel-chested and he laughs at her bad jokes on the subway. Latte? she asks. Yes, he says, but what he means is mine.

Decomp Magazine

Meghan Callahan is a Denver native and first-year fiction MFA student at The Ohio State University. Alternative content Rage-it is for you, Goddess, to sing about the years he passed across the sea. Sing of the centuries he walked with you in a war not his own, and leave us to tell this story.

Marketing and Copywriting - Entertainment

Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Directors Room Brochure

Brochure is double-sided; back of brochure appears on the left in the PDF and the front is on the right

Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Wedding Ad

Featured in The Knot

Marketing and Copywriting - Real Estate

Tamara Kleinberg | Innovation Champion & Keynote Speaker

The key ingredient in Tamara's recipe for success is The Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) Assessment. This short assessment collects and analyzes information to identify your unique innovation style. You learn how to maximize your own strengths to perform at your peak, bring innovative ideas to the table, be a high-value member of your team and create game-changing results.

Signup for REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts | DMAR

When you signup for mobile alerts, you'll get text message notifications so you can take action in minutes from your phone. Ensure elected officials hear from real estate professionals like you before they make important decisions about the housing industry and private property rights.

JumpStart 2015 Economic Plan Targets Housing Affordability & Development

Mayor Michael B. Hancock and the Denver Office of Economic Development (OED)have released JumpStart 2015, the fourth annual strategic plan to strengthen Denver's economy. Last year's plan was a wide success, creating 3,311 jobs, retaining 4,083 jobs, and accruing $139 million in capital investments by Denver firms. This year's plan aims to keep Denver's economy strong and build on the momentum of last year.

Two DMAR Members Appointed as 2015 President's Liaisons - Denver Metro Association of Realtors

DMAR wants to recognize and congratulate two of our members, Gretchen Rosenberg and Inge Frerichs, for being appointed as President's Liaisons for 2015! These positions are appointed annually by the NAR President to serve Cooperating Associations in foreign countries, attending meetings, participating in events, representing NAR, and numerous other responsibilities including submitting annual reports throughout the [...]

Denver Metro Association of Realtors
NAR 2014 Research | Buyers & Sellers - Denver Metro Association of Realtors

To sum up 2014, NAR released a compilation of research on buyers and sellers across the US. Here are some of the highlights from the 2014 report. The typical first-time buyer was 31 years old. The typical repeat buyer was 53. 33% of recent home buyers were first-time buyers.

Top 5 Reasons to Use SentriSmart - Denver Metro Association of Realtors

One of the biggest concerns facing everyone involved in real estate is security. Whether you're a buyer, seller, broker or REALTOR®, the last thing you want is people gaining access to private spaces without your consent or knowledge. SentriSmart recognizes that desire for security and marries it to modern technology in a way that's simple [...]

Reviews & Other Publications

How to Manage Your Schoolwork and a Job

By Meghan Callahan Denison University Posted: Get a planner and USE IT Know your enemies College is a huge time commitment. Throw in a job, an attempt at having a social life, and a hobby or two and you never seem to get everything done.

Charles Bukowski's "Sifting Through the Madness" (Reviewed by Meghan Callahan)

Silence is my alarm. When the sounds of the day fade off lazily, in the final drip-drip-dripping moments of sunlight, I fall into an uneasy sleep. And with regularity so complete that I could set a watch to it, I will be awoken in a few hours by the silence, the oppressive lack of noise.