Marc Alain Cuenco

Writer | Editor | Content Producer

United States

Entertainment and lifestyle writer with over 10 years of experience in print and digital publishing. I was a Senior Editor for iconic teen magazines BOP and Tiger Beat, and have been published in Bustle, Apple TV, Metrosource L.A., Yahoo, and Buzznet.

Metrosource L.A.
Gastro Turf

Waterloo & City restaurant review

7 Shoes You Wore In Middle School That You Can Still Wear Today

Our tastes might have changed since junior high, but there are some things that have stuck with us ever since. Footwear, for instance, holds a certain sense of nostalgia that other items in our closet simply don't have. Take for example, the various...

Designing Woman

My earliest memory of doing something creative was probably around the time my sister was born. I was 3 years old and making drawings for my sister. I have a vague recollection of bringing my artwork for her at the hospital. Your mother, Cathy, is an interior designer in the United States and Korea.

UCLA Magazine
Love Soup

These vegetarian creations by filmmaker Anna Thomas all include one very special ingredient.

Next Magazine
One Fine Jay

He's compared to everyone from Nick Drake to Liz Phair, made his feature-acting debut in a John Cameron Mitchell movie and amassed more than a million views for a music video he filmed in his own bathroom (nude, no less, with only a strategically placed guitar).